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MSMEs and SMEs Appoint Budhaaditya as their Virtual CFO to get more Visibility and Reduce their Existing Business cost

While motivation is the catalysing ingredient for an entrepreneur, it’s the digital platform that creates a better outreach. In the business sphere, building sustainable trajectories or new dimensions, without an online presence is a largely strenuous job. On another hand, the manual process to manage the financial aspects of a Company is quite back-breaking. Ingenuine innovations of the 21st Century has made the world increasingly connected.

Virtual CFOs are one of the evolutionary services, propelling and streamlining growth of Companies. Leveraging on digital technology, it provides unlisted companies with the opportunity to increase visibility. Also, it facilitates companies with effective financial support and disbands the commitment and cost of a full-time CFO. Virtual CFOs also helps business strategise their operations to optimize their outcome. It helps business owners take control of financial requirements, streamlining the accounting function through cloud accounting, and incur reports on business progress.

Buddhaaditya Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is an emerging name in virtual CFO solutions. It provides unlisted companies and LLPs an opportunity for online expansion by listing the entity in their portal. Along with that, its virtual services include back-office support regulatory compliances, financial consulting at cost-effective prices.

The seeds of Budhaadityawas planted, by Mr Vishnu Agarwal (CFO) and Mrs Suman Agarwal (COO). The couple carries a deep understanding of the capital market and financial aspects. Mr Vishnu had an illustrious career spanning over 13 years, in the capital market, which built his expertise in several areas of marketing and finance. He is an alumnus of London Business School and contributed to leadership roles in several Companies before Budhaaditya. Contrarily, Mrs Agarwal is a practising Chartered Accountant, with 9 years of expertise in the field.

During his last tenure as an investment banker, where his responsibility was to find companies in the unlisted space and present them before various Investors and Investment bankers, he found the task very difficult due to lack of organized data. “There were no such platforms where I could find the data related to the unlisted space in an organized manner”, confirms Mr Agarwal. He started working on his idea of Budhaaitya, but unfortunately, was struck by, the pandemic.

COVID-19 rose out of the blue, disrupting and shaping a new way of life and everything else. Business graphs dropped and companies from all segments incurred losses. People across the planet were locked in homes, struggling for new ways of sustenance. However, people persevere; shortly, they shifted to survival strategies and opted for solutions to reduce cost.

One such innovative solution was compliance and administrative cost, which later became the stepping stone of Budhaaditya. Where many leaders faced desolation, the period presented Mr Vishnu the opportunity of a lifetime. Budhaaditya’s Virtual CFO platform reduces 50% of its clients’ business expenses. It eliminates roles of brokers in case of fundraising, aiding in saving clients’ money. Unlisted Companies can recruit them as their Virtual CFO and they will handhold new paths of progression, by reducing expenses while increasing their visibility.

Clients will enjoy an outstanding exposure as the portal has a diverse visitor base that includes investors, investment bankers, professionals, research house, customer, vendors, industry leaders etc. Visitors, on the other hand, get free access to the master data, and details of owners of more than 20 lac companies and 1 lac LLPs that are registered in India.

“We are the only company in India that provides Virtual CFO services with the additional service of visibility”, proudly asserts Mr Vishnu. SMEs and MSMEs play an invaluable role in the country’s GDP. Not only because they open doors to employment, but they are also the face of innovation. However, they don’t get the deserved recognition or visibility, which eventually limits their growth. For such challenges, Budhaaditya creates solutions that add value to their growth as well as society.

The platform contains data for unlisted companies and LLPs that are categorized according to varied industries, states, etc. Other features include:
• Availability of financials and modellings
• Company profile with details of charge created
• Presentation of Management outlook
• Display of products and services
• Single window for all compliances
• Outsourcing of work
• Automation of workflow

The platform is built upon adept technologies, that enable clients to connect with the Company and get status reports. It has advance screening feature that helps to filter and search the desired company. Enlisted Companies have individualised dashboard containing everything from overview to financials, products and services. Visitor analytics help clients understand the traffic on their Company’s page. Financial Companies are separately displayed for a better understanding of the investor community. The page also contains short interviews with client’s management, which are available under the ‘Management commentary’ section.

Virtual CFO is a prolific and cost-effective solution that helps business owners devise new areas of growth. Despite being a new player, Budhaaditya is growing at a good pace and providing holistic growth to myriad unlisted organisations. Due to its visitor’s network amongst varied communities, many potential SMEs and MSMEs have acknowledged increased lead generation and customer acquisition.

Their back-office support helps clients take care of settlement clearances, record maintenance, accounting and regulatory compliance. Budhaaditya also helps in fundraising. Whether its IPO or private placement, the platform fosters fundraising from both sources – Equity or Debt.

The Company aids in Mergers and acquisitions. Since it adds considerable value and uniqueness to clients, Budhaaditya seeks out the right partners for individual businesses. Also, the platform provides clients with business plans that can shape the innovators’ thoughts and goals into a structure. Their services further extend to deal assistance i.e. liaisoning with potential customers, acquirers, targets and collaborators. Lastly, Due Diligence & Valuation – he Company carries out an in-depth investigation, verification and audit before entering into a transaction, as a part of their operational integrity.

Despite being new, Budhaaditya has made hasty growth. It has accommodated a goal-oriented team, who are integral to its efficiency. The collaboration between everyone has helped the Company feature almost 100 Companies in its portal. Within a year, Buhaaditya has thrived its business across 10 Industries. Also, it has introduced the ‘Atmanirbhar MSME video series’, which consists of video interviews. The first featured video was with, the BSE SME head, Mr Ajay Thakur.

Overcoming the challenges of 2020, Budhaaditya has put several landmarks while building potential for sustainable developments. In the next three years, Budhaaditya is setting the pitch, to become – a pioneering social media website. By the end of 2021, the Company aims to interview 100+ promoters across diverse industrial verticals.

“India is ushering towards an era of evolutions, where MSMEs will be the integral contributor. As such, I’d urge aspiring companies to come forth with their plans, and build ways for reaching out to people beyond connections. Join us, register with us and let us cover this journey together”. – Mr Vishnu Agarwal.


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