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Software Engineering is the systematic application of engineering approaches to the development of software. Engineering techniques are used to inform the software development process which involves the definition, implementation, assessment, measurement, management, change and improvement of the software life cycle.

“Software is a combination between artistry and engineering” Bill Gates

Beginning in the 1960s, software engineering was seen as a struggle. It was difficult to keep up with the hardware which caused many problems for software engineers.

Today we are having with us a leader of utmost importance Mr. Tanveer Patel, Founder and CEO, BLUEBENZ DIGITIZATIONS PVT. LTD. His inclusive leadership style lends credence to treating all employees with equivalent empathy. His positive approach towards every different opinion, pushes them to see the same thing from a different shade of glass, is wonderful and concluded in the formation of this elegant read.

The Journey for BlueBenz started in 2016. It has its headquarter in Pune, Maharashtra. The inspiration for it rose from allotting and combining domain knowledge with technical know-how, including diverse digital breakthroughs. At BlueBenz, they believe in giving an insight – from concept to design, which breaks the shackles of traditional Product Engineering.

It is the seamlessness to welcome new ideas and exploit them in all advances of end-to-end product development. They are a team of talented and passionate individuals crafting software solutions for the new-age digital world. Since their inception, they have delighted their customers across the globe by providing world-class quality through their digital products and services.

Their philosophy is centred around three key features: –

  • Technology – They have a deep-rooted technical understanding of modern, cutting-edge technologies and various digital advances to deliver a wide range of solutions and software products.
  • Expertise – Their domain knowledge and diverse technical expertise help in delivering cutting-edge solutions by combining deep business process knowledge.
  • Innovation – They invite new ideas and leverage innovations in all aspects of end-to-end product development outsourcing for their customers and business partners.

They have a team of experienced, innovative and collaborative people having 20+ years of expertise in building enterprise solutions. Their technical team consist of passionate and diligent technical experts and engineers who are experienced in research, design, technology and engineering. A brief account of their portfolio: –

  • Product Conceptualization and Prototyping.
  • User Experience Engineering.
  • Product Design and Development.
  • Product Modernisation.
  • Product Re-Engineering.
  • Data Engineering.
  • Analytics and Reporting.
  • Enterprise Mobility.

“When we craft solutions for our customers, we cannot forget our employees as they reflect our core brand value. “It is of utmost importance that we ensure everyone is on the same page. Ensuring two-way communication is eminent when we want everyone to be on the same page,” stresses Tanveer

Bluebenz genuinely asserts themselves as the leaders in their trade. They enable customers to see their problems churn into solutions via the proprietary method and use the same methodology to ideate solutions. This modus operandi makes them distinct and makes a strong impact on customer satisfaction.

Talking about the business model, they follow something called Ideative Product Engineering. Bluebenz start with consulting and finish it with building solutions, thereby ensuring that they cover the end-toend needs of their consumers through tailor-made solutions.

Based on time-honoured principles of enhanced sustainability, reusability, cost-reduction, scalability and efficiency of enterprises, they have customized offerings to handle the product engineering ops of businesses. Bluebenz have created quite a good number of blueprints of various ideas in building products and solutions for their clients merely by getting inside the skin of the idea.

They nurtured product ideation by conditioning it and transforming it into a reality by measuring feasibility and identifying business opportunities that proved beneficial for its partner. Tanveer asserts, “We have a 360 degrees validation approach which has helped us emerge with the best product concept at an early age of product life cycle”.

“When a company takes the time to invest in R&D, they get a huge influx of knowledge. This is what makes Intel so amazingly successful: Their R&D all boils down to useful knowledge that the company can use – to further develop its main product lines. R&D exists to gain knowledge, not as an entity in itself” Tanveer Patel

At BLUEBENZ, they believe in upskilling themselves all the time and never losing the curiosity to learn new things. Therefore, they ensure that everyone who works at Bluebenz has skill-based training that they can choose from every financial year. Employees get involved from product ideating to the development stage to grasp the entire product life cycle.

They try to inculcate the decision-making spirit and the spirit of entrepreneurship within their employees. There is no concept of hierarchy or any glass cabins to keep them apart. “I have noticed that this kind of culture inculcates a sense of responsibility within the employees, and they want to work because of the trust you show in them, and not for anything else,” opines Tanveer.

“Technology is fast-moving and is either adapting or disrupting industries. So, if you are not on board, then you have already started sinking. Nowadays, everyone has to ensure that they are not only updated with times but sometimes ahead of it as well. It is also equally important to keep yourself updated with the trends,” shares Tanveer.

Bluebenz started in 2016 with only two employees and small office space. Today, they have more than 40 employees with offices spanning across India and the US. Bluebenz have come a long way in crafting inspiring experiences that engage their clientele and building a solid base of customers at the same time.

“Stay on the ground and up-to date in your areas of work, always strive to deliver value to your customers. Aim to build longlasting business relationship than short sited engagements”.

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