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Leading the Transformation of Broking Services and Establishing Higher Work Standards

The real estate broking services industry has faced significant global stigma for various reasons. One prominent factor is the history of unethical practices that have engendered distrust among the public. Over the years, there have been numerous cases of brokers deceiving customers by misrepresenting property details, manipulating prices, and taking advantage of unsuspecting individuals.

These incidents have greatly damaged the reputation of the profession as a whole and fostered a sense of mistrust among consumers. Breaking the mould of this disorganized industry, BrokerInBlue emerged in 2009 and has revolutionized the field with its meticulous and organized approach to serving clients. As a modern real estate brokerage and affiliated services company based in Bengaluru, BrokerInBlue specializes in both commercial and high-end residential properties, while prioritizing customer-centricity.

We had the privilege of engaging in a thought-provoking discussion with Mr. Manjesh S Rao, the Founder and Director of BrokerInBlue. Similar to many others, Mr. Manjesh encountered a transformative event during the economic downturn, which compelled him to reassess his path and strive for meaningful change. Embracing the opportunity, he embarked on a full-time role as a broker, which ultimately propelled him on an entrepreneurial journey, leading to his success as a distinguished business leader in the industry.

Without further ado, let us delve into this enlightening conversation. The moment of realization leading to the inception of BrokerInBlue dates back to 2008 when Manjesh ventured into the broking industry. He was confronted with widespread substandard practices that had become the norm, characterized by a lack of value proposition, unethical dealings, and a limited understanding of client needs.

This prevailing scenario had created a negative perception of the real estate sector, further exacerbated by unreliable and opportunistic operators. In the midst of these challenges, the emergence of property portals offered a glimmer of hope, but they ultimately failed to deliver on their promises. It became evident that a significant transformation was necessary to address the shortcomings in the industry. Driven by a strong motivation to bring about positive change, Mr.Manjesh took the bold initiative to establish BrokerInBlue.

Let’s explore the portfolio of BrokerInBlue:

With a collective real estate expertise of over 100+ years, the BrokerInBlue team is well-equipped to provide a comprehensive experience for clients looking to buy or sell properties. The team’s primary focus is to prioritize customer needs and ensure that their requirements are met to the best of their capabilities. Additionally, BrokerInBlue boasts a significant inventory in the upscale residential sector of Bengaluru.

As a contemporary realty firm, BrokerInBlue strongly upholds its core principles of transparency, accountability, longevity, and, above all, client centricity. These principles are not merely empty words but are consistently put into action on a daily basis. The firm believes in striking the perfect balance between traditional and technology-driven practices to effectively address customer concerns and overcome challenges in the real estate industry.

Service Portfolio:

BrokerInBlue specializes in luxury home buying, selling, and renting, offering dedicated expertise in these areas. Additionally, they provide a comprehensive property management service, covering all aspects of property maintenance and management.

This includes tenant management, routine maintenance, security, pest control, interior design, rent payments, and more.  By working with trusted agents and partners, BrokerInBlue ensures that properties are well-maintained and operating smoothly around the clock, all at fair and transparent pricing.

Noteworthy Achievement:

When reflecting on significant accomplishments, Manjesh emphasizes the value of the connections and supportive network he has established. The relationships formed in daily interactions bring him immense satisfaction and set the organization apart.

“The individuals we associate with treat us like extended family, which is truly rare in any other industry.” Over time, Manjesh has earned a reputable status in the broking industry, with influential figures regularly seeking his assistance for their property needs. Through his venture, he has successfully instilled his vision in his team, resulting in excellent service provided to a diverse clientele. The impact his team has made in the industry and the strong customer relationships they have cultivated stand as significant milestones in his career.

What’s up for five years down the line?

The founder discloses that the organization’s goal is to establish steady growth while keeping customer centricity as the primary focus. In today’s thriving digital age, incorporating sufficient technological support into our processes has become increasingly important. This approach will guarantee a seamless experience for our customers and demonstrate our commitment to transparency.

Before concluding the conversation, the leader highlights the open-door policy for client feedback, encouraging clients to contact Manjesh directly with any input they may have. This exemplifies Manjesh’s inclusive leadership style that he has embraced since his early entrepreneurial days. He bids farewell with a concise message for the readers, emphasizing their commitment to responsible brokering and asserting that choosing BrokerInBlue ensures a reliable and trustworthy experience due to their unwavering dedication to customer-centric business values.

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