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Founded in the year 2006, Artscape is an eminent architecture boutique firm, practicing in multiple verticals including but not limited to Architecture, Interiors, Project Management and Complete Execution under its larger ambit. The firm boasts of successfully delivering extensive projects for more than a decade now.


During the infant years of her career, Jhilmil, a design enthusiast working in a renowned design and architectural firm in the capital, noticed the dearth of companies offering complete end-to-end solutions in the architectural design and execution field to its clients. Being entrepreneurial at heart, she had always dreamt of being a master of her own and aspired to create something special in Architectural Design and Execution, which would prove game-changing. In 2006, when her husband, Mr Saurabh Vijay, former chip designer at Intel India, shifted to Bangalore from Delhi, Ms Jhilmil got the opportunity to fulfill her dream of starting her own boutique firm in the silicon city of the country. In a new city with a new language, and a new culture aligning with a whole new Architectural & Design preference, to establish & win already seemed a Herculean task, but Jhilmil was unshaken and thrilled with the opportunity to create her own space & prove her mettle in the fast-growing market. She embraced the challenge of managing the entire business from extensive Business Development, Client Relationship, and Team Building to intensive Designing & Execution. She strengthened Artscape’s foundation with her knack for building relationships & managing people and her proficiency in providing innovative solutions to contemporary designs at competitive costs. Jhilmil’s ability to build a strong sense of partnership among Artscape’s stakeholders and to innovate conventional architecture with modern designs helped her create a niche for Artscape Projects in industrial, commercial, hospitality and residential designs & execution sectors, quickly.


Artscape has been providing execution services to a large number of reputed international and domestic clients in all sectors ranging from Commercial, Residential, Hospitality and Industrial sectors of the community. The Interior vertical caters to all sectors of the market ranging from basic home interiors to ultra-luxury. Besides, the firm is also specialized in Restaurants, Clubs and related Retail Segments. We have a huge list of clientele ranging from MNC’s to Indian Business Houses, NRI clientele & others.


The Design industry is a continuously evolving one. “Design Trends” are a continuous process of evaluation where “retro” designs get perpetually fused with newer technologies, materials, textures and colors to provide aesthetics, operational functionality, environmental integrity and wellness of the target user group at optimal cost. One’s ability to continuously innovate and experiment with the above process will always help one to be a trendsetter in the highly dynamic market in India. Jhilmil says, “We strongly believe in this philosophy and hence, are continuously experimenting with new ideas and materials to create a niche for oneself in the market place.” Building a strong team of like-minded professionals along with a strong and cordial partnership with vendors, suppliers, contractors & pear professionals in supporting fields catalyzed Artscape to successfully design and implement large industrial, commercial and residential projects for reputed international and domestic clients.

To create user-friendly designs, they do extensive discussions with their user groups and understand their expectations. These can be in terms of aesthetics and appeal, comfort, usability, ease of doing work, color and texture likings, etc. and use these inputs in their workings. This is the key to any design exercise as the preferences change based on demography, ethnicity, age profile, income level and other related socio-economic factors applicable to each user group and therefore, vary from project to project. They keep networking with industry peers in India and internationally, to accelerate their learning process. She states,“I travel extensively and keenly observe my surroundings during such visits to capture their design styles and how are they being wedded with newer materials, ideas and technology to create new user-friendly and appealing designs.”In addition to this, they actively participate in design expos to understand the latest concepts & materials. Nature plays a pivotal role in all our designing exercise and they ensure its fusion to create nature-friendly designs for optimal use of energy, renewable resources, air & water optimization in their designs. Technology and automation have become an integral part of daily life in every field of work and play and they are seamlessly integrated in all our design projects.


Design is an ongoing process of evaluation and hence, there is a need for continuous innovation to maintain leadership. We continuously innovate by wedding innovative designs with user group profiles & requirements  and integrate them with contemporary materials, technology, nature and ease of usability to create customized designs for our clients.  The entrepreneur says, “We, therefore, strongly believe that continuous innovation is key to success in this business and at Artscape, we continuously endeavor to innovate to be ahead of our peers in the Industry.”


Artscape, in its genesis years,for the most part, was offering design services to clients, and was dependent on the project partners for execution. However,in the course of time,we realized that the journey from design-to-implementation was not smooth due to the execution sector being very unorganized in India. Hence team Artscape decided to set-up their own execution teams which were trained to build customer’s trust and offer high-quality execution on time and within the cost targets.

Today, Artscape is an established and a complete Design & Build a house with end-to-end project delivery capabilities on time by a specially trained team of professionals.


Artscape looks forward towards becoming a leading Home Interior Firm catering to the clients who want that ‘Perfect Home.’ Unlike the new brands which are coming up, they do not intend to be a furniture brand naming themselves as Home Interiors, they rather intend to cater to the niche market which wants to convert their “DREAM HOUSE” into reality  and want a personalized home Interior service.


Coming from a family of Doctors, Jhilmil has always believed in giving back more to the society through work. But, what does social responsibility in architecture mean in our time? Well, for Ms Jhilmil it has always meant creating a sustainable design, and she chose to define it by eliminating or minimizing the negative environmental impact of the built environment and to connect people with the natural environment.

They also do continuous CSR activities to support needy groups of society.


Jhilmil states, “Design is an artful science-it is the creativity of the designer, the unique way he or she understands the user group’s requirements and then blend them with retro concepts, modern materials and technology to create a user specific functional design. We, at ‘ARTSCAPE’ are good at both in the ART and SCIENCE of DESIGNING and are committed to s provide a unique, customized solution to any design requirement and implement the same for you -on time, in full and within the cost targets, as per your requirements.



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