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Written By:- Indranil Roy

AstroBasic specializes in enlightening people on astrological needs by blending technology and ingenuity. It offers Software, Online Courses, Books and Consultation threaded to Numerology, Vedic astrology, Palmistry and Spirituality. It intends to introduce astrology to the world with a scientific approach rather than high-octane dramas or dictating terms and conditions.

The Company has a significant presence in Youtube with 60K+ Subscribers and viewed by nearly 130 Countries in the world. Its website too – is well decorated with, researched tutorials and information to guide astrologers and numerologists. With a prominent presence on the online space, AstroBasic focuses on setting the stage for Astrology on factual and significant information. AstroBasic’s offerings include –

  • Numerology & Astrology Software
  • Astrology Professional course
  • Numerology Professional course
  • Numerology Book
  • Numerology & Astrology Report
  • Astrology one to one consulting.

AstroBasic was formed to redefine astrology practices and scientifically organize the branch. Despite being an advanced-scientific concept, people all over the world have an ambiguity towards it. People often regard the subject as superstitious, and many fraudulent people play an integral role in it. On top of that, Astrologers having the aesthetic knowledge aren’t able to share it with the world, and few others share their views in a way that doesn’t do justice to the subject.

These unattended challenges laid the foundation of AstroBasic in 2016. The Company is teamed with meticulous people who ensure every article, video or tutorials released addresses the authenticity of the segment. The team engages in meeting with other astrologers, to assimilate their knowledge and bring it all under one umbrella

From numerology to astrology- whatever your mind aspires, AstroBasic provides it. The e-learning platform includes software and complete flow-up support in every solution package at a competitive price. Its courses have shaped the career of several astrology aspirers – currently running their independent consulting services. The Company also assists Astrologers in developing their own websites and set up social media accounts. AstroBasic offers two individual courses that tailor to a complete understanding of Astrology –

  • Numerology Professional Course: A 12-session program that encompasses basic-to-advance stages of numerology including Pythagorean, Chaldean, Lo Shu and Horary (Prashna). Students will be taught the Basic of Astrology concept using Bhrigu Nadi Padhati, from a maestro with 19 years of experience in astrology. The entailing benefits of the course are – students get unlimited access to study materials and videos. The videos can be accessed via Youtube and can be viewed on any kind of smart devices with internet connectivity. On top of that, students get 2 months of email/webinar video conference support after completion of the course.
  • AstroBasic Professional course: This course is customized, for individuals willing to take Astrology as a professional career. The 18-session courses help student dive deep into the various dimensions of astrology and churn out the knowledge that can build their professional forte. Students are provided, with all study materials and software support along with proper follow-up. At the end of the course, students have to go through an evaluation test to achieve the certificate.

Both of these courses ensure a holistic revelation of the science and true potential of numbers and planets. These courses significantly conquer many ambiguous course providers, who don’t offer any follow-up support. Nevertheless, AstroBasic doesn’t press the brake until their alumni reach the desired destination.

The maestro behind AstroBasic’s competency is Jayant Kumar. A software engineer by profession, Jayant’s passion and interest in Astrology, rewarded him with a sublime career to help others for their betterment. He has been practising Astrology for nearly two decades, specializing in all segments – Horoscope, palmistry, Prashna Shastra and Numerology. His outstanding research on various auxiliaries of Astrology has fostered the growth of AstroBasic significantly.

We believe in, ‘Help others to Help yourself’ mantra. My team members understand that if we solve the problem of our clients, they will come back to us and moreover they will refer our services to others”, says Jayant.

By combining innovation and knowledge, Jayant aims to grow AstroBasic as an era-defining platform – not only refining knowledge of astrology across the continents but helping those in need as well. Their accomplished students are creating a major difference in society through positive consultancy solutions. AstroBasic is there for every aspirer, who believe in Astrology and want to make a career in it. Everyone in their team is oriented to a single goal – to deliver value to society and propagate the efficiency of Astrology to the world. The integrated mindset and teamwork keep the Company in the trending section of the industry.

Digital Technology is the platform of elevation for every business nowadays. As such, AstroBasic has sited all its solutions on a cloud platform. Users can access them anywhere and anytime on just a few clicks. Its Numerology Software, powered by Cloud’s latest technologies (AWS/Azure), is one of its prominent product. Numerology for predictions can be complex; manual calculation increases the chances of mistakes, eventually leading to a wrong prediction. Numerology Software is a comprehensive platform that calculates all the important numbers that come in Pythagorean/Chaldean/Lo-Shu Grid and Numero Vastu grid at one place with finesse.

Adding to this, the software has other attributes like Personal Notes Section, to save your analysis, Report Save/print option, Match Making/ Name Analysis in a separate section. The software is backed, with-  24×7 Support and the data incurred is safe on cloud and is accessible anytime.

In its- 4 years of wholesome business, AstroBasic’s biggest achievement has been multiple positive feedbacks in all of its social media platforms (Facebook & Youtube). Astrobasic has earned a – 5* rating on the Google review page. These positive feedbacks build the surge in Astrobasic to endeavour for betterment in all aspect. Due to AstroBasic’s revered presence on Youtube, its videos have been selected for telecasting on DishTV and Airtel DTH channel called AstroVaani.

For a prolific road ahead, AstroBasic keeps on working to contribute more to this pious science. The Company aims to build an Astrology research Centre to make the field more interesting and indulging. AstroBasic is also aiming to empower the new-generation the efficacy of this field and spread authenticity instead of Myth. The company also plans to transform Astrology into a more structured sector with precise criteria and guidelines like every other educational stream.

“Business requires a lot of patience because you cannot get the desired result every time; So, you need to be persistent. Also, if you don’t have a love for your work, you will not be able to succeed in your areas. Jack of all trades and master of none does not work, when you go to the market. You have to be SMEs (Subject matter expert) in the business you are doing”.



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