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AMPM Designs: Designs Which Create a Striking and an Everlasting Impact

The Designing sense of Indians can be sensed from the ancient structures and architecture, which is spellbound and captivating. The saga of this creativity and designing is in a continual phase as there are a number of designers, who with their intellect and creativity give life to a multitude of structures around.The world of architectural design is one of the most creative and inspirational frontiers in the universe of applied arts. A seductive union of utility and aesthetics, interior design is the knack of marrying real life with a fantasy world that lives only in our minds. Akash Mehta and Poonam Mehta, the couple, have brought dynamism and objectifying of your character, temperament, and dreams.

AMPM Designs is their brainchild that was incubated with a purpose to create structures, which are a blend of unfathomable imagination, creativity, and ethereal designs. Poonam’s phenomenal designing sense and Akash’s exceptional expertise in lighting design result in the inception of AMPM Designs. AMPM Designs is an amalgamation of enriching experience and a knack of creating spectacular designs. Worked with eminent personalities and top-notch names in the cut throat environment of a metropolis like Mumbai, the team of AMPM Designs has gathered invaluable experience. A commendable passion for the design combined with extraordinary entrepreneurship skills is responsible for taking the Company to a crescendo.


Hailing from Chennai, Poonam Mehta started designing at a young age and has grown strength to strength since. A graduate of the prestigious University of Arts, London, Poonam is known for her opulent vision and meticulous attention to detail.

Her affinity for design is seen in her clean, clutter-free aesthetics and unique sense of space. Having worked with venerable names like Talati & Pathankyand DSP Design and associates in the competitive space of Mumbai, Poonam has had invaluable experience with the best in the business.

Akash Mehta has been associated with lighting products and lighting design for over a decade. He has worked on various high-scale projects which have had the scope in regards to big lighting installations. “Good lighting is a gift to any space – it can uplift the elements and highlight the right character of the space,” says Akash. He is known to create magic with lights that enhance the experience of visual environments – be it architectural, strategic branding, interiors or innovative product design.

With the launch of the Gauri Khan Design store in Mumbai, AMPM Designs was founded. Together with her husband Aakash Mehta, Poonam recognized the need for unique, custom made designs and spaces that reflected the personalities and tastes of their clients. AMPM Designs has been the creative mastermind behind some of the city’s exciting projects ranging from luxury boutiques, corporate offices to residential bungalows and commercial spaces.

Within a short span, AMPM Designs has come to be recognized as an acclaimed design firm that combines sensitivity and professionalism to deliver awe-inspiring designs and space solutions.

Everybody has a unique set of requirements; tailoring the needs of diverse client’s spectrum, they deliver the project that defines their lifestyle and personality. Poonam Mehta says, “The home project should reflect the client’s personality and not the designing style. That’s probably the reason every project of ours looks so different from each other… the reason being every client is different!!”

The super talented team works in close collaboration with clients using light and luxury to reveal an extraordinary product that inspires and positively influences its users. The AMPM Designs team combines creativity with pragmatism ensuring that the design solution is both sustainable and easy to manage.

From lighting design for architectural facades to creating luxurious spaces that are a treat to the eye, AMPM Designs is a name to reckon within the realm of interior and architecture design.

Comprehending the stupendous structures designed by AMPM designs below, and immersing into their depths.


An office must reflect the organization’s vision and values. The offices designed by AMPM Designs are a reflection of opulence, class and the unique sensibilities of the client. Rich experience in the field and a seasoned aesthetic sense has made sure that these spaces stand out for their ethereal yet modern design and amenities. One of the first steps of engaging employees is to provide them with an avant-garde amenity driven space that they are proud of. That is why, whether it’s the unabashed luxury of AMPM Designs or the sustainable opulence of a construction house, Poonam has made sure that these spaces leave an indelible mark on everyone.


“Your showroom must make the sale before you do.” says Poonam about designing retail spaces. Designing a retail store is a big responsibility as the store interiors not only set the vibe of the space but also promote sales by giving the customers a memorable experience. To create long-lasting impressions, AMPM Designs has used dramatic combinations of materials and designs. Traditional jharokhas are married with contemporary Ralph Lauren wallpapers to create an unparalleled harmony that’s the result of a clever contrast. For spaces like automobile showrooms, Akash used his keen eye for lighting design to create an optical extravaganza that completely transformed the space.

  • Without taking the highlight away from the hero of the retail space – the product on offer, AMPM Designs has been able to provide a glamorous experience to shoppers. Keeping convenience and accessibility in mind, these retail showrooms have the chutzpah that lifts spirits and gives positivity to the ambiance. In retail, the right kind

of lighting makes all the difference. Akash Mehta has been successful in giving these spaces the perfect amalgamation of warmth and spotlight that makes the ambiance and compliments the products.


  • What are dream homes made of? A creative ability that brings shape to aspirations. Vibrant wallpapers, worldly inspirations and beautifully made furniture are just a few tricks that add the elegance to a signature AMPM Designs home. Unusual color palettes add to the ‘wow’ factor as luxurious nuances seal the deal for an unmatched ambiance. The team makes finesse their focal point, adding a divine sensibility into each detail. Creating euphony out of all the elements, they are able to deliver a design that leaves you speechless time and again.
  • A linear play of textures that is interspersed with eccentric color combinations and a clever juxtaposition of geometry makes these spaces palatial, grand yet modern. The larger than life chandeliers and light fixtures add to the magnificent ambiance. Comfy seating and lush materials are the ultimate finishing touches to these lavish spaces.


Designs are accredited with a number of accolades and awards.

  • Architecture &Interior Excellence Award for a luxury residence
  • Savvy Women Achievement Award- interiors
  • Multiple appreciations in print media.
  • Foaid Excellence in Architecture and Design
  • International Lighting Design awards

They want to keep doing good work as they don’t believe in volumes but the quality of work in each project they touch matters.

Poonam Lunawat Mehta states, “We are a very young team of designers, the AMPM family striving hard to make a mark in luxury interiors – giving bespoke interior, lighting, and styling that not only enhances the interiors but also reflects about the client’s personality”.


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