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Avertech Services Pvt Ltd

Avertech Services Pvt Ltd

An Innovative IT Venture by Jitendra Bauddha Offering Strategic Cloud Solutions

Technological innovations and advancements have reached numerous significant milestones in recent years. On the other hand, utilising all the technological advances at their disposal, the IT industry has advanced significantly, though not without assistance and support. Avertech Services Pvt Ltd is one of the many digital transformations and IT products & services conglomerates trying to create an impact for their clients.

Avertech provides end-to-end services like AWS cloud consulting, migration, deployment, and managed AWS servers and services at the most competitive pricing on the market. It creates brand-new experiences depending on the unique business needs and develops digital products end-to-end, including business analysis, design, QA, SEO, project, and sales management.

“Born in the cloud,” Avertech adheres to the principle of cooperating and growing together. Most eCommerce and other platforms shut down yearly due to poor architecture, security, cost, and performance difficulties. Due to COVID-19, this graph grew 10 to 25% more over the previous 16 to 18 months. During the pandemic, the Avertech team concentrated on understanding consumer pain points using the fundamental concepts of individual approach, teamwork, and innovations. Additionally, they collaborate to create a unique solution for the clients to meet their needs in the most affordable way possible.

Avertech was founded in August 2020, registered as an APN Partner in May 2021, and within 70 days, went from being a Select Partner to an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with a customer base of 30+. Any business would find it to be a fantastic accomplishment. Typically, it takes 1-3 years for any organisation to reach the advanced partner or customer level. As a result, it can be argued that Avertech is in an excellent position compared to others.

According to a report on cloud services, since the COVID-19 outbreak, demand for cloud-based solutions has grown significantly as a result of businesses adopting remote working models; however, many industries, including retail, manufacturing, BFSI, and others, have experienced a significant decline in their revenue during 2020.

When asked to migrate to the cloud a few years ago, customers were concerned about security. Everyone is working on updating their infrastructure and, wherever possible, moving their infrastructure or services from on-premises to the cloud. Customers are increasingly aware of and accustomed to cloud services, making it simple for tech companies to sell them cloud-managed services. According to the current situation, cloud services will significantly increase over the next two to three years.

The majority of clients, in my opinion, are searching for dependable and secure infrastructure that can cost-effectively deliver improved performance. If the business relocated its infrastructure to AWS, these crucial needs might be readily met. The infrastructure supporting AWS has practically every compliance that a customer may require.

We constantly work to create an infrastructure that satisfies the requirements of the WAS pillars and AWS Best Practices. Merely to share The AWS Well-Architected Framework, which has the following five posts: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, and Cost Optimization is a set of AWS Best Practices for building and running workloads in the AWS cloud.

Although Avertech has a comparatively small team, each employee has the experience and an in-depth understanding of the sector, which sets the company apart from competitors in the same space. There is a team of certified AWS Professionals who have a deep understanding of Solution Architecting. Kubernetes, Docker, CI/CD, Serverless architecture, CloudFormation/ Terraform, Well Architect and skilled in microservices.

The Projects Team will oversee the initial solution designing, deployment, and migration to AWS. When the project is live, post-migration support is finished, and our Managed Cloud Services team enters the picture after receiving the customer’s approval. The project or professional services team transfers internal knowledge to the managed services team, which subsequently looks after the customer’s infrastructure by the agreed-upon scope, including:

  • Change Management
  • Incident Support
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Services Request.

There is a separate team application for the management of analysis, design, QA, SEO, projects, and sales, which develops cloud-native applications based on client needs. Also, AWS Billing Management has a separate team that works directly with clients and routinely analyses customer billing based on numerous parameters. If the team discovers an abnormality, it immediately contacts the customer’s spokesperson and, after discussion, takes the appropriate action.

The journey for Avertech has been tremendous so far! With the help of its cloud-managed services, users may launch new services and improve existing ones while not worrying about supporting infrastructure. The company is currently preparing to adopt 2-3 AWS competencies with improved client acquisition and better exposure to different tactics for each sector.

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