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WrapCart: For Trendy Tech Accessories That Enhance Your Style

Written by: Kriti Anand

With technology and gadgets taking over our lives, our smartphones have become not just important tools but a social symbol that we customize according to our choice of aesthetics. These customizations need to reflect our personal style, and WrapCart helps inject our personalities into our gadgets through its incredibly cool tech accessories. The mobile and laptop skins manufactured and sold by WrapCart not only up your cool quotient, they also combine durability with style.

Company Overview
“Make your smartphone look smarter!”

WrapCart is a leading mobile and tech accessories brand co-founded by Aditya Gupta and Akanksha Nirbhavane, based in Kandivali, Mumbai. The brand understands the tastes of the younger generation and manufactures and sells products that are trendy and eye-catching. Their budget-friendly mobile wraps are made of 3M and other high quality raw material that help protect the gadgets against scratches and wear and tear.

In addition to catering to the youth with delightful mobile, laptop, and air pod skins, they have a dedicated customer support system. Their team is available round the clock to resolve every customer’s issues with prompt responses and ready solutions. Their deliveries are fast and reliable, and they ascertain that they get the job done on time, every time. “We’re low on scale, but high on ambitions. We’re a young company, and hence we understand what the young seek,” the Founder of WrapCart says. WrapCart primarily deals in wraps for products like mobile phones, laptops, audio devices and now even debit cards. Other products include laptop sleeves, pop holders, etc.

WrapCart is the only brand in the Indian market to have over four hundred varieties of wraps available for more than six hundred models. They sell protective wraps for a number of devices including chargers, audio wearables, laptops and debit cards. WrapCart is ahead of the competition curve in not just selling the maximum variety of products, but also for introducing debit card skins in India. Its creative and visionary team has a reputation for knowing the audience, and the quirky card skins prove their brilliance beyond a doubt. The company boasts of offering the best designed, most enduring products at the most reasonable prices.

The Journey So Far
WrapCart is a young startup, established in 2018 by student entrepreneurs Aditya Gupta and Akanksha Nirbhavane. In the beginning, the founders struggled to convince influencers and bloggers with their brands, but with their quality deliverables they crossed this hurdle within a short span of time. They now train their team on how to persuade reputed influencers and bring them on board. Being students, managing a company alongside their courses was even more of a challenge, but they have proved their merit within just three years. The founders, with the support and commitment of their team members Roshini Yadav, Padma Yadav and Sumit Patel, have efficiently managed the brand and made it quite popular among its young clientele. WrapCart products are well loved by youngsters, especially the college going crowd.

The company understands the likes and limitations of the college segment that form the majority of its customers, and offers creative new products at affordable rates. WrapCart indulges into market research diligently, and identifies and sources or manufactures such products. It revises its portfolio every so often, and always has something new and better to offer to its customers. WrapCart is always working on introducing new and creative products, like the recent skins for debit and credit cards.

WrapCart has a customer-first approach to business, but it values its employees equally. The Founders believe that “When the employees are happy, the entire business is happy.” The company has flexible work timings for the entire team, along with the option of working remotely 100% of the time. They listen to the employees’ ideas and concerns, and value their opinions and contributions to the organization. They promote creativity and personalization in the workplace.

The Founders of WrapCart started with setting up a stall of potato twisters and french fries near their college, and learnt the intricacies of day to day business from it. From counting profits and losses to coordinating with manufacturers and retailers, they gained invaluable experience before launching the independent online venture, WrapCart. In three years, WrapCart has its own manufacturer, and also provides internships for marketing and business operation.

Future Prospects
WrapCart is making steady progress in growing into one of the most sought-after brands by the younger generation. It has crossed 100k followers on social media and is rapidly becoming its clients’ favourite. It has also made its mark in the startup industry, having been awarded the 500 Best Startups Award by India 5000.

The company plans to lead the Indian market in terms of mobile and tech accessories sales in the next five years. It is also looking at expanding its reach and creating a global presence. WrapCart will soon be launching gift products,

“Work for what you care about. Take the risk and challenge yourself. Most of all, believe in yourself.”

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