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The internet is moving at an unbelievable speed. The way a user searches and consumes information changes rapidly, it can be tough to glide your way forward and stay ahead in the race.

Thus, across all domains, a lot of businesses are joining hands with online advertising agencies to create a demand for their products and services.

Despite an increasingly digital world, there are hardly any digital platforms for building the construction industry, even though the building construction industry is the second largest industry in India after agriculture in India, growing at the rate of 8 percent per annum.

Fortunately for entrepreneurs today the government has a lot of schemes to boost innovative start-ups. Startup India and NITI Aayog are amongst a few others. The government today is encouraging entrepreneurs, especially women to take initiative and create modes of employment for generations to come.

This article introduces you to one such exceptionally innovative online digital platform incorporated by a women entrepreneur, Arti Sudhir Nair that takes the creative talent of an architect to the next level. is an online listing and advertising platform, for professionals and vendors of building construction industry aims at crafting and creating successful turnarounds for many entities by taking them to the next level. The cost-effective and result-oriented services generate business growth and help in improving return on investment.

Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way: The Story Of How It All Began:

( As narrated by Arti Sudhir Nair, the founder of Archiipedia)

Most of my career as an entrepreneur I have done turnkey interior design. Early years of my career, I faced major challenges promoting myself in my career. Post marriage I was relocated away from home, and known circles.

I was surprised to learn that most architects and professionals faced this problem in the beginning, starting on their entrepreneurial journey. I noticed that the successful ones spent a lot of valuable time networking to find customers, instead of focusing on creativity and design. Most vendors also had the same problem. A lot of businesses failed to thrive for lack of time and resources to promote their services and products.

I felt our industry deserved a common platform to dignify this profession. I also noticed customers today would like to be well informed and make informed decisions about where they spent their valuable money and the quality of products. Unfortunately, there were not enough resources to demystify their questions and help them make informed decisions towards building the construction industry.

I felt I can and should disrupt things and change the way business is done in India. There was a strong urge to put together something to solve these problem statements. I wanted to do my bit for digital India”

Hence Archiipedia was conceived with the vision of creating a digital presence for India’s unorganized sector, large network of vendors and professionals of building construction industry

Narendra Modi’s grand vision for digital India, the need for architects and allied professionals, to grow their referral network, was instrumental in inspiring thoughts of having to do something to solve this problem.

Archiipedia: A Platform to Create Your Brand or Product Awareness

Archiipedia is the single online advertising and listing platform in India, which connects all professionals and vendors of Architecture, Building Construction, design, decoration, and allied services, with consumers and customers for the same, under one umbrella. The venture serves as a business to business and business to consumer platform, which helps its customers(professionals and vendors, eg, architects, interior designers, etc) promote their businesses and products through informative listings and advertisements, hence growing a referral network and generating true leads for their businesses.

A Paradise for Advertising: A Space to Showcase your Product

The homepage of Archiipedia is designed in a way that businesses can showcase their product videos, and professionals can showcase video business cards here. Attractive ads can be placed on the homepage and other pages. There are right now 25 categories, split into services and retail outlets. Businesses can list their details, with pictures, description and google maps to their location. They can get their clients and customers to recommend and give reviews. They can be directly contacted by potential customers using the platform. Archiipedia will digitally market the website, through social media marketing and digital ads, and the businesses listed in its platform. Archiipedia also helps promote and brand the listed professionals and vendors.

Anyone desirous of constructing their dream home or getting interiors done for their spaces will be able to find all professionals and vendors, in this interactive platform. The wide variety of options can help any consumer make informed decisions on the products or services he uses.

In an age of social media, Facebook, Instagram, etc Archiipedia aims to disrupt the traditional way architects and professionals got hired, not limit them to word of mouth referrals, and give them a digital platform where they can be found, their creativity, talent, and abilities celebrated and utilized.

Archii-log: Demonstrate The Architect in You.

Archii-log is the Archiipedia blog that aims to be a valuable resource of information, educating and inspiring consumers with new, latest products, design methodologies, and services of building construction industry. Archii-log can be used as a platform to promote new talent and abilities of architects, by guest writing here.

This Is A Unique Experience

Archiipedia gives an equal opportunity for every listed business to showcase and promote their unique strengths, creativity, and abilities and gives the consumer the choice!! Creativity and taste are unique to every individual. A client visiting the website has the option to choose from many creative profiles and choose what he likes for his own special dream home instead of a factory-made solution for his space(which is largely how other platforms operate). One can curate and create the best possible unique, highly individualized spaces by engaging with the best professionals and products, by favoring a platform such as Archiipedia. also aims to empower the whole audiovisual sensory perception of a customer to the site by providing the simple option of viewing videos through the site, engaging a customer, unlike other similar platforms.

When You Are Connected To Your Dreams, Awards Follow You

Archiipedia won two awards, India excellence award 2019-2020 for “Best online platform for architects, interior designers, and professionals of building construction Industry” Felicitated by Blindwink…And Time Cybermedia’s “Brand Icon award 2019-2020 for the category ”Business Excellence Innovative Concept”

A Message from the Founder: For Everyone Who Has a Dream to Fulfill

“Never stop dreaming. Enjoy the journey and do not worry about the outcome. Yes, you need to prepare yourself mentally for the challenges of entrepreneurship. Choose to do in life what you are good at, and what you are passionate about. When things don’t go in your direction, do not get overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Trust your judgment and never regret wrong calls. Move on. Be it a good day or a bad day, keep energy levels high. Balance out between being enthusiastic and making calculated risks. If you think entrepreneurship is about being your boss, you are wrong. Your client is your boss and adding value to your clients’ life is what will make your business a success.”


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