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ARL Worldwide Express Pvt. Ltd


With a boom of emerging industries worldwide, the need of logistics and Supply Chain services is boiling. In India, there are beaucoup of companies, which are providing the mentioned services to match the essential requirements of the customers. One such formidable organization is ARL Worldwide Express Pvt. Ltd, deals with the Logistics and Supply Chain arena. Rajeev Verma, a young entrepreneur of 26 years, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company.


ARL Worldwide Express was incepted in 2006 with the name of Adesh Roadlines. The vision was to deliver the logistics excellence to its customers, and ensuring their success. In the present scenario, the company has firmly entrenched itself as the ‘Knowledge Leader’ and ‘Strong Leader’ of Supply Chain & Logistics Industry in Uttar Pradesh.

In the year of 2016, the Company was switched to Supply Chain & Logistics domain from just providing the transportation services with the name ARL Worldwide Express. Now the Company has more than 250+ trucks and 20 warehouses at all the metro locations in India, with employee strength of 200+ employees and a turnover of 40crore. ARL Worldwide Express offers a wide range of innovative supply chain services, including Express Distribution, 3PL and Consulting.

The firm provides value-added logistics services for nine different business verticals ranging from Apparel & Lifestyle, E-commerce, Healthcare, Hi-Tech, Publishing to Automotive, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, FMCG & Consumer Electronics and Institutional.

And some of their crucial partners are OPPO, Lenovo and Motorola, Realme Mobiles, Gionee, LAVA, V2 Retails, BigBazar, RR Kable, Crompton Greaves, Anchor, Amazon, S.chand Group, Epson, Ashok Leyland, Cocofy, Unilever and many more.

Quality and commitment are the pivotal of success. They make sure to fulfill the promised Turnaround time whatever it takes, there are the times when they have to operate the vehicles in lose to, but their prime focus is always on delivering the Promised Turnaround time. They follow the 6 Sigma In-transit protocols to ensure the zero damage and mishandling of goods. They track their every single resource from vehicle to driver’s performances to ensure the quality from procure to delivery.


“It’s quite indispensable to adjust with the changes in order to do something different.”~Rajeev Verma

Change is the only constant thing and vital too, and to cope with it, one has to adopt the changes. We are in an era where lifecycle of products and services is decreasing dramatically, and one has to be prepared in advance for every change. They are constantly adopting all the new techniques and technologies from the globe to match up with the emerging market trends.They have already adopted Green Logistics, 6 sigma, Big Data Analysis, and looking forward for drone deliveries and automation in trucking and warehousing.


They feel customers are not just clients, but they are their important partners. Hence they put everything to deliver the best, because their customers’ growth is their growth. When their partners hire them to work, they feel they are not just representing them to the end customer, but also the brand their partners carry, hence it becomes a major responsibility to make sure to uplift the image and essence of the brand in their domain.

  • Quality and commitment are the factors for a long term success in all the concerns. Besides this, they have a rich 12 years of industry experience.
  • 250+ Company-owned Vehicles and 100+ Attached Market Vehicles for extra load in closing and festival time.
  • All Vehicles are GPS enabled for better and faster tracking. They only use closed body container vehicles for enhanced safety and security.
  • 24*7 customer support.
  • One point contact for all the support and query.
  • They use single vertical hierarchy for data flow, hence it makes the system more responsive and efficient.


Affirming the fact that the present government has more focus on online government portals, and this helped them a lot in complying with the government’s norms and regulations. Also, the implementation of GST has made the movement of goods faster than ever, now vehicle has to no longer wait outside the states to get permission under Behti system. This made to reduce the In-transit time by significant hours. Also, the present government is more capable to provide the enhanced road infrastructure that improves the connectivity among the cities and speed of the transportation.


To regulate the symphony between personal rejuvenation and work, Rajeev does a lot of interesting things in his leisure time. He is fond of traveling to exotic places and trying new cuisines over there. On his weekends, he tries new cafes and restaurants and discovers new tastes. Along with this, he also enjoys spending time with friends and family. Also, he likes to work out no matter how hectic or busy his schedule, but he manages to spare time for health, and sometimes he enjoys watching documentary movies and comedy shows.

He is a keen learner, thereby, he learns from a multitude of people, but one of his favorites and a role model is Warren Buffett. The greatest lore which he learnt from him is that the most important investment you can make is in yourself.


They are committed towards making the roads of this country safe and bringing each driver back to home safely. They also ensure to deliver goods to their customers safely.

Road Safety –

They aim to achieve 7-sigma level of safety, which includes the following points.

  • Driver selection process
  • Per trip feedback loop
  • Focus on efficiency, not speed
  • Drug & alcohol testing
  • Pilot safety training
  • Fleet modifications
  • Regular fleet maintenance

Workplace Safety –

Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is a key element of their culture.

  • Swachh ARL
  • Secured operating units
  • Fire safety systems
  • Personal Protective Equipment

About the Environment –

  • 40% CNG Vehicles are growing.
  • Regularly Services Vehicles and pollution check before every trip.
  • Dual drivers for trips more than 300km for drivers and pedestrians safety.
  • Use of bio-degradable packing material like tapes and pins etc.
  • More focus on green logistics methods.
  • Less use of paper.


The position where they are today is the biggest achievement that the Company has acquired, and yet they have to cover a lot to become the India’s fastest growing logistics company. Here are the list of few achievements they have earned:

  • Cargo king (2012) Award in Uttar Pradesh by the Truck Association of U.P
  • Cargo king (2015) Award in Uttar Pradesh by the Truck Association of U.P
  • PAN India Network
  • Best Partner/Vendor 2016 by TCI Express.
  • Youth Transport Personality 2018 by Mahindra Transport Awards

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