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An Amazing Story of SkyJumper Trampoline Park

An Amazing Story of SkyJumper Trampoline Park

Setting new Realms in Amusement Industry with its Innovative Leaders

Keeping all three prominent factors – values, vision and integrity in practice, two visionary leaders are captaining the ship of the Largest Chain of Trampoline Parks and the only Indian company capable of conceptualising, designing, developing, and operating Trampoline Parks indigenously; that is SkyJumper Sports and Amusements Private Limited.

SkyJumper is one of the sweetest fruit of India’s startup ecosystem that inspired two IT professionals, Jitender Chhabra and Suneel Dhar, to leave their lucrative 15 years of IT career and live the dream of introducing emerging, young, and energetic India to a healthy form of recreation that is not only immensely enjoyable but also encourages a healthy, fitnessfocused, and sporty lifestyle for Millennials, iGens, Gen Alpha, and future generations.

While this mission is progressing rapidly and covering the entire nation, SkyJumper proudly carries the vision to become the global leader for the next generation of the amusement industry. Since its inception in March 2017, the company has been rapidly expanding its base across India. With a team of more than 200 talented professionals, SkyJumper has 8 operational Indoor Amusement Parks while 3 more are currently under construction. By end of 2023, Target is to have 20 Operational indoor Amusement Parks.

An Amazing Story of SkyJumper Trampoline Park

The Tale of Inception – How It All Get Started?

Jitender and Suneel began their careers in the Indian IT sector. During the 15 years of the journey there, they got the opportunity to visit different nations, and it was there that they first learned about trampolining as a sport and a kind of entertainment. They initially started importing home use Trampolines and Exercise Rebounders.

The market in India was small but niche; it’s the very first time when Trampolines were introduced to India and gradually “SkyJumper” became synonym to the word “Trampoline” in India. The duo spent a lot of effort in educating customers on its applications and advantages. Fortunately, the vast majority of the clients started perceiving Skyjumper as a fun thing for both kids and adult with loads of health benefits.

This gave them much-needed confidence to introduce Trampoline Park format in Indian FEC Market. Inspired by “Make in India” campaign, idea this time was not to import but to develop in-house capabilities of designing and developing such a facility in India. Post multiple iterations of design and development, On Sep 21st 2017 India was introduced to first ever indigenously developed Trampoline Park. Pretty soon it generated quite a buzz among kids and youth of the city.

What Made SkyJumper one of The most successful Startup Within Startup India Eco-System?

Innovation is key: A unique concept coupled with innovative ways of developing the same, helped achieve the desired results at subtantially lower costs and reduction in external dependency.

Connect with UpComing Generation: The sheer idea of promoting Trampoline “An Olympic Sport” to youth of India as form of Amusement developed a strong resonance. This was the first time when kids had access to world-class infrastructure to learn tricks and flips on Trampolines.

Leveraging “Start-up India Eco-System” to the fullest: The Startup India division launched by “Govt.” of India has been instrumental in accelerating the growth of SkyJumper. The team leveraged almost all available tools and exemptions that have been listed for startups in India. In-fact SkyJumper is among top 1% of registered startup that has been granted 3 Years of Corporate Tax Exemption from Govt. of India. SkyJumper was also showcased internationally at Start up India Innovation Hub in Dubai Expo.

Adopting Lean Management Techniques and Process Adherence: This helped establish a profitable Boot strapped organization with robust fundamntals. SkyJumper takes immense pride in sharing that company has been established without any Funding from VC/Investors and has NO loan liability.

End to End Implementation Model: The USP of SkyJumper has been its ability to execute end to end. Starting from concept designing to implementation, all is managed in-house. Thus making way for rapid expansion of quality Development at significantly lower cost. Skyjumper follows ASTM guidelines of quality and safety standards, adopted by international Trampoline Parks across the globe.

Painting the SkyJumper’s Future Canvas

The roadmap for SkyJumper has been meticulously crafted keeping future growth and consumer experience in view. In this regard key focus areas are:

1. Engage audience of all age groups, for this SkyJumper has launched two new format namely, “SkyJumper Go Bananas”. This vertical would be focussing on activities specific to age group of 1-12 Years. It will be a go to place for small kids and to celebrate their special Birthday events. “GenZ …The Teen Disco” As name suggests SkyJumper has launched India’s first club specifically for the Teen community in Bangalore. The ambience is replica of an adult club, however alcohol is not permitted.

2. Rapidly expand these formats “SkyJumper Trampoline Park”,“SkyJumper Go Bananas” and “GenZ .. The Teen Disco” across cities in India. Target is to have 200+ Operational outlets by 2027.

3. SkyJumper’s R&D team is on constant lookout for new forms of entertainment. As we speak the team is developing a detailed use case to explore concepts like “Edutainment”, “E-Sports”, “Indoor Water Parks”, and more.

4. Operational Efficiency will continue to remain centeric. To improve that, advancements are being done to create“Smart Parks” with use of IoT, Data Analytics and energy efficient models and equipments.

A View into Financials

The Amusement Park Market in India is currently valued to be a Billion dollar industry growing at 16% CAGR. The growth is further expected to accelerate with changing landscape of India’s social and economic outlook. Specific to SkyJumper, In FY 2022-23 the organization is all set to post Rs 37 Crore Net Revenue and Rs 18 Cr as Profit. SkyJumper revenue grew more than 300% as compared to last year. Forecast for next year is Rs 78 Crore Net Revenue with Rs 40 Cr as Profit. For the next 5 Years, SkyJumper is poised to grow at a CAGR of more than 75%.

The Spirits behind the Success

Jitender Chhabra – Co-Founder

The brain behind the idea, Jitender Chhabra is an inspiring leader. After earning his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, he pursued his Master’s in Business Administration. Jitender has a curiosity for new technology and products and is a natural innovator. After 14 years of varied experience in the field of IT, where he began his career, his passion drove him to pursue something unconventional.

Suneel Dhar – Co-Founder

Suneel Dhar, the leading man has more than 16 years of experience working internationally in IT technology and consulting. He possesses a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Throughout his career, he has overseen numerous large-scale delivery accounts for clients from abroad. Suneel has all the skills necessary to turn any company into a genuine success story, including being an excellent people mentor and hard core executor.

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