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BizMobia Software Pvt Ltd – Conceptualizing your ideas into technology

BizMobia Software Pvt Ltd – Conceptualizing your ideas into technology

Written by – Mehak Malhotra 

From products to services, the software industry is invincibly diversified into various aspects. It helps in forming a credible business model for the organizations, enhancing their technological requirements. It proffers a wide range of products and services to companies. While there are many platforms rendering software services, we are going to shed a light on the work of an illustrious company, aiming the business growth with creative design and development to deliver market-defining and premium solutions.

BizMobia is a resolute firm diversified into FinTech, AdTech, CRM, order management, etc. It provides exclusive customized products to serve enormous industries. The company has an abundance of services like software development, mobile application, digital marketing, internet product and services, mobile value-added services, and software maintenance. It is well-versed in various other facets like easy credit management system, eWallet, digital ticket solution, salon and spa business management solution, food & grocery delivery business solution, and more. With years of hard-earned expertise of skillful professionals, the team works closely with clients to build, run and leverage solutions that elevate businesses.

Adtech works in shaping a contemporary approach towards viewership of ads and customer engagement.

Salon & Spa business management ensures an automated process to manage customer profiles, promotions, booking staff, inventory. It economizes the cost of salon brands and results in the advancement of resources.

Easy Credit is a simple approach to get immediate finance for shopping, buying policies. This product is a next-level customer financing approach.

eWallet renders a platform that presents a futuristic layout like xboarder transactions and bitcoin-ready products.

Food and grocery delivery business solution manages the entirety of the value chain of the delivery business.

Digital ticket provides a profusion of digital marketing services for various businesses like movies, sports events, etc.

The CEO and Founder of BizMobia Digital, Mohammad Kalam begin his entrepreneurial journey and founded the esteemed organization in the year 2017. He gives heartfelt credit to his mentors, Pradeep Rao and Kevin who gave wings to his ambitions and always stood through thick and thin.

BizMobia’s valuable proposition
The company takes all the valued feedback provided by clients into proper consideration. To deliver a top-grade service is one of the most eminent propositions of the firm. They provide incessant support until the work is approved by the client. NDA and SLA are signed and stringently followed by BizMobia. The team arranges well-timed follow-ups with clients to ensure maximum satisfaction with the service provided to them. By holding on to such viable propositions helps in creating a staunch clientele for the company. With the earnest hard work of the entire team, the firm has managed to sustain a relationship of faith and loyalty with its customers. The company moves with the vision to provide products with robust technology while keeping the cost-efficiency in-tact. It flourishes to become the one-stop destination that converts an idea into technology.

Modernization in technology
For every organization to sustain and grow in the industry, technology holds paramount importance. It is cardinal for every firm to keep up the sync with technological advancements. BizMobia, the team proficiently works to innovate and make the services and products convenient for the users.

The company also gives credibility to the valuable feedback provided by clients. They make sure that the clients are assisted persistently by the team.

Besides, keeping up with technological upgrades, the firm also procures vigorous R&D to innovate futuristic solutions. The department works effectively to impart new techniques to escalate the growth and outputs. It is imperative to sustain a team of diligent employees working methodically to bring a unique perspective.

Structured strategic planning
The only means to ensure systematic planning is to follow up on the process regularly. The company executes various ways to support well-structured strategies. Some of them are highlighted ahead :

  • Accomplishing weekly targets and quarterly goals on time is inevitably essential. The team makes sure to do so.
  • They conduct weekly meetings and conferences to analyze if all the departments are running well. It helps in a better comprehension of the company’s workflow.
  • The firm also lays focus on individual goals. Attainment of personal goals eventually results in the escalation of the company and meeting the set objective.
  • Reviewing meetings, and keeping a tap on customer expectations is efficiently checked by the team members. At BizMobia, each employee is concerted towards functioning as per the market trends and safeguarding client satisfaction.

Nurturing employee productivity
Productivity increases when the employees are treated as a family. The employees need to believe in the company as their family members and work for growing it together. Productivity and growth of the firm are all because of the members of the family, is the philosophy that encircles the company throughout.  The leaders in the organization firmly believe that nourishing each employee’s evolution is equally important. Creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for the team results in securing a remarkable position in the company. Their independent productivity will only thrive them to do better and discover new ways of implementing work.

Integrity, Empathy & Humanity
“Integrity, Empathy, and Humanity” are the three pillars of BizMobia’s core values. Individuals embracing these emotions are welcomed in the company with open hands. The work culture followed in the organization is legitimately professional. The firm is shaped by stern rules but not in a way that restricts any employee to put their concern forward. The teammates are liberal to share their valuable opinions without hesitation or timidity. The company adheres to the notion of perpetuating a favorable environment for the employees where they can be cordial towards one another and help to grow. For any business to go well in the long run, it is most important to stay united in the journey. Only by exploring new techniques together, we can acquire success in a true sense.

Laying future pursuits
With the right guidance of the CTO of BizMobia, Motiur Rehman, and his brilliant team, the firm has served over 35 countries with 70 deals in a short span of 4 years. Likewise, they strive to achieve the company’s future prospects with the same consistency and dedication towards work.

Financial technology is the potential future and the enterprise aspires to secure an impressive place in this world. The company also considers Bitcoin as the pioneering currency and endeavors to be a part of the journey in the near future.



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