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There are those that stand out as bright examples of what it means to be an inspirational business woman in the world of business, where success is frequently perceived as a reflection of tenacity, fortitude, and invention.

Anisha Anant Katarki stands out as a real heroine among the extraordinary women creating waves in the field, grabbing the interest of both businesspeople and professionals. She has earned a well-deserved spot among the Top 10 Most Inspiring Business Women of the Year 2023 because of her extraordinary accomplishments and steadfast commitment.

Spearheading the business operations at STILEDIVITA INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED as Founder- Director, Anisha has created an indelible mark in the home automation and smart building design industry. Her expertise and experience are not restricted to the industry but go far beyond her targeted space. Hence, her mission statement says, “To make people believe and live in futuristic automated and smart spaces.”

Anisha’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to her visionary mindset and fearless pursuit of excellence. As the founder and CEO of a thriving technology startup, she has shattered glass ceilings and disrupted traditional norms. With her innate ability to identify market gaps and devise groundbreaking solutions, Anisha has revolutionized the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the business landscape.

What sets Anisha apart is not just her trailblazing success, but also her promise to uplift others along the way. As a mentor and advocate for women’s empowerment, she actively supports aspiring entrepreneurs, imparting her wisdom and encouraging them to follow their dreams. Her leadership style is rooted in empathy, collaboration, and fostering a nurturing work environment that celebrates diversity and encourages innovative thinking.


In 2018, a groundbreaking venture was born, reshaping the home automation and smart building industry for commercial and residential spaces. Being a one-stop solution for automation and machine-driven products/solutions, the venture has been creating milestones since its inception. STILEDIVITA was conceptualized in 2016 by the visionary entrepreneur Anisha Anant Katarki, who emerged as a game-changer in the field of tech solutions. With a name rooted in Italian, meaning “lifestyle,” STILEDIVITA embodies a vision that goes beyond mere aesthetics, aiming to transform the way we experience our living and working spaces.

Anisha’s journey as an entrepreneur began with a profound realization. She observed the unstructured approach prevalent in the home automation and smart building industry, which led to inefficiencies and gaps in the market. Fueled by a desire to make a difference, Anisha embarked on a mission to bring order to this unorganized sector. She envisioned leveraging the power of tech advancements that were dominating the global landscape, revolutionizing the industry’s operations and customer experiences.

STILEDIVITA’s core philosophy revolves around organizing the unorganized. Through cutting-edge technology solutions, the company streamlines processes, enhances efficiency, and elevates the overall home automation and smart building experience. From concept to completion, STILEDIVITA offers a comprehensive suite of tech-driven services that cater to the diverse needs of clients, whether they are embarking on a commercial project or transforming their residential spaces.

At the heart of STILEDIVITA’s success lies its commitment to harnessing the power of tech advances. Anisha’s foresight in recognizing the potential of innovative technologies that facilitate Automation, Automated Shading & Automated Architectural Products for residential and commercial spaces. By embracing these technologies, STILEDIVITA enables clients to visualize and customize their spaces with unprecedented accuracy and detail, transcending traditional limitations.

Creating an impact

As a process-oriented company, STILEDIVITA follows a proper roadmap to offer the best-in-class solutions to its elite clientele. There are several strict sets of rules and regulations that every team member must follow till the process of post-handover of the project. This is derived from Anisha’s business ideology to never compromise on service quality and always follow a structured approach to deliver one-of-a-kind solutions.

Under her guidance, the venture has also started consulting proficient architects concerning energy management strategies for mega projects. In six years of the company’s spectacular journey, it has completed and delivered 400+ projects at the PAN India level. Though the organization has a robust foothold in the South India market, the influence it has induced all over the Indian geography can’t be overlooked. With her focused approach, she never fails to consult seasoned architects with her strategic and thoughtful approach to utilize the resources in the best possible way.

The impact stimulated by Anisha goes beyond the boardroom. Her thought activities have had a significant impact on industrial norms and helped communities to improve service deliveries. Her efforts to develop sustainable and moral business practices serve as an inspiration to aspiring leaders who want to have a significant influence on society as she believes in the potential of business as a force for social good.

Anisha’s perseverance stands out in the face of difficulties and misfortune. She bravely accepts change and uses it as a chance for development and education. It is a credit to her persistence and insight that she was able to adapt to a constantly changing business environment and lead her organization to continuous success.

Musings on Women entrepreneurship

Being a highly-regarded woman entrepreneur who has tasted resounding success in her career pursuits, Anisha takes immense pride in observing the increasing numbers of women entrepreneurs in the business world. She states that her industry is highly competitive as well as male-dominated where women find it difficult to carve a niche for themselves.

“In our industry, men are more validated which makes it hard for women to enter this industry. Still, due to social stigma, there is a lack of acceptance and a proper ecosystem to support the growth of women entrepreneurs. Hence, women leaders need to have each other’s back to ensure growth in a collaborative manner, emphasized Anisha”

Blueprint to success

Anisha is a fantastic leader who enunciates the power of resilience. She asserts that running a successful business is not a walk on a bed of roses. It is a challenging journey that needs unflinching focus on making things happen no matter what the circumstances speak of. She leads by example by aligning her team members with her intrinsic values and adopting common objectives while contributing to their personal growth.

What’s up for the future?

Anisha unveils that five years down the road, she would like to extend her presence more into commercial places which pose great future opportunities for her venture. This is owing to the fact that commercial properties highly demand automated products that are based on the latest tech upgrades. So far, her team is brainstorming to connect the dots and bring out something exclusive to offer the market soon. In the face of the long-term goal, Anisha remarked that she strives to scale her brainchild to become a 100Cr company in the next 10 years.

Anisha’s vision is steadfast as STILEDIVITA continues to upend the market. STILEDIVITA is leading the way in reshaping the future of the home automation and smart building sector with an unwavering dedication to the organization, innovation, and client happiness. By utilizing technology, they enable people to design environments that genuinely reflect their particular lifestyles, converting residential properties into homes and business buildings into centres of inspiration and productivity.

The parting words by the ‘wompreneur’ To all the aspiring women leaders/entrepreneurs, never seek any substitute for hard work and always ask for help no matter what the situation is. Your family is your biggest emotional support, ergo, seek guidance from them in your phenomenal journey to entrepreneurship.

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