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Calling 24o7

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The ITES and BPO services market in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.63% during the period 2018-2022. The domain has been one of the major contributors to the burgeoning service sector, thereby leading to a growing economy. The sector has been dependent upon a few factors and market trends that has helped it gain the momentum. One of the elements in the market is rising cost pressure to maintain in-house IT systems. Globalization has resulted in labor arbitrage, which shifts business processes to less expensive locations. Labor arbitrage is regarded as one of the prospective benefits of business process outsourcing and knowledge process outsourcing processes.

Companies that incorporate an outsourcing strategy need not invest in resources or worry about handling their limited available resources. Outsourcing of data analytics processes helps them gain access to skilled talent and advanced analytics technologies in another country with the maintenance of a lean workforce. With the changing business demand, companies are increasingly outsourcing services to the ITES and BPO service providers to gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace. Organizations are increasingly outsourcing their services, as the present market conditions require speed and agility to deliver services.

There is one major challenge in the market that pertains to lack of effective communication between client and vendor. Vendors need to effectively communicate with their client to deliver the service in a timely manner. Technical communication in outsourcing contract between client and vendor is required to reduce outsourcing risk and build trust. ITES outsourcing projects in India cannot be successfully implemented if vendors fail to provide the required services. Communication is required at various stages of ITES service delivery systems to avoid system failures and provide backup and recovery facility.

In order to provide the apt outsourcing solutions, new BPOs keep emerging in India with a vision to yield better solutions than others. Calling 24o7 is a burgeoning BPO on a mission to provide excellent and befitting service wherever needed.

A wide range of domains

Calling 24o7 was established in 2003 with a focused view to providing result-oriented solutions for their client companies. Starting off with the insurance sector, the company gradually forayed into seven other sectors over the next decade, including auto motives, banking and finance, real estate, health care, retail and telecom. Their growth trajectory has been paradigmatic and heartening.

One thing the company vouches for is its commitment to the clients which has been clearly defined from the outset, apart from ensuring value for the client’s time, money and trust. So be it maximizing their Returns on Investment or ROI, taking care of different BPO functions, Contact Care abilities and carefully analyzing data to predict market trends, Calling 24o7 has helped several top notch companies achieve cost-effectiveness  and high quality customer care through tailor made solutions

With its client base spread out across different sectors, it chose to adopt a horizontal growth approach rather than depend on a single sector. In the decade that it has grown exponentially, its focus has remained multi-pronged and has geared it up to cater to different industries. The company is working with a purpose to catalyze business growth by improving profitability and reducing business process costs. It wants to establish itself as a Global name and is looking to have at least 100 Successful customers across all verticals. It wants to be the prime factor behind the growth and fulfillment of customers and employees by synthesizing talent, technology and best contact center practices.

Clients that lead the market

The need for a set up like 24o7 was keenly felt at that point as there were lots of grey areas that companies needed clarity and support. That’s where Calling 24o7 came in and supported them in their quest for growth and ensured that their investments came to fruition. Mr. Ranjit CEO says that Calling 24o7 has three components to its DNA-Technology, People and Processes. All three are important, all three are non-negotiable.

“So whatever we do, we make sure we are the best at it. We appreciate that each customer expects a happy experience every time they call-as they rightfully should-no matter how exacting or onerous the task. Our Contact Center goes that mile extra not only in the establishment of newer relationships, but also reinforcing the existing ones. When the customer is happy, brand loyalty is a given. To that end, we integrate the right applications, infrastructure and services to meet specific ends. Recently, we have entered the zone of data analytics, all the better to complement our existing services. This helps us understand their Go to Market; which promotional campaigns are working or not working and what needs to be leveraged to advantage,” he elaborates.

“Our core strength lies in the fact that several clients have been associated with us for years in a row. Our clients gel with our team and share a positive relationship with them. We associate with different brands for strategy and Go to Market. We ask our analytics team to review and share a detailed data analysis for their marketing and business support apart from facilitating a good customer experience each and every time. Plus we make it a point to conduct organizational need analysis (ONA) to understand each client’s Go To Markets and where exactly we can deliver. With this kind of sincerity, our relationships sustain over time,” he points out.

The organization works towards the growth and fulfillment of both its customers and employees by combining talent with technology.

Equipped with a young and vibrant team, Calling 24o7 has created a lively work culture that its employees find intellectually stimulating and rewarding. Adding value to skill-sets with continuous training and mentoring, it focuses on ongoing development in a nourishing environment that benefits employees to explore growth beyond boundaries.

Being a culturally vibrant and socially participative organization, Calling 24o7 also organizes fun-filled activities that help promote brotherhood and collaboration and regularly conducts events, activities and cultural programs aimed at bringing warmth and joy into the lives of the needy people in society.

Meet the seasoned CEO – Ranjit P

With over 15 years of expertise in the world of Contact Centers and BPOs, Ranjit is able to look at the larger picture: visualizing the bigger goal without losing out on the nitty-gritty.

His steady and resilient approach of understanding the needs of clients have equipped him in coming out with the best practical solutions for the clients. A keen observer, he quickly grasps his client’s needs. As head of the Strategy & Service Delivery, his main focus is to ensure that his clients are competitive and successful in their industry. He understands customer service modalities across industries inside out and therefore has innovative ideas of improving the customer satisfaction index. As someone who has been on the Panel of MCCIA – IT Committee (2012) to address the problem areas of IT infrastructure requirements for IT/ITES SMEs, his credentials are impeccable.

“When agents know and understand their contribution to the company’s success, they take pride in their work. When employees are proud of the work they do, they enjoy coming to work. When employees enjoy their work, their positive attitude is reflected in their customer interactions. When employees are happy, customers are happy”, says Ranjit P.

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