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Sushruta Surgicals Private Limited

Sushruta Surgicals Private Limited

Creating An Impact Through Impeccable Services

Sushruta Surgicals Private Limited is a supplier of medical and surgical devices operating from Bhubaneswar in Odisha. Sushruta has its hands in one of the most impactful industries of the world, an industry which is recognized as the backbone of the healthcare system. Medical devices and equipment play an essential role in helping doctors analyze and monitor patients.

This broad industry develops all manners of devices, from diagnostics and medical imaging machines to surgical instruments. Sushruta is committed to provide complete solutions and enhanced care quality to patients as well as caregivers. The organization has shined in the industry for nineteen years now, owing to its premium quality instruments and world-class post-sales service.

In the medical and surgical equipment industry, India has established a strong foothold. Out of the $72.6 billion dollar industry value in the Asia/Pacific, India contributes to a significant 6.9 per cent of it. The $5 billion industry is set to grow further in the future, and India is looking at a chance to become a potential supplier to the entire world.

With India’s prospects blooming, it follows that Sushruta Surgicals is on the path to exponential success as well. The organization has carved a niche for itself in the field, collaborating with the most renowned companies in the market. Headquartered in Odisha, Sushruta Surgicals offers various products such as Operation Theatre Equipment, Diagnostics Equipment, ICU Equipments, NICU Equipments, and Modular Operation Theatre.

Spearheaded by Gopal Agrawal, Managing Director, Sushruta has excelled in the medical equipment field for almost two decades. The organization has expanded its clientele considerably in the recent years, an accomplishment credited to its core business ethics, superior surgical solutions, and fair dealings. Committed to working with the healthcare sector to improve outcomes for humankind, Sushruta supplies equipment focused on performance and safety throughout the continuum of care.

From Diagnostics to Modular Operation Theatre, the organization has unmatched instruments that make healthcare better in all aspects of it. Considered as an integral part of the reputed traders and suppliers in the healthcare industry, the organization provides complete emergency clinic arrangements as well.

The organization is directly serving more than 1500 clients in the entire state with the significant clients like Kims, Sum, Apollo, SCB, Neelachal, NTPC, MCL, HAL, IGH, Vedanta, Nalco, TRL, IOCL, Shanti Hospital, Samaleswari Hospital and thousands of individual specialists and small nursing homes.

The arrangements supplied by Sushruta Surgicals are sourced from esteemed manufacturers that guarantee quality. They work in a state of harmony with the set business standards. Striving to align with values like compassion and gratitude, honesty and integrity, cooperation and collaboration, work ethics and personal responsibility and respect, and trust, Sushruta has set itself apart.

“We dedicate ourselves to our customers, our suppliers, and one another, with one common goal in mind: to effectively distribute products and services to the healthcare community.”

Driven to make healthcare better, Sushruta moves ahead each day with due diligence and care.

Mr. Gopal Agrawal, Managing Director of Sushruta Surgicals Private Limited, is a family man with a spouse named Radhika and a 12-year old son, Sourya Agrawal. Mr. Agarwal actively associates with social organizations like Rotary International, business networking organizations like Utkal Chamber of Commerce, and so on.

Having completed his graduation from Sambalpur University and a number of online and offline courses under his belt from reputed institutes such as Manipal University, IIHMR University, University of Michigan, International Business Management Institute of Berlin, Germany, Charter University, etc, Gopal is an avid learner. He has an extensive experience of over eighteen years in the field of medical devices and equipment.

His philosophy in life is: “Success may be described as the realization of an aim and for the realization of any aim hard work is essential. Hard work helps us to develop our potential to the maximum and strive for excellence in any field.”

Other Key personals in board are Mr. Suresh Agrawal (known as industry veteran since last 24 years) , Mr.Pradip Saha ( Chartered accountant by education ), Mr. Chetan Agrawal (Chartered accountant by education) , Mr. Kishan Agrawal ( B-Tech Engineer) , Mr. Mukesh Agrawal are mainly from different professional background and working together with common goal.

Presently, the corporate office of Sushruta Surgicals is located in Bhubaneswar. The organization has its presence in all over Odisha, with plans to expand the business in the adjoining states of Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. Their ultimate goal is to be recognized across the entire country, i.e., establish its presence throughout India.

“We would like to introduce ourselves as a one stop shop for all kinds of medical equipment related solutions. We at SSPL are committed to the highest quality and standards.”

Being in a business directly linked to the health and well being of people pertains to the fact that SSPL shoulders more responsibility than most businesses. The organization thus never compromises with quality and ensures an unflinching dedication to provide the very best to its clients. “All life is precious,” and in addition to adhering to the highest standards and best quality equipment, Sushruta’s core principles also include Quick Response, Fast Delivery & After-Sales Support. In order to implement the core values of the organization, Sushruta has a team of well-qualified engineers working dedicatedly to provide service back up to the sales team.

Sushruta Surgicals Private Limited also aims to become the most ethical and sought after provider of Medical and Surgical equipment in East India’. By meeting customers’ product needs quickly and efficiently and offering best quality customer service, products and information, the organization plans to grow and expand as the most reliable supplier in the industry.

The associate units of SSPL are currently dealing with many leading medical equipment companies’ like SKANRAY, STRYKER, SAMSUNG, CARL ZEISS, AMT, HORIBA, MEDIQUIP, ZEAL MEDICAL, TECHNOMED, BAJAJ LIFE, etc.

The organization has proved its merit in the industry and has been showered with many awards, including Top 50 Worldwide Healthcare Companies from IFAH, Dubai and India’s Top 10 Medical Device Supplier award from Industry Outlook.


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