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The NGO sector is quite a significant part of nation building. Such ventures are integral partners in bridging the gaps, cultivating inclusivity, and driving positive change through the society based on their altruistic alignment. The commendable initiatives taken by NGOs immensely endorse and lay a strong groundwork for sustainable development and progress of the country.

In view of the above premise, Bhumika Foundation’s story happened to become our focal point as the way it has transformed lives is truly remarkable and needs to be globally acclaimed.

Under the mentorship of its founder and director, Rehabilitation Psychologist Dr Vishal Ganar, the NGO continues to create ripples in the lives of people struggling with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism We were literally amazed to discover their contribution to the lives of such individuals who are overlooked by society.

In talks with our team, Dr Ganar who is a highly respected rehabilitation psychologist walked us through the impact his foundation has ensured since its inception.

The concept behind Bhumika Foundation

Located close to Mumbai surrounded with luscious greenery and hill, the organization is a happy paradise for specially abled adults. Bhumika Foundation strives to create an impact that is worth many praises.

It has a serene environment for adults struggling with intellectual disabilities, autism, Down syndrome, and a myriad of neurological disorders. Steeped in dedication and driven by a profound commitment to enhancing the lives of those with special needs, this rehabilitation center stands as a testament to the transformative power of neuro-rehabilitation.

Here, a team of passionate individuals embark on a journey of healing, employing, therapeutic consultation, social communication strategies, and behavior modifications to guide patients towards newfound independence and empowerment.

Yet, amidst the triumphs lie challenges, none more daunting than the task of navigating through episodes of aggressive behavior, sleep issues, sexual issues etc. Undeterred, the foundation invests tirelessly in 24/7 training programs, equipping inmates with the tools and techniques needed to overcome these hurdles.

But the journey doesn’t end there. With a steadfast focus on holistic development, Bhumika Foundation extends its reach to offer pre-vocational skills training, instilling in its wards the invaluable capabilities of money management, basic communication, and navigation through daily life.

For these individuals, the road to integration into society is paved with resilience and fortitude, and the foundation acts as their guiding light, nurturing their growth and fostering a sense of self-sufficiency.

As they navigate through the realms of pre-vocational training, Bhumika Foundation doesn’t merely stop at the basics; rather, it extends a hand towards proper vocational training and business development aligned with market trends, ensuring that its wards not only find their place in society but also thrive within it, contributing meaningfully to their families and communities alike. In essence, Bhumika Foundation isn’t just a center; it’s a haven of hope, where dreams are nurtured, barriers are shattered, and lives are transformed.

Meet the changemaker

Dr. Vishal Ganar is a distinguished rehabilitation psychologist who underscores the significance of societal understanding towards adults with intellectual disabilities. In his two decades of expertise in enhancing the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum, he always emphasized on the transformative potential of strategic training in creating independence among this demographic.

He is always concerned about a major challenge existing across Indian society which is the prevailing lack of awareness about autism and other Intellectual disabilities and the ignorance often leads to misconceptions, superstitions, and societal stigma surrounding autism. This eventually hinders the potential of individuals’ improvements.

In view of this, Dr. Ganar advocates the diverse nature of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), wherein individuals may exhibit varying degrees of severity. Tailored planning and assessments are imperative to facilitate the acquisition of life skills by autistic adults. Bhumika Foundation emerges as a pioneering force in this endeavor, offering residential training programs aimed at empowering autistic individuals to lead independent lives.

Through its compassionate approach and dedication to skill-building, Bhumika Foundation has witnessed tangible success in redefining the trajectories of autistic individuals towards greater autonomy and fulfillment.

When asked about his mission in reference to his venture, Dr Ganar reveals, “We aim to establish an ecosystem for people with intellectual disabilities such that rather than being considered a ‘burden’ on this society, they could be dignified by being the contributors to nation building and live a respectable life. The goal is to eradicate the social stigma around this subject and create an impact at the ground level.”

Making a difference

The foundation operates on a research-driven model, where a comprehensive rehabilitation framework stands as the cornerstone of their achievements. In the present day, the foundation extends its reach to 45 countries (especially in Europe) offering guidance support to individuals without any financial expectation.

Committed not only to the wellbeing of affected individuals but also to providing guidance and assistance to their families, the foundation accelerates the healing process. Notably, the foundation’s impact metrics reveal that over 150 individuals have benefited, achieving not only personal recovery but also gaining the means to support themselves and their families. Their contributions to this marginalized demographic have garnered recognition, with even the former Health Minister of Maharashtra commending their efforts.

The future roadmap

At last, before putting an end to the conversation, Dr Vishal Ganar shared a visionary outlook for the individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. He states that his venture holds promise and potential, rooted in the belief that with appropriate and strategic training, every person on the autism spectrum can lead a life of independence and selfsufficiency. He envisions a great future where barriers in this path are dismantled to bring change to people’s perspective.

This outlook is all about the transformative impact of tailored interventions and support systems. By equipping individuals with ID and Autism with the requisite skills, knowledge, and resources, they can not only thrive in various aspects of life but also contribute meaningfully to society.

From gaining employment and managing businesses to fostering personal growth and autonomy, the horizon is boundless. With the right guidance and encouragement, individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism can transcend limitations, embrace their unique abilities, and chart their course towards a future brimming with possibilities, where they flourish with minimal external assistance.

Strategic Training can make them Independent to lead their life independently like any other so called normal individual.


• Maharashtra Ratana Award, 2023
• State Award, 2017-18, Govt. of Maharashtra (Contribution in Rehabilitation of patients with drugs and alcohol addiction)
• National Excellence Award, 2019, Rajasthan: Disability Rehabilitation
• Vocational Excellence Award, 2020, Rotary Club; Navi Mumbai
• Best Top Ten Institute for Autism Training in India selected by silicon India, 2022
• Maharshtra Maza Puraskar, Mental Health, 2023

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