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Delivering automation solutions driven by innovation strategies…

Here, we have brought to you an exclusive narrative of one of the most successful startups that have made huge strides in the industry. Auxtomate is the name. Many big publication houses and industry giants are applauding its grand success across the country and we concluded to add substance in this direction too. Ramesh Lokanayakulu is the CEO of the venture and he is spearheading the operation at the forefront to carve better avenues for its growth.

We are in a virtual conversation with the leader and bagged in-depth information about the company’s overall functioning. He began by explaining that Auxtomate was founded with one core focus on igniting the SMB segments to facilitate their transformational journey by delivering cost-optimized solutions for them. Since its inception, the company has inculcated the culture of innovations while catering to the needs of high-potential yet slowly growing companies.

The company is seen as a business & technology accelerator. Most importantly, it reprises ideas and solutions to unfold creative ways to generate value by applying technology, domain and design intelligence for the betterment of the business landscape. Auxtomate began its journey as a UX automation company and later on, pivoted into the API integration & API testing automation segments capitalizing on the early mover advantage. It dived into the inroads via its innovative suite of products and services that are highly domain & technology agnostic, allowing non–programmers to build API integrations and test any APIs rapidly without writing a single line of code.

APINATOR is a revolutionary one-stop solution for E2E no-code API integration & API testing solution. Its configuration writes application code automatically behind the scenes. In short, these accelerators carved by Auxtomate successfully deliver quick & automated-driven digital transformation solutions for our customers in a cost-optimized manner.

What differentiates Auxtomate from its competitors is its vision to attain and sustain its position as an industry leader in the automation space. Today, it has become one of the most sought-after innovative players that deliver seamlessly, cost-optimized and efficient solutions to its customer base by combining UX, automation & design led levers. Developing a culture of constant innovation has come up with the proper execution of smarter manners of operations. Commitment to customer satisfaction while being highly accountable for the relevant roles assigned to the team members, has carved a niche for itself.

The Auxtomate ecosystem strives for producing impeccable automation products and claims APINATOR as the mothership of all automation products. At its heart, APINATOR is a no-code API integration solution that allows you to quickly integrate or onboard the APIs.

Be it API integration automation or automated API testing (functional & performance) or instant application development for enterprise applications, APINATOR doesn’t require any developers or testers to configure and execute the program. Moreover, with their exclusive E2E product, one can handle API functionality or could get a basic understanding of designing forms for enterprise applications.

The key KPIs of this product are impeccable. As per the evidence, it brings down the API integration or onboarding or testing time to 1-2 weeks from 6-8 weeks, eliminates 75 percent of manual efforts, change requests get handled in one day, and helps integrate APIs of any structure into a single structure and much more…

The company has been said to be a trailblazer that facilitates transformation effortlessly. In view of this, the costing models are quite affordable and flexible for their customers to partner with them at nascent stages. It is the best way to win the trust in the partnership at the early stages and demonstrate them while delivering value at economical costs.

Indeed, affordability and flexibility are the key drivers of the success of their product line. Irrespective of the engagement models, cost-optimized solutions and services are quite crucial for them. Win-win propositions in favour of their clientele help them to create positive impacts on revenues at both ends, ergo, ensuring long-term relationships.

To the present date, they have never outsourced any tech services due to the firm dedication and support of their vibrant workforce. They are always focused on developing innovative solutions right from the scratch. Their unique & highly intense internship program enables them to build an effective & exciting talent base in a short time. As per the leader, “More than 75% of our trained interns were job-ready the day they complete the internships and have been delivering some outstanding KPIs to our clientele.

Also, we have been very specific in choosing the most advanced technology stack to build any accelerators within or always recommend and leverage the next-gen stack to our clientele keeping some critical NFRs in mind such as security, scalability, high-performance, etc.”

It goes without saying that R&D & Innovation go hand in-hand and to stay ahead of the curve, it is the major distinguishing factor. Be it market size expansion or an increase in sales potential, R&D is quite important. And when it comes to acknowledging the customer pain points, nothing could beat the significance of R&D. Team Auxtomate performs incessant R&D for various reasons to compare the offerings with competitors, to scope in & scope out the product features, to understand the market potential of certain specifics, to adapt to the futuristic aspects that will positively impact the UX & CSAT for the clientele, etc.

Leadership driving better prospects for ‘auxtomaters’ Auxtomate’s philosophy says that each person associated with the organization is a leader on his own account for overall success. Creating leaders for tomorrow is the motive of the company’s senior leadership. They don’t believe in hierarchy systems as the whole culture is fairly matrixed.

The culture at Auxtomate is bred to feed the concept of ‘Innovation & Automation first’ from the engineering end. The positive work environment has allowed people to express their views, ideas, disagreements, etc, quite openly. Moreover, the management is in the constant process of challenging the conventional ways of business process models to shift them to become more productive than the leading agile frameworks. Owing to their Super Agile ways of working, they have eradicated the documentation process to a greater extent with zero compromises on delivery.

To take their journey forward, they are reaching out to many advisors, consultants and executives. In terms of future product development, they wish to continue being as innovative as possible in the API integration space. Adding more information to this context, Ramesh states, “We have executed certain POCs in the areas of automation & performance testing and rapid application development fronts as well leveraging the underlying architecture that we have in hand.

And we are very certain to be very unique on all of these propositions. So that’s a clear indication of the exciting & challenging phases that we are going to have on our growth curve when it comes to our future.”

Entrepreneurship is all about risk-taking and overcoming the fear that arises so often in the process to become  successful. Risks could be calculative or sometimes not, it purely depends on the entrepreneur’s appetite, the idea they carry, the vision they have, etc. but ‘Belief’ is the keyword. Certainly, laws of attraction work for the brave and to be brave, at no point in time beliefs should be doubted.

It’s not always necessary to learn from their own mistakes, the world is changing and it’s about mindset. The new-age entrepreneurs can learn from others’ mistakes, make a note of what could have been done better, and plan their entrepreneurship journey accordingly so that most of the risks become calculative to a certain extent.

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