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20 Most Promising Logistics Companies In 2024

“At Mustang, we don’t focus on earning money; we strive to serve our clients the best. We are committed to keeping client satisfaction above everything else. This culture is well reflected in the services we offer.” – Syeda Parveen

Mustang Relocations and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent in Relocation, and logistics platform with a rich legacy spanning over 20 years in the logistics, supply chain, relocations, and moving industries. Born to provide customers with top-notch service and support in Relocation & Logistics, Mustang is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, and is the brainchild of Syeda Parveen.

Although there are many leading women in leadership roles in this industry, when we do, it’s usually someone who has conquered numerous obstacles and emerged as a powerful and inspiring leader at the end of it.

Syeda Parveen, the founder of Mustang Relocations and Logistics PVT LTD, is one of these names. A commerce graduate from Bangalore University and Master of Business administration from Symbiosis Pune. She is a well-known logistics professional with a wealth of knowledge about domestic and international goods movements and cargo.

Mustang: An Emerging Pioneer in Relocation Industry

Incorporated in 2022, Mustang stands as a frontrunner in the relocation industry, offering varied services like personal house goods movement, office moves, long- and short-term storage facilities, global mobility, Pet relocation, vehicle relocation, third country moves, commercial movement, fleet management should be.

The Incorporation of Mustang Relocations and Logistics

Syeda has been a part of this industry for a long time. She started her career at an early age, completed her intermediate (+2), and then began her journey with Courier company. She spent 20+ years working in the logistics, Relocations, freight, and internship sectors before establishing her own company.

Finally, in 2022, they took the foundation of Mustang to address the exact demand of people in relocation. Her team first understands the requirements of customers and then comes up with a tailored service plan; the leading lady loves to be in that part individually.

Values and Strategies: At a Glance

The core value of Mustang is passionately working towards organizational goals and understanding clients’ requirements. The team at Mustang understands the value of money and strives to satisfy clients so they can feel that they got the services they paid for. The main crux of this whole organization is giving value to the customers, giving value for their money.

An Edge Over the Pers

Syeda’s years of expertise and in-depth industry knowledge give Mustang an edge over its peers. Unlike other logistics companies, Mustang offers its services in two distinct categories: household goods and commercial goods.

In today’s modern era, people want a fast and all-in-one solution; support a company is looking for employee relocation; it also wants commercial relocation of its workplace. Mustang brings all the services under one roof at the most affordable range. Further, their commitment to exceeding client expectations with their end-to-end movement support has remained steadfast throughout their years in business.

Technology and Innovation in the Industry

In the evolving world of Relocations and Logistics, new technologies are transforming the field. Digital platforms and software solutions are speeding up and improving the efficiency of the process. Ms. Syeda and her team actively incorporate customers call technology into their process, helping clients get the status of their shipments and other information they need. Further, the company website helps the team stay accessible to customers.

Understanding customers and their distinctive needs is innovation,” as Syeda quoted. “Every client is unique and has a different thought process, so understanding their thought process as well as their requirements is everyday innovation,” she further added.

Syeda’s Distinctive Leadership Approach

A leader is about growing everyone together. According to Syeda, an ideal leader would concentrate on the knowledge, abilities, and contributions each person can provide to the company. Being a unique business leader, Syeda Parveen does not focus much about communication skills level or the native place of the persona while hiring. She looks for his or her skills and how passionate & calibre he or she is. Understanding the employees and what they want to do is a priority for the magnificent woman. She sees her team as an asset.

Fostering a Positive Work Culture

Syeda believes in maintaining an equal and approachable leadership style where she treats her employees with respect. According to her, every employee has some dream and to fulfil that dream should strive hard to achieve. Every person has a passion and the ability to work. At Mustang, each team member does their responsibilities well and gets what they deserve. The leading lady has successfully maintained an engaged and efficient team by fostering a great work environment and providing ongoing support to her team members and a platform where employees get feathers to explore there inner ambitious to succeed.

Milestones and Achievements

Since its inception, Mustang has witnessed consistent growth and success. While there have been hurdles along the way, the company has managed to overcome them under the dynamic leadership of Syeda. One of the most significant milestones the company has achieved is the huge number of happy customers and their positive feedback, where they shared their experiences about service and what they are getting from the Mustang Relocation—it is fantastic, outstanding, out of the box, and much more.

Corporate Ethos for Clients

Syeda and her team go in all directions to meet the expectations of the clients. The team educated and well research about other country’s requirements, rules and regulations, and market, to understand the requirements of what the customers need to do when they are moving from one country to another, and the proper documents requires at time of Customs clearance for both households and commercial movements to avoid any impact on the service and maintain long lasting business relationship.

Pearls of Wisdom by the Visionary Leader

Don’t think that you cannot change anything. You have the ability, and you have the courage; it’s just to put a positive note on your mind. Don’t get afraid, don’t get panicked, and stand on your own. No matter where you are from, nobody is going to see where you are or where you are from.

Your body language, your eye contact, your confident, your knowledge, your consistency in hard working —it matters. As you an employee coming up with new ideas, your self-belief, your calibre will help you to motivates to achieve your desires and it support in growing company towards achieving company’s set goals.

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