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These two exclusive pages of our brand new edition depicts the fascinating success story of an independent and privately held enterprise that is leaving an exclusionary mark in the global supply chain market, with its goodwill and professional acuity.

The name is Buoyancy Impex that possesses a diverse product portfolio with major grades, sub-grades and forms of bitumen, base oil, sulphur & fertilizers, all under the same roof and delivers these to its vast clientele dispensed across the globe.

Intrigued by the company’s outperforming journey in the respective field, we decided to feature it in this special edition. Our team had a productive conversation with the Managing Director of the company, Arpan Agarwal, where we came across lots of undisclosed particulars that will  be revealed in this article.

Being the leading face of the organisation, Arpan Agarwal has directed and supervised the company’s transition from plinth to paramount, and will be assuring it with radiating future prospects owing to his unequalled professional acumen. “I am always impassioned to make a significant contribution to this Corporation by being in this position and take immense pride to be a part of an amazing and highly reputed team,” expresses Arpan.

The exclusive journey for Buoyancy Impex to make a difference began in 2005. Carving its unique identity as a leading and eminent name that is accredited for the procurement and exports of avidly utilized petroleum derivatives and fertilizers, the exceptional enterprise is leading footprints in upstream, midstream and downstream markets at various levels— be it global, regional and territorial. It has been accredited with ISO certifications– 9001:2015 , 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 that speak for the company’s high- service standards
and quality offerings.

They are always determined to ensure the clients with an exhaustive selection as well as world-class post sales services. Keeping their ethical principles at the forefront, they are proposing, attaining and delivering the apposite business value to the clients. The effective amalgamation of experience, network, facilities and technical acumen has been instigating revolutionary waves in favour of offering a refreshing experience to their valued customers.

Team Buoyancy takes immense pride to have established a robust and gigantic client- base, with conducting operations in over 32 countries while witnessing an exponential growth. What allows them to maintain their un- faltering name as one of the top industry players is their seamless, insightful and modern experience for their customers, that has been backed up by intelligence and guidance of industry veterans.

Undeniably, their exclusiveness has been imparting them growth in leaps and bounds. But having established itself as a prominent petroleum trading corporation was definitely not all about roses and rainbows. Forging ahead with grit, determination while ensuring transparency, reliability and quickdelivery to the clients, allowed it to chisel a stable position in the International market, in spite of dodging a fair share of ups and downs.

The zealous and committed efforts of the company’s core management and technical team with extensive experience in procurement, material handling, logistics & operations and documentation, have allowed them to extend their wings across several continents today. Owing to its diverse network, the company has successfully levered into regional organizations to be directly accountable to the end-consumers alongside being absolutely
focused on rendering matchless value and high- quality products, conveyed Arpan.

Buoyancy Impex has quite a note worthy clientele that includes governments across the globe, industrialists, trading companies and end-users from sectors such as Agriculture, Construction, Automobile, Paper & Pulp, Lubricants, Pharmacy, Food, heavy industries, etc. In the upcoming years, they aspire to witness a tremendous expansion in their customer base.

When asked of the vision of the company, Arpan elucidates that they avidly participate in and primarily focus on the market where they can make a significant contribution or those are meaningful to them in true sense. Moreover, their alignment with the innovative solutions allows them to stay ahead of the game. Impassioned for excellence, team Buoyancy doesn’t settle for anything less then perfection.

The company has proposed an exclusive mission to become ‘one and only’ industry player in the relevant space. In this direction, they have developed a strategic planning to ensure apposite advances in terms of its objectives, revenue, profitability, and credibility. The inclusion of the company’s matchless values has entrusted the clients with the best-in-class services effortlessly. Their firm belief stating performance with purpose is their key differentiating factor, making them stand apart from the rest.

There are several aspects that make the company stand out of the crowd. A few of those worthy mentions have been enlisted below-

  • Experience – With 15 years of enriched, extensive experience and expertise in the respective industry, they are revolutionizing the businesses splendidly.
  • Cost-effectiveness- Each and every product offered by them is tirelessly researched, before delivering to the end consumers to ensure them with the lucrative outcomes.
  • Quality Assurance- There is no question at all when it comes to the quality. The company’s sheer involvement with top-notch international laboratories grants the customers with contentment in terms of product and services. Being an organisation that has a catchphrase— ‘make a customer, not just a trade’, it has owned a reputation of an enterprise that treats customers’ perception with utmost sincerity.
  • On-time delivery- Team Buoyancy is absolutely focussed on its turnaround tactics concerning its supplies and always fulfils its promise to meet the deadlines.
  • Reliability- The core principles that have been the guiding light to the company since its inception, are clarity and transparency. These values are deeply embedded in every level of their business operations that have grabbed eyeballs across business fraternity.

With nearly ‘one and half decade’ old captivating legacy, the company has hit the crescendo of success such, that could have only been imagined. Offering more than expected values to the clients via their agile business model, Buoyancy Impex has attained greater heights. At present, the company is celebrating 289M $ Sales generated for its services and 7.3% of increment in Market Share.

Moreover, the company’s Annual Trading Volume has reached up to 42,370 MT. Having completed more than 432 projects for over 182 clients across 32 nations, Buoyancy has raised the bars of service standards in the industry and will keep doing so in the years ahead.

As a parting note, Arpan wanted us to convey some inspirational words from his end to our adored readers by stating, “ “ Hard work, dedication, consistency and being good to people in your organization does wonders to any business. It does matter!! Keep churning your actions with adamant efforts till the cream of success rises to the top.

Your reputation and integrity are worth much more than your pay check and position. Thereby, never compromise with these aspects.” ”


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