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Amazon Prime Announces New Business Reality Series in Partnership with Indian Govt

Amazon Prime Announces New Business Reality Series in Partnership with Indian Govt

Written by Sanjay Kumar

Amazon Prime Video

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  • Launched: September 7, 2006; 16 years ago
  • Users: 200 million; (as of September 3, 2022)
  • Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Subsidiaries: Video Direct

Amazon Prime Video and the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA), Government of India, have come together to launch a groundbreaking series called Mission Start Ab. This unique seven-episode series aims to showcase the remarkable stories of India’s grassroots innovators as they strive to accelerate their business growth.

Mission Start Ab will highlight promising entrepreneurs who are focused on scaling up their Made-in-India innovations, which have the potential to drive socio-economic change. These entrepreneurs will face a series of challenges designed to help them scale their businesses and secure funding for their ventures.

Recognizing India as one of the world’s largest and most vibrant start-up ecosystems, the series also features three renowned investors who will search for India’s next Unicorn. Through intense exercises and simulations, these investors will evaluate the entrepreneurial, management, communication, and crisis management skills of ten early-stage founders.

This entirely Made-In-India series is set to captivate audiences by sharing the captivating stories of these exceptional Indian start-ups and founders. Viewers will be inspired by their humble beginnings, unwavering determination, and the sacrifices they have made to turn their dreams into reality.

Mission Start Ab goes beyond being a show solely focused on raising funding. In addition to seeking investments, the series emphasizes the role of investors as mentors, challenging and empowering the brightest minds in the country. Audiences will witness the fierce competition among these remarkable early-stage entrepreneurs as they vie to become India’s next Unicorn. The reality show is currently in production and will soon premiere on Prime Video.

Shri Ajay Kumar Sood, Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India, expressed his appreciation for the spirit of India’s grassroots innovators and announced the launch of Mission Start Ab. He emphasized the series’ power as a platform to showcase inspiring stories of those driving social change through innovation. He also highlighted the valuable learning opportunities it offers grassroot innovators and its potential to attract the right investors, while entertaining viewers and promoting the growth of India’s grassroots innovation ecosystem.

Sushant Sreeram, Country Director of Prime Video, India, stated that the collaboration with the Office of the PSA, Government of India, and the creation of Mission Start Ab align with Prime Video’s mission to be a force for good and an enabler of India’s economy. This collaboration builds upon Amazon India’s commitment to contributing to the growth of India’s creative economy, as demonstrated by their Letter of Engagement (LoE) with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB). Sreeram highlighted that Mission Start Ab aims to empower entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators, showcasing the journey of innovative minds in India and fueling the dreams of young Indians.

Chetan Krishnaswamy, Vice President of Public Policy at Amazon India, spoke about Amazon’s focus on supporting and nurturing entrepreneurs in India. He expressed excitement about the Amazon Original show on Prime Video, which is being launched in association with the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India. Krishnaswamy believes that the show will inspire individuals to embrace entrepreneurship and contribute to the government’s “Start-up India” initiative.

During the event, Alia Bhatt, a popular actor, successful entrepreneur, and investor, shared her entrepreneurial journey. She commended the Office of the PSA, Government of India, and Prime Video India for their initiative in enabling and empowering entrepreneurs through Mission Start Ab. Bhatt believes that the series will have a far-reaching impact on India’s growing start-up ecosystem by providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the determination, team-building skills, mentorship, and funding opportunities necessary to turn their ideas into reality.

Mission Start Ab is poised to be a groundbreaking series that celebrates India’s grassroots innovators while offering valuable insights and inspiration to viewers. With its engaging storytelling and focus on empowering entrepreneurs, this series has the potential to make a significant contribution to India’s start-up ecosystem and the nation’s creative economy.

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