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Indian Artist Anish Kapoor Secures Top Spot with INR 91 Crore Earnings in 2023

Indian Artist Anish Kapoor Secures Top Spot with INR 91 Crore Earnings in 2023

Written by Sanjay Kumar

News Highlights

  • Anish Kapoor retains his crown as India’s foremost artist with ₹91 crore in earnings.
  • Arpita Singh shines with ₹24.71 crore turnover and a masterpiece worth ₹11.32 crore.
  • Youth meets tradition as 26-year-old Raghav Babbar secures seventh spot with ₹11.77 crore turnover.

On August 17, the Hurun Research Institute unveiled the India Art List 2023, showcasing the nation’s fifty most accomplished living artists. This compilation gauged the triumphs of contemporary artists by evaluating the sales figures of their artworks, traded through public auctions during the fiscal year concluding on July 31, 2023.

At the forefront of this list reigns sculptor Anish Kapoor, asserting his dominance as India’s most triumphant living artist. He boasts a remarkable earnings figure of ₹ 91 crores, a feat that has cemented his position at the zenith for an unparalleled fifth consecutive year. Among his impressive creations, Anish Kapoor’s most coveted artwork commands a hefty price tag of ₹ 9.27 crore.

Directly in Anish Kapoor’s wake emerges Arpita Singh, a prominent figure in the Indian art scene, who secures her standing with earnings totaling ₹ 24.71 crore. The pièce de résistance in Arpita’s portfolio commands a substantial ₹ 11.32 crore.

Subsequently disclosed in the list’s revelations is the esteemed Jogen Chowdhury, occupying the third rung of India’s artistic achievement. His illustrious career yields a turnover of ₹ 19.76 crores, with his most prized creation garnering a valuation of ₹ 4.40 crores.

Distinguished by a turnover of ₹ 17.88 crores, the multitalented Gulam Mohammed Sheikh from Vadodara emerges in the fourth slot of this elite roster. His magnum opus outshines those of his peers within the top 10, boasting a valuation of ₹ 16.89 crores.

Successively trailing, the venerable Krishen Khanna, at the remarkable age of 98, and the accomplished Sakti Burman, occupy the fifth and sixth ranks. Meanwhile, injecting youthful vigor into this assembly, the 26-year-old Raghav Babbar captures the seventh position with an impressive turnover of ₹ 11.77 crores.

Earning his place within the upper echelons, visual artist Rameshwar Baroota takes the eighth position, closely followed by contemporary painter Anju Dodiya in ninth place. Lastly, Delhi-based artist Subodh Gupta clinches the tenth spot, rounding off the notable lineup on the Hurun India Art List 2023.

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