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BI InfoTech is a leading MR (Market Research) Operations & Technology firm, catering to institutions ranging from large organizations to budding entrepreneurs, helping them meet their client & project requirements.

The services they provide include Data Collection/ Survey Programming, Data Visualization / Custom Dashboarding, Mobile Development, Cloud Base Development, Automation, and AI & ML.

After completing sixteen successful years in jobs on different profiles with different companies, Mr. Rupinder Singh Bedi, Founder, and CTO of BI InfoTech, decided to pursue his passion of creating a company that focused on innovation and custom development for clients. BI Infotech prides itself on constant and cutting-edge innovation.

Some of the real-world corporate issues that the company helps solve for its clients are:

  1. Quick Start Development: Helps to reduce the time invested in long processes of client’s documentation, approvals, meetings, etc and swift start development based on client requirements with rapid turnaround, managing all other parts at their end with highly trained resources.
  2. Latest Technology: As a technology partner, clients get ensured the use of state-of-the-art technology. This works to reduce investment on upgrading technology at the client’s side.
  3. Stay Focused on Core Business: Businesses have limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. BI InfoTech helps clients stay focused on their core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions.
  4. Control Costs: Helps clients to convert fixed costs into variable costs and allows them to budget effectively. In other words, they only have to pay for what they use as and when they need it.
  5. Round-the-clock Support: As the products and services are offered internationally, the clients get benefits of their 24-hour customer support.

The clientele for BI InfoTech includes all major Market Research Companies in India are like Nielsen, Kantar, IPSOS, Matrix Lab, Aeon Research, etc. Additionally, they work with international research giants like Toluna, Impact Research, Ethnos, etc.


There are three typical models on which BI InfoTech works:

  1. Break-fix: BI Infotech responds to problems, support requests, or distinct projects, and charges for the work done. BI bills hourly, and sells a bank of hours at a discounted rate, or quotes a flat rate for the project. BI also works on the typical break-fix model and adds a monthly “retainer” type fee which helps keep a proactive engagement.
  2. Managed Service: This is their more common business model, as a technology provider, it allows them support on automation, remote response, and regular monitoring. BI charges a flat monthly fee, in exchange for which it is responsible for managing and supporting the client’s IT infrastructure & development. The monthly fee is usually based on
  • The number and complexity of components (servers, the network itself, security requirements, Android Development, Cloud Development, etc), and
  • The scope of services/support included (Market Research Services, Could & Mobile Development which can be on-site support, after-hours support, etc)
  1. SaaS Model: Hybrid in their case is the approach that combines a Software As A Service (SaaS) solution with a cloud-based software application.

BI InfoTech works on a Hybrid software distribution approach for their product line like Connect Survey, Panel Management, Field – Project & Quality Management Services.


To prepare for what’s next in the industry, BI InfoTech has plans to delve into Artificial Intelligence technology, which shows incredible promise for the future:

  1. Analyze text from across channels: Most of us can’t keep up with our emails, let alone manually review hundreds of thousands of open-ended survey responses, social media comments, and contact-center call logs. AI allows you to dive into those millions of words and emerge with an understanding of what your customers think, feel and want with powerful text analysis. With natural language processing and sentiment analysis running automatically across tens of thousands of pen text comments, you can see trends clearly and understand the prevailing sentiment, all in real-time. It takes an incredible ability to gather data and helps you actually process it and take action.
  2. DY Dash: DY Dash is the one-stop tool to organize the data in a tabular format with easy-to-do customization quite quickly. It enables you to slice and filter the most complex tables that best fits your needs in a cost-effective manner.
  3.  AI – RQC (Resource Quality Control): It specifically identifies the duplicate respondents who have taken the survey earlier from the same machine. AI-based Digital fingerprinting detects and flags the machine whenever the user takes the survey and if repeated flags it out. It has the unique ability to identify multiple Cpanel accounts from different research firms on the same computer. Suspect respondents are flagged in the system and, based on business rules, are either allowed, redirected or completely filtered out of surveys in which they attempt to participate.

BI Infotech is working on Mobile-based applications, which work or capture data both ways, active and passive. Users will install the app and open to select the program from the user guide and start monitoring the ads with their database of audio figure printing. Their apps will then integrate with Smart Monitoring, gamification apps and location technology backend.

BI InfoTech helps to track individual TV, video, and radio advertising exposure, and then link it with the user’s brand opinion, ad recall (surveys), store traffic (Geo-tracking) and purchases (1st & 3rd party data), creating a unique and much more rigorous dataset of TV and cross-media advertising effectiveness than previously available.

Our media monitoring tool automates this process of TV ad verification. By using their Mobile based software, they can do away with the costly staff and let the program do the work instead and gain a significant competitive advantage over other media monitoring companies.

In the last year, BI InfoTech has grown with a rate of one hundred percent. BI has not only retained old customers but has also added to its number of satisfied customers.

BI InfoTech has also increased its customer base in London with successful participation and recognition at Cloud Expo, London in 2019.

The tech firm now plans to explore and invest in AI Technology related to Market Research, Health Care, and Advertisement Industry.


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