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Arch10 Design Consultants


Home is a safe haven for every individual. Each house represents a personal story. Hence, setting a place that you are proud to call your own is nothing less than a miracle. Arch10 Design consultants help you to create a home of your dreams.

The company is a fast-growing architectural and interior design consultancy. It offers multi-disciplinary services, including Master Planning, Architectural Consultancy, Interior Planning, and Landscape Designing. Using the tools of Massing, Material Mapping, and Color indexing, Arch10 ensures that the design evolves from a fundamental platform with minimalistic planning and wastages.


The company was established in the year of 2012 under the guidance of its Principals: Sandeep Singh and Dilraj Kaur. According to Arch10’s Design Philosophy, and design of any scale or function should evolve as a story of evolution to exist. This redeems across the complete spectrum of designing.

Arch10 has pursued projects of pan India of various scales and disciplines. The company’s works include Townships, Mass Housing, IT parks, Commercial, Retail, Residential, Institutional, Industrial, Interiors, Social, and Welfare. Our projects have been both Architectural and Interiors.

Today, the firm looks towards a new India, transforming and upgrading the thought process of an individual to the latest technologies and its usage in interiors as well as architectural practices.


Arch10 has clients with varying statures, needs, and disciplines. The company considers itself quite fortuitous; therefore, it deals with large corporations to individuals. However, the methodology remains quite the same. The firm breeds the dream of the client through various means before hitting ground zero and finalizing the design. It is their core objective to ensure the substantiality of a design.

For instance, in the realm of Green Housing, Arch10 is working on various projects, including Karnam Greens, Dehradun. It is also working on several shopping malls, exhibition spaces, Cineplex, showrooms, office spaces, and institutional projects. To name some, South Point Mall, Patna, D.P.S Jhansi, M.L.S Jewellery Store, Meerut, Agra Trade Center, Agra, Laaj Enterprises, Gurgaon would be a few. The Interior Portfolio includes Food Court, JP Paradise, Chhatarpur, Shalom Presidency School, Gurgaon, RL Khanna Exports, Gurgaon, Lotus Group office, Gurgaon, Agra Trade Center, and many more.


Arch10 not only believes in R&D, but they have indeed taken a step further with their own thought process and coined I, R&D, which translates to Inspire, Research and Develop. The first step of seeking inspiration across the globe is taken, upon which the research is conducted. Furthermore, the development is fueled by cost control factors. This has indeed been essential in the growth of the company from the day of inception.


Interior and Architecture are the two vital organs for a living building. The extent and scope of Architecture is
the extent and scope of interiors and more. A building without interiors in Arch10’s opinion is simply a mannequin without apparel.

Arch10 design consultants think that this industry has its own standpoint and weight age along with prestige and shall be among the leading scope in the field of construction.


The architectural firm simply believes that the concept of employees and employers is redundant since the said ‘employees’ contribute equally to the design as the Principles do. Arch10 has an absolute open platform work culture where the concept of ‘Sir/Ma’am’ is not appreciated.

The company considers the entire workforce as the core team where everyone is given the responsibility of various projects. This helps them to be more accountable fora client’s satisfaction.


Architecture is a practice that is dated for ages and has been followed as a hierarchy through the masters and
their followers. Arch10 looks up to and respects the exponents of the past, the present, and the future and get
inspired from them to subsequently share the same to the next generation.


Arch10 Design Consultants is constantly working to contribute globally and work towards building a strong portfolio pan India and even transverse over the new region.


The firm believes each day is an achievement. Every day they access the opportunity to learn, which is precious in itself. The company wants to be the most humble entity in respect of Design Practices and has been proud to contribute to the field of Architecture and Design. Arch10 is well gratified of its knowledge as well as projects it has received the opportunity to. For the company, a milestone is to get appreciated for its contribution to the Society in the form of Innovation and Built spaces.

Milestones are apparently crucial for the general morale of the whole office, and there have been quite a few
achievements we can be really proud of. Being awarded as one of the best interior designers and Architects in
Gurgaon by the coveted Times Media at the international leadership awards 2018 is undoubtedly one of them.


Every industry struggles with the relentless competition. Acquisitions of projects become a challenge in the environment of abundance in service. Arch10 design consultants believe in creating marketing trends and in leading in the creation of these trend lines. To simply put it, not follow, but create patterns.

Through this process, the company constructs a different space for itself in the industry.


Arch10 design consultants are a big family, as stated. The exclusion of boss culture remains workforce content. The office provides a warm and friendly space where creativity is promoted.

An individual’s personal life is as important as the professional one. Hence, the company promotes a work-life balance. It is essential for keeping the creative process unique and upbeat.


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