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Anlight Consulting


Anlight Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. (Anlight) stands tall in the domain of HR Solutions Implementation Services and has gradually been expanding it’s footprints and making it’s presence felt across India and beyond.

Incubated in January 2014, the expedition for Anlight Consulting has been quite an exciting and most rewarding in these 6 years. After working for more than 2 decades in strategic Technology and Business Leadership roles across geographies, Anoop Handa, an industry expert, founded and setup Anlight Consulting to deliver a range of IT and HR Services to its esteemed customers. The key objective of setting up this company was to share the vast expertise and to partner with the customers to create immense business value by leveraging Technology and Human Capital resources.

The Anlight Consulting services portfolio comprises strategic IT consulting / vCIO (pay per use virtual CIO model), HR Technology Implementation Services, Cloud Solutions & mid-senior level Talent acquisition Services.

The philosophy of Anlight has always been to ‘Spread Expertise & Light up Excellence’.

Since inception, the Company focused on putting the RIGHT team in place who has a positive attitude, keen passion, drive and high energy to work together towards the realization of the vision of the company.

Further, Anlight Consulting worked on creating the RIGHT partnerships and partnered with Ramco Systems to focus on their innovative HR Technology solution. And Anlight Consulting continues to add more HR Solutions/ Services to it’s offerings.

Anlight’s “CloudHub”, through its multiple strategic alliances, delivers a portfolio of Cloud based (SaaS) business solutions and applications to help Companies overcome their complex business challengesAnlight has a strategic partnership with Ramco Systems since 2014, to provide marketing & sales support, enablement, configuration and implementation and support services of award winning innovative Ramco HCM (Human Capital Management Solution) & Global Payroll solution.

Anlight is helping and assisting Companies in their HR Digital Transformation Journey by providing the required domain and HR Technology Implementation services.

Having served companies across India, Anlight Consulting gradually moved on to provide their HR Technology Implementation Services across Asian & Middle-East countries as well.

The clients are large people-centric companies who aim to transform their HR Operations and leverage technology to provide profound and enriching employee experience.


Anoop says, “HR Technologies and Analytics will shape the future of organizations. In today’s times, Talent Management is pushing boundaries to go beyond just the human touch, focus on the future-ready workforce to create an employee experience, which brings delightful customer-experience to the millennial workforce.”

Newer TECH concepts like AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots, and much more are indispensable in creating NextGen HR systems for the Next-Gen workforce.

India and Asian countries will significantly contribute towards ever growing HCM market and hence Anlight, as the proven business partners of modern, innovative Ramco HCM, have a great opportunity to grow multi-fold as companies embrace HCM solution and embrace HCM and HR Analytics.

Anlight Consulting vCIO (virtual CIO) services will see more demand as requirements of ‘leadership roles on tap’ and GIG economy/Flexi staffing grows and picks up momentum within India and Asia.

The Flexi staffing at CXO level is gaining momentum as Companies compete to acquire proven expertise as per their requirements without getting tied up with long term full time employee acquisition at senior levels.


The journey of Anlight Consulting that started with a small step, six years ago, is now a successful organization, with ~40 passionate and enthusiastic employees, serving over 30 customers across India and beyond, providing range of IT/ HR Services – IT Consulting, mid-Senior level Recruitment Services, HR Technology Solution Implementation Services (Strategic partnership with Ramco Systems focused on HCM solution) and virtual CIO (vCIO) Services.

Strong focus on positive attitude, core organization values and creating an empowered, flexible yet performance-focused work culture has reaped good results. With a belief ‘slow and steady wins the race’, Anlight Consulting has taken small but solid steps and continues to march towards its vision of being ‘the preferred choice of its customers and partners globally and be valued for driving excellence & high performance through most optimal Technology and Human Capital.’

Life@Anlight is defined by their core values of Customer Delight, Passion to Excel, Integrity, Transparency, Mutual Respect and Fun. These aren’t just words; everyone feels and delivers to the core values that form the culture of their organization.

Anlight Consulting employees are the key assets of the organization. Anoop states, “Our employees are our brand ambassadors. We call each of our employees an ACE (Anlight Consulting Employee). And strongly believe that each one of our staff is an ACE and brings immense value to the organization”


Walking on their tagline ‘Spread Expertise; Light up Excellence’ and being one of the most trusted and successful HR solutions Implementation Services providers, Anoop Handa, Founder of Anlight Consulting,  shared essential lessons, which can be your Mantra of Success as you embark on HR Digital Transformation journey:

  • Buy-in: Investments in HR Digital Transformation have to be agreed among the leadership team and the corresponding value-add/ benefits well-articulated. Though HR can be a sponsor but HR Digital Transformation is not only HR responsibility, it is in fact a Change Initiative across the organization.
  • Accountability & Program Management: A clear decision on primary responsibility is a must. If the HR has the necessary program and change management skills within the HR team, it’s great! However if that’s missing within HR, it should either be acquired from other functions (IT or PMO) within the company or external consultants can be used. Lack of an accountable and empowered program manager is a recipe for disaster!
  • Right Tools and Technology: The choice/decision of HCM solution/technology is key. One size may not fit at all. Each company has to view the investments in HCM tools and technologies as a long term investment. Business growth, diversification across geographies, centralized/distributed HR operations, employee experience (EX), statutory compliance and ease & speed of HR operations, should drive your selection of the HCM solutions and not necessarily the costs!
  • Time from Subject Matter Expertise / Domain Experts: Ensure participation, time, active ownership and engagement of your process owners to define requirements, provide data and during testing phases. They will have a day job and there could be a big risk if they are not giving the required focus/time to this critical transformation journey.
  • Be ready for the Change: Any digital transformation may lead to change in the way things are done and one has to be ready to accept the changes and streamline the processes and workflows to deliver value. Automating broken and ineffective process flows is NOT a digital transformation.

And finally, you do need an experienced team & a proven partner who can help you in HR Digital Transformation by offering multiple HR technology solutions that fit your requirements.


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