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Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt. Ltd.

Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt. Ltd.

Bringing the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda to Provide Top-notch Herbal Remedies and Authentic Treatments

Established in 1987, Ayushakti Ayurved Pvt. Ltd. has been a trusted and renowned name at the forefront of Ayurvedic healthcare with its natural and holistic solutions for vibrant health. With a history spanning over 35 years, Ayushakti has gained global recognition for its excellent herbal remedies and ancient therapy methods.

Flourishing under the dynamic leadership of Vaidya Smita Naram and Ms.Hema Raney, Ayushakti has positively influenced millions of people’s lives globally and helped individuals from 108 different nations overcome a variety of chronic health issues.

Aspiring to offer the best value by consistently developing its herbal products, Ayushakti embraces innovation and provides exceptional health services. The company’s vision is to transform life on this planet by making it happy, healthy, and beautiful by applying proven ancient solutions. Aligned with its vision, Ayushakti has a clear mission statement. The goal of Ayushakti Ayurved is to collaborate in a professional setting to give their clients ten times more value. Ayushakti’s commitment is to go above and beyond in servicing their clients.

Ayushakti’s Product Portfolio

Ayushakti’s range of herbal food supplements and medications is one of its primary offerings. These herbal remedies have been meticulously created to accelerate healing while enhancing overall wellness. Ayushakti has established itself on a global scale in addition to serving the health needs of individuals. Ayushakti’s herbal supplements have been exported over the past 30 years to the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Russia, growing their market reach and impact across borders.

The Tale of Inception: How it All Got Started?

The story of Ayushakti Ayurved’s entrepreneurial path in business is one of passion, vision, and dedication. When Doctors Pankaj and Smita Naram began their studies in Ayurveda in 1980, they got an opportunity to study pulse reading with Master Babaji. The co-founders of Ayushakti, Dr. Pankaj Naram and Dr. Smita Naram, got married in 1983 and then went on to complete their management and pharmacy degrees while continuing to get training from the Master’s.

They established Dr. Pankaj Naram Herbal Remedies Pvt. Ltd. in 1987 using their skills and experiences; the business was eventually renamed Ayushakti Ayurved. Ms.Hema Raney is a significant figure in Ayushakti’s journey. She joined Ayushakti in 1997 as CEO and was motivated by a strong appreciation for Ayurveda and a desire to use her business acumen to increase public awareness of Ayurveda.

With 20 centers in Mumbai 4 in Maharashtra with 150 online consultation points worldwide and practitioners practising Siddha Veda globally, Ayushakti has developed tremendously over the years. Here, the vaidyas are skilled in offering and providing assistance via online consultation as well. Ayushakti will reopen a Goa centre that was closed during the pandemic in June 2023 as part of their effort to reach a wider audience. Over 150 clinics worldwide make up the company’s 108-country global presence. They have served 1.5 million grateful clients, and their success rate is an amazing 90%.

Industry Evolution Over the Years

The Ayurveda segment has seen substantial changes throughout time. One of the most important developments has been the rising acceptance of Ayurveda on a global scale, particularly during the COVID period. PPeople all across the world started looking for complementary and alternative forms of healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With its emphasis on healthy living, immunity-boosting techniques, and natural healing, Ayurveda has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. People became aware that Ayurveda provides a thorough method for treating illnesses, addressing their underlying causes, and boosting general health through nutrition, lifestyle modifications, detox therapies (like Panchakarma), and natural herbal medications.

With Ayurveda becoming more widely accepted and valued as a healthcare system, the Ayurveda field has undergone a considerable transition. The rising adoption and appreciation of Ayurvedic practices and ideas show a shift towards embracing organic, all-encompassing approaches to health and wellbeing. Ayushakti is an illustration of a company that has contributed to this shift and still aids in the expansion and recognition of Ayurveda on a global scale.

Significance of R&D –

Research is crucial to understanding the target clients’ needs and challenges. Through research, they engage with the patients, learn about their particular health issues, and pinpoint situations where they might provide useful Ayurvedic health remedies. The team’s implementation of the research findings occurs during the development phase. It entails putting research information into practise and coming up with creative ways to efficiently deliver health treatments.

Primary Advertising Strategies

The effectiveness of real outcomes and first-hand experiences is at the centre of Ayushakti’s primary advertising and marketing approach. Ayushakti promotes natural and holistic lives rather than just providing medicines. The success stories and client testimonies that highlight how Ayushakti Ayurved has helped people heal and evolve serve as potent endorsements.

Ayushakti Team and Work Culture: At a Glance

A team of highly skilled Vaidyas (Ayurvedic doctors) are experts at pulse reading, a diagnostic method that uses the pulse to help determine the underlying cause of health problems. This knowledge, along with cleverly conceived natural health services and detox therapies, is the basis of Ayushakti’s wellness philosophy.

At Ayushakti, the work culture can be described as supportive, promoting diversity, equality, transparency, a healthy work-life balance, and fun. They value diversity and have a team that includes members of different racial and religious backgrounds. The main emphasis here is on women’s empowerment. Transparency and clear communication are essential aspects of the work culture.

Milestones and Achievements Along the Way

Ayushakti’s commitment to authentic Ayurvedic treatments and the quality of their herbal products have been recognised through numerous internationally published research papers. Their exceptional retention rate is one of their proudest achievements, as it signifies that they have not only provided relief but also gained trust among the clients.

“Building on our achievements, our team has launched PATH (Practitioner Training in Ancient Healing Secrets of Siddha-Veda), our educational programme, with a mission to spread awareness of Ayurveda throughout the world. The fact that the effectiveness of Ayurveda is now being acknowledged and accepted on a global scale fills us with tremendous pride. We now have a team of more than 200 devoted individuals who are all committed to assisting others in achieving vibrant health”, asserted Ms. Hema Raney.

Future Roadmap – To Make Greater Impact on Communities

Ayushakti envisions spreading the advantages of Ayurveda worldwide and making it accessible to all. To achieve this, they have plans to get the brand into a private limited (Pvt. Ltd.) company entity. Through this change, they will be able to reach more people and have a greater impact, all while offering health care and additional employment opportunities. Their goal is to make Ayushakti’s authentic Ayurvedic therapies and remedies available to all, contributing to the well-being of individuals and communities around the world.

Words of Wisdom

Never forget that not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur. All of us develop and learn from our setbacks and mistakes. Always leave space for development, welcome constructive criticism, and, most importantly, never give up in the face of setbacks. Your biggest assets in creating a successful company will be your patience and tenacity.

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