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Analytical Consulting Group – A mission to design high-tech EPM & Analytical solutions for your organization

Analytical Consulting Group – A mission to design high-tech EPM & Analytical solutions for your organization

Written by – Mehak Malhotra

In the ever-changing world of technology, organizations always have to adapt and brace themselves for the next wave. To meet the emerging requirements, collaborating with a strategic consulting firm is of great consequence. The consultancy team works closely with the clients to evolve their desirable technology. To that light, Business Connect Magazine would like to apprise the inspiring work of one such prestigious company, Analytical Consulting Group.

Brightening the company overview
Analytical Consulting Group is one of the most illustrious and notable strategic consulting firms in India, digitalizing the organizations through EPM & Analytics Solutions, artificial intelligence, intelligent automation and business analytics.  It is established with an insightful visionary to empower clients in navigating the futuristic digital ecosystem. This is accomplished through a convergence of multi-layered domain knowledge, exposure across diverse verticals and rich consulting experience. ACG India facilitates its clients by accelerating their Transformation leveraging a powerful combination of emerging technologies like SAP, Anaplan, Board, Microsoft, Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Analytical Consulting Group is a dynamic company aspiring to be the leading publisher of world-class business analytics software, providing enormous enterprises with a premium solution for their analytical needs. It has been accoladed by the Best Supply Chain Technology Solution Provider 2021, Best IT Consulting Partner of the Year 2020, Top 50 Tech Companies Award in Dubai 2019 and Best APAC Anaplan Partner Award 2016.”

A Focused expertise
The venture has experienced all the limitations of on-premise solutions. It is fascinated how the cloud is transforming the budge, planning and forecasting world.

Personal and Dedicated service
From initial product enquiry to the proof of value through deployment, the firm proposes a personal and credible service to all its customers.

A thoughtful and objective approach
Analytical Consulting Group is a customer-oriented company, ready to adapt to working practices and culture that suits the clients.

An influential origination
Analytical Consulting Group began its astounding journey in the year 2014 by the profound and highly intellectual brains of The Founder Director and CEO, Rakesh Agarwal remarkably supported by The Executive Director, Sanjay Harpavat. Hailing from a technological background, Rakesh had an immense ground-level knowledge of the industry. He had an admirable inclination towards entrepreneurship from the preface. To amplify his aptitude into conception, he set up his first startup in 1999 with a small investment.

He established training and development centres and being a tech-mogul, the leader was always diligent to launch new technologies. Gradually, Rakesh joined prominent giants like EY, Reliance, Tata etc. where he worked with top executives and handled superintended teams. While the man acquired a profusion of learning, he was not entirely satisfied with just being an employee.

He had an impressive perception of becoming an entrepreneur and serving the world with revolutionary technology that one fine day, he summoned up the courage to kick-start Analytical Consulting Group, an IT consulting company in 2014. The founder started with a team of only three people but with earnest hard work and the right implementation of ideas, Analytical Consulting Group India is now a family of 50 teammates and endeavours to reach 100 employees by the year 2022  with an expansion in international markets like the USA and Europe.

ACG’s precise interpretation

  • Analytical Consulting Group India is headquartered in Jaipur, procuring a delivery centre in Mumbai and global recognition with a key branch located in Dallas, USA.
  • As adeptly, the entrepreneurial world is forging towards digital and ultra-modern approaches, the software companies must demonstrate this consistently, quickly and reliably, mitigating the risks and maximizing the ROI. At Analytical Consulting Group, it is of utmost significance to develop technologies leading to intelligent and creative automation of the digital workforce.
  • With the advancement of vigorous tech tools like EPM & Analytics, AI & RPA, the company has served a diversification of sectors from Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Utility to Commodity.
  • The firm is armed with the most proficient team, owing to skilled expertise fostering the finest of breed platforms and technologies in SAP, Anaplan, Board, Microsoft, AI, RPA, IoT and Big Data Analytics, to build end-to-end solutions.
  • Their product range is equally extensive, offering Fund Management Analysis, Music Application Program, Document & Invoice management system and Project cost planning.

Securing a steadfast position
For any business to execute a profitable and long-term run, it is pre-eminent to have a differentiating factor in the industry. It is vitally important for a superior market value and staunch customer base. At Analytical Consulting Group, the company conducts a quarterly review meeting with clients and the internal team to communicate favourable strategies and plans. They also keep the clients well informed through the latest newsletters, success stories, achievement record and acquaintance with the emerging technologies. The company firmly believes in keeping its valuable clientele familiar with every operation, ensuring a better understanding and good faith.  These approaches give an advantageous edge to ACG.

Furthermore, the firm carries an exclusively strong experience across various industries in complexing transformation like performing Insurance industry business planning transformation for five of the strongest and renowned insurance companies in India, bringing Incentive Compensation Management (Sales Performance Management) in effect for one of the biggest Pharma companies of India, implementing S &OP for the country’s leading CPG organizations, and proven excellence of rendering end to end integration within multiple and diversified technologies to providing the seamless data automation experience for its customers.

The team has a unique business model with many optimum elements like :

  • The company embraces distinctive and cost-effective services, extending a 24*7 IT consulting support to its clients.
  • A long-standing experience in the domain.
  • An enlightened and skilful technical team delivering robust solutions.
  • Continuous post-implementation assistance of the project is providing by the team to analyze project outcomes.

Leading the budding entrepreneurs
Sharing years earned cognizance and wisdom in the industry, the leader quotes a few words of motivation for the aspirants. “Entrepreneurs should execute their ideas as it works when executed well. They should focus more on technology-driven solutions which can resolve problem statement,  and should be ready to fail and learn before gaining success as well as working out of their comfort zone with an open mindset to accept new challenges”, encourages The Founder and Director of Analytical Consulting Group, Rakesh Agarwal.

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