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BSA’s Due Diligence: Paving the Way for $500 Million in Funding Success

Bhavya Sharma and Associates (BSA) has established itself as a premier professional business consultancy for almost a decade. Renowned for its commitment to excellence and a client-centric approach, BSA has distinguished itself in the fiercely competitive consultancy landscape.

Fund Raise Due Diligence Expertise

BSA’s expertise in fund raise due diligence has been pivotal in securing over $500 million in funding for its clients. This achievement is especially notable in the Indian startup ecosystem, which witnessed a total investment of $10 billion in 2020 alone, despite global economic uncertainties.

BSA’s role in this vibrant landscape is critical, offering end-to-end assistance with a 100% success ratio in fund raise due diligence, ensuring seamless navigation through this crucial phase for startups and established enterprises alike.

End-to-End Compliance Services

Beyond fund raise due diligence, BSA provides comprehensive compliance services, ensuring companies not only secure funding but also operate within legal frameworks and meet regulatory requirements, a necessity in India’s complex legal and regulatory environment.

Here’s what BSA offers:

1. Incorporation Assistance: In India, starting a new venture involves navigating a labyrinth of legal requirements. BSA simplifies this process, offering invaluable support in incorporation, handling paperwork, registrations, and compliance checks.

2. Secretarial Compliance: With India’s emphasis on corporate governance to ensure transparency and accountability, BSA’s secretarial compliance services are essential for companies aiming to adhere to legal requirements and maintain good governance practices.

3. Legal Compliance: The Indian legal landscape is known for its dynamic nature, with regulations that evolve rapidly. BSA acts as a legal navigator, keeping businesses compliant with current laws, thus safeguarding against potential legal pitfalls.

4. Financial Compliance: Financial integrity is paramount for any business, more so in India where financial discrepancies can significantly deter investor trust. BSA’s expertise in financial compliance ensures accurate financial reporting and tax compliance, crucial for sustaining investor confidence.

5. Intellectual Property Compliance: In the innovation-driven Indian startup community, protecting intellectual assets is critical. BSA’s comprehensive intellectual property compliance services ensure that trademarks, patents, and copyrights are not only registered but also enforced, protecting valuable innovations.

Company Name Designation
AMS Legal Ashwinkumar | Mukil Founder and Partner
Bhavya Sharma & Associates Ms Bhavya Sharma Founder
Effectual Services Amit Goel Director & Co-Founder
Intellect Juris Law Offices Navneet Momi Managing Partner
Jotwani Associates Dinesh Jotwani Founder & Managing Partner
Kapoor & Company Gitanjali Kapoor Managing Partner
Krishnamurthy & Co. Naina Krishna Murthy Founder & Managing Partner
Legatio Legal Divesh Sharma Advocate
Oberoi Law Chambers Gagan Oberoi Founder
Roots Cyber Law Firm Adv. Ranganath | Adv. Chinmayee Partner

Praise for BSA

BSA’s professionalism, integrity, and results-driven approach have earned it acclaim not just from clients but also from industry peers. Its role in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in India has been particularly praised, with BSA’s services aligning closely with the needs of the Indian startup community.

Bhavya Sharma and Associates continues to be a beacon of excellence in business consultancy. With a deep understanding of the Indian market and a commitment to driving success for its clients, BSA, led by Bhavya Sharma and supported by a dedicated team, is poised for even greater achievements in the future.

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