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Enhance Productivity of Distributed Workforce

Written By- Indranil Roy

As the novel Coronavirus came into existence while enforcing a ‘new-normal scenario’ across the world, the mandated ‘work-from-home concept became a topic of national-level discussion. Though the transferring of workforces from office cubicles to dining tables has been the talking point since the Dotcom Bubble of 1990, ‘work-from-home’ scenario was rekindled by the chaos caused by the global pandemic. With the distributed workforce across diverse geographical locations, comes different opportunities and risks.

In this regard,  companies across verticals are substantially adapting the social media tools to stay connected and collaborative. However, these platforms often lack a secured and streamlined process, jeopardizing data security and compliance. Companies need an integrated platform, having secure messaging across hierarchies, workforce tracking, data collection and other skill development aspects, encircled with an unbreachable parameter. A revolutionary breakthrough, ODIGOLIVE is a well-calibrated messaging platform that strives to enhance the productivity of a hierarchal and distributed workforce in organisations.

The platform simplifies connectivity between field executives and supervisor/ manager via innovation. It is an innovative offering of a Bengaluru based tech-startup- TalentBridge Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Devised by a team of ‘smart cookies’, the platform is focused on the vision, “Simplify the life of every field representative via innovation.”

ODIGOLIVE was launched in the market to address an immediate impediment – managing the distributed workforce. Supervising a bunch of people while tracking their performances and productivity, is definitely no cakewalk. Affluent use of social media platforms creates pathways to breach of confidentiality. Moreover, making people comprehend and implement change is a tough nut to crack.

ODIGOLIVE, for its out-of-the-box concept, has steadily made its presence in the relevant domain with the rising concerns of data privacy and confidentiality among companies. It’s structured and secured way of collaboration and hierarchical communication, with field force, are the keys that make ODIGOLIVE stand tall amongst others.

ODIGOLIVE’S MOTTO: “Empower your distributed workforce”
While Email is acknowledged as the best platform for formal communication, in some sectors, wherein the team is not sitting at the same place, emails are gradually been replaced by instant messaging for immediate action. ODIGOLIVE makes its prominence by ensuring ‘Instant collaboration’, between field execs and their respective managers through chats and share images, documents, query resolution, error correction and so on, enabling the company to have optimal productivity from field operations.

The platform also has a ‘Drip learning module’, that helps in educating field execs and keep them updated. The hierarchical communication allows the flow of data between the manager and subordinates in an aspired manner without any deluge of data, which eventually improves productivity.

Every innovative concept is a combination of two ingredients – Ingenuity and Technology. ODIGOLIVE is empowered, by tech geeks and seasoned professionals, but it was 5 specialists, who shaped ODIGOLIVE into what it is today.

PREETHI SUBRAMANIAN (Senior Manager, Operations):
Preethi has been responsible for overall operational excellence and she has been a precursor contributing to the growth of the company. She looks after product delivery to ensure consistent and exponential growth in the business prospects.

GAURAV DUA (Associate Director- sales):
With 10+ years of enriched sales experience in Domestic and International market, he has been instrumental in shaping the growth trajectory for ODIGOLIVE. He looks after all the sales operations for both Domestic and International Market for ODIGOLIVE.

AJAY AGARWAL (Asst. Vice President, Engineering):
Owing to his 19+ years of extensive experience in product/project management and software development, he has significantly contributed to the success of ODIGOLIVE. As a leader for Engineering/Technology team for the past 8 years, he has been the driving force behind the evolving journey of ODIGOLIVE.

PAVITHRA MH (Technical Team Lead: ODIGOLIVE):
Pavithra has been the ‘techie behind ODIGOLIVE’ who has been associated with the company for the past 6 years. Her diverse experience in software development has allowed her to develop ODIGOLIVE as a cutting-edge SaaS product.

SANKHADEEP DAS (Technical Team Lead):
With proficiency in managing Enterprise Messaging, MLM & CSM applications, Sankhadeep contributes to configuring & maintaining different application servers, overseeing different AWS services, and a lot more that helps ODIGOLIVE in improving its scalability and user experience.

“ODIGOLIVE was developed, after identifying the pain points of companies in managing their distributed workforce”, declares Ajay.

Technology is constantly evolving and the current mantra of success is “Adapt to the changing technologies”. Advancements like Cloud Computing, Data Management, ML & AI are the current trends for translating unique and innovative ideas into effective solutions – to address business challenges. Following this mantra, The team has focused on exploring new possibilities & new technologies to provide augmented solutions. Its flagship ODIGOLIVE has been parallel to these trends, for product development while ensuring Application scalability & Application security as the core. “Our technology-driven ideology encourages us to explore and adopt new, effective technologies”, comments Pavithra.

The Company takes accord of stakeholders’ feedback and after a thorough analysis, it’s fitted into ODIGOLIVE. The Company has a well-defined quality process team, whose meticulous efforts helps in making the product more secure and robust. The entire OWSAP and ISO 27001 principle is followed in ODIGOLIVE’S development process for quality assurance. “Keeping ourselves open to suggestions – contributes to evolution, simplifying our operations and building productivity”, acclaims Gaurav Dua.

ODIGOLIVE’s efforts and business motto is a suitable reflection of how it treats its workforce. The company’s focal point lies in building an enthusiastic culture, where people express their views, live upon core values, and help individuals nurture leadership qualities. Every individual has the freedom to think beyond and take responsibilities that propel their leadership abilities. The leaders too take part in nourishing the employees.

Most of the leaders started at ODIGOLIVE from ground level and now, are leading their own teams. This critical ability comes from individual appetite to learn more and more.“Learning is a continuous process, which helps our team to compete in this evolving market trends”, says Sankhadeep Das. The Company also conducts knowledge sharing sessions and training from experts, to keep its resources updated and ready for everything.

The COVID-19 crisis has been a period of uncertainties and the whole world is still battling against it. In such chaos, businesses are constantly struggling to recover and regain their strength. For ODIGOLIVE, the lockdown was a period of self-enhancement. While being confined at homes, the entire team invested in product enhancement and shifted to Remote Work – the ‘New Normal’. Within 20 days, they brought up a video conferencing/calling feature, which eventually became their steppingstone.

“Being a diversified company, during this pandemic, our team got distributed over different parts of the nation. In this adverse situation also, as a team we all stood together and worked towards a common goal’”, acknowledges Preethi Subramanian. The quick action and development – was possible due to the team’s commitment and their optimistic approach of identifying an opportunity in a time of uncertainty


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