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Bernard Arnault & Family- Person of The Month

Bernard Arnault & Family- Person of The Month

French business tycoon Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault is the founder, chairman, and CEO of LVMH Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the largest luxury goods company in the world. He also invests in and acquires pieces of art. With an estimated net worth of $208.1 billion, Arnault will be the richest person in the world as of March 2023, according to Forbes. His family is thought to be among the richest in the entire globe.

The age of Bernard Arnault is 74. It was March 5, 1949, when Bernard Jean Étienne Arnault was born in Roubaix. His mother, Marie-Josèphe Savinel, was an admirer of Dior. Her father was Étienne Savinel. His father, Jean Léon Arnault, a civil engineer and proprietor of Ferret-Savinel, received his education at the École Centrale Paris.

Arnault went to the Lycée Faidherbe in Lille and later the Lycée Maxence Van Der Meersch in Roubaix for his education. In 1971, he graduated from the École Polytechnique, France’s top engineering institution, and he immediately began working for his father’s company. Three years later, after persuading his father to concentrate the company’s efforts on real estate, Ferret-Savinel closed its industrial construction section and changed its name to Ferinel.

After acquiring a textile company and relocating its headquarters, the corporation renamed its real estate division the George V Group. Later, Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE), which later changed its name to Nexity, purchased the real estate holdings.

Bernard Arnault Family Business

Bernard Arnault is the Chairman and CEO of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE, commonly known as LVMH, a French multinational luxury goods conglomerate. As a result of the merging of Mot Hennessy and Mot et Chandon in 1971, which itself resulted in the formation of Louis Vuitton and Mot Hennessy, LVMH was created in 1987.

Bernard Arnault’s family is also involved in the business. His children, Delphine Arnault and Antoine Arnault, are both executives at LVMH. Delphine is the Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton, while Antoine is the CEO of the luxury menswear brand Berluti and the Chairman of the Italian luxury footwear brand Loro Piana.

Bernard Arnault’s father, Jean Arnault, was also involved in the business world as a manufacturer of construction materials. However, he did not have a direct role in the formation or management of LVMH.

Bernard Arnault Family Net Worth

As of March 30, 2023, Bernard Arnault’s net worth was estimated at around $216.3 billion, according to Forbes, making them the wealthiest people in the world. His family members also have significant wealth due to their involvement in LVMH and other businesses.

Delphine Arnault, for example, was estimated to have a net worth of around $38 billion in 2021, while Antoine Arnault’s net worth was estimated at around $25 billion. It’s important to note, however, that net worth estimates can fluctuate based on various factors, such as changes in the value of assets or investments

Bernard Arnault Family Ventures

Bernard Arnault’s family is primarily involved in the luxury goods industry through their connections to LVMH. However, they have also been involved in other ventures and investments. For example, Bernard Arnault’s son Antoine is the Chairman of the board of Carrefour, a French multinational retail corporation. In addition, the family has invested in various technology startups and real estate projects.

In 2016, Bernard Arnault’s family acquired a majority stake in Princess Yachts, a luxury yacht manufacturer based in the United Kingdom. They also reportedly own vineyards and other agricultural properties in France, as well as several properties in the United States, including a mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

Overall, while their primary focus is on luxury goods, the Arnault family has diversified their investments and interests over the years.

LVMH Revenue

Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) is one of the top luxury organisations in the world and the parent company of 75 luxury brands. The global revenue of LVMH increased steadily during the previous ten years, topping 53 billion euros in 2019. After fully recovering from the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2022, the group’s revenue increased by nearly 77 percent over 2022, totaling 79.2 billion euros for the year.

Bernard Arnault Company Products

As the Chairman and CEO of LVMH, Bernard Arnault oversees a conglomerate that owns a diverse range of luxury goods brands across various sectors, including fashion, leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, and wines and spirits. Here are some examples of the products that LVMH brands offer:

Louis Vuitton: luxury handbags, luggage, leather goods, shoes, accessories, and ready-to-wear fashion.

Dior: luxury fashion, perfumes, makeup, skincare, and accessories.

Fendi: luxury fashion, handbags, shoes, accessories, and perfumes.

Givenchy: luxury fashion, accessories, and perfumes.

Bulgari: luxury watches, jewelry, perfumes, and skincare.

Sephora: beauty products, including makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances.

Moët & Chandon: champagne.

Hennessy: cognac.

TAG Heuer: luxury watches.

Belvedere Vodka: premium vodka.

It’s worth noting that LVMH brands are known for their high-end, luxury products, and are often associated with exclusivity, craftsmanship, and quality.

Bernard Arnault 70 Brands List

Bernard Arnault’s LVMH conglomerate owns over 70 brands across various sectors, including fashion, beauty, watches and jewelry, wines and spirits, and hospitality. Here is a list of some of the major brands owned by LVMH:

Fashion and Leather Goods:

Louis Vuitton
Marc Jacobs
Emilio Pucci
JW Anderson
Loro Piana
Acqua di Parma

Perfumes and Cosmetics:

Benefit Cosmetics
Make Up For Ever
Parfums Christian Dior
Acqua di Parma
Givenchy Beauty

Watches and Jewelry:

TAG Heuer
Tiffany & Co. (acquired in 2021)

Wines and Spirits:

Moët & Chandon
Veuve Clicquot
Dom Pérignon
Château d’Yquem
Belvedere Vodka


Cheval Blanc

This list may not be exhaustive and LVMH’s brand portfolio may change over time.

Top Richest Person in The World

  1. Bernard Arnault & family-$218.9 B
  2. Elon Musk-$190.6 B
  3. Jeff Bezos-$120.4 B
  4. Larry Ellison-$114.2 B
  5. Bill Gates- $107.6 B
  6. Warren Buffett- $105.3 B
  7. Michael Bloomberg- $94.5 B
  8. Carlos Slim Helu & family- $92.6 B
  9. Steve Ballmer- $87.5 B
  10. Larry Page- $87.3 B

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