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Cliffex Software Solutions

Cliffex Software Solutions: A Growing India Based Software Studio

Software and mobile app development are two of the trending verticals that show cumulative growth rates and opportunities in the field of IT. Every day emerging technologies are giving birth to new software for designing and developing websites and mobile applications. And since, the digital platform is an innovative way to connect with the world it is highly employed in organizations.

However, even in such a world of technological advancements companies due to misdirection and lack of technical knowledge often face challenges in digital product development. Henceforth, it is highly recommended that entrepreneurs are given proper guidance and knowledge of the changing market trends and show them the path to success. This market need gave birth to “Cliffex Software Solutions” – an innovative software studio that focuses on designing and developing mobile applications and websites for entrepreneurs in both national and international markets.

The Company And Its Inception Story

Cliffex Software Solutions is a modern software studio that provides end to end web and mobile software development services to entrepreneurs and enterprise companies throughout the world. The company got its footing in the platform in 2015  with the help of two brilliant individuals Sidharth Sankh (Founder) and Ashutosh Singh Rawat (Co-founder) in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Products built by the company have spread their reach across 1.5 lakh digital platform users. Many entrepreneurs over the globe use their methodologies of design, development, Operations, and testing of modern web and mobile applications to build their digital products. The company is an expert in providing attractive UI/UX designing with industry-leading technology to create quality products that are cost-effective for present and scalable for tomorrow’s needs.

A Glance On The Curators Of The Establishment

Mr.  Sidharth Sankh has completed his education from the Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences. The talented creative magnet is an experienced digital product designer with a demonstrated history of working with world-class products in the information technology and services industry. He has supreme skills in User interface and user experience design for mobile and web applications.

On the other hand its Co-Founder Mr. Ashutosh Singh Rawat holds a degree in Radical Innovation Program and Innovation Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and further incorporates invaluable experience in many important echelons of an organization like innovation management, digital transformation, marketing and communications, mobile and web development.

Contributing To Growth Towards The Startup Ecosystem The industry is filled with innovative curators and if Given the right resources and direction can create a magnum opus of their own. Cliffex Software is aimed to aid in this segment by providing end to end consulting and delivery of world-class mobile and web applications in India and abroad.

Their experience showed them that many entrepreneurs have great ideas and capabilities to build innovative businesses fail due to a lack of technical knowledge and new product development know-how. Other factors also include falling into the traps of inexperienced freelancers or development firms that deliver low-quality services without thinking strategically about the product viability or user experience.

Based on this knowledge The company has incorporated its experience in product strategy, digital design, quality development, and robust testing into an accessible service for entrepreneurs. The company has also ventured upon a very talented team that they have nurtured to the limit where they can bring great ideas to life in a well-architected and scalable manner.

Endeavors That Show Their Strength And Endurance

For any company finding the right manpower is one of the biggest challenges. The same has been faced by Cliffex Software. The company constantly works in the areas of design and technology that are ahead of the market curve. Hence, it has welcomed a talented team with good knowledge of software engineering fundamentals to whom The company gives good training and exposure through internal proof of concepts, rigorous testing, and R&D initiatives.

Two of the few cases based on this theory is Google Flutter and Serverless Technology. Google Flutter is an ‘open-source UI’ software development kit created by Google and it was bound to bring evolution in the domain. Hence, it was very necessary and endeavoring to find the right candidate for the job. The same was found in the case of serverless technology as they had a hard time finding individuals with any live development experience in serverless technology.

But The company didn’t give up rather through their training fundamentals and hardworking workforce Cliffex Software has deployed apps using Flutter, node.js & MongoDB available live on the app stores and Serverless technology from which    are reaping cost and scalability benefits. For references, this is the same technology used by the likes of innovative behemoths like Netflix and Uber.

Clientele Base In A Variety Of Domains

The company has worked with many national and international magnets but currently, they are involved with Kroo Sports – US-based sports fan engagement platform engaging thousands of users with its Android and iOS apps, Indiefolio – Mumbai based company with a web platform for finding and hiring India’s best creative talent and Skootr – India’s No.1 Chain of Managed Offices & Co-Working Spaces based in Gurugram.

Incorporating A Focused Work Culture And Enthusiasm Towards Recreation

Cliffex Software has a strength of more than 40 experienced team members that helps them deliver international quality software products. The company banks on 2 important attributes to cater to employment. The first is –

Attitude: Cliffex Software started attracting problem-solvers since an initial stage. Candidates are employed after screening their self-interest and accountability towards work and are given a free environment where they can nurture their talent for problem-solving.

Hard Work: “Hard work is the key to success” – John Carmack. Cliffex Software has taken this quote a bit too seriously and therefore, they engage their employees into endeavoring tasks which eventually gives the team their chance to show their talent. The company orients endeavor as the path to growth and hence, always expect their employees to hold a high standard of work.

Ahead in the road, The company provides every opportunity to be a professional who excels in his/her work profile. Further, they have a work from home policy and Flexi-timing so that team members can maintain the balance between work life and personal life. Not just this, employees enjoy lunch parties and team building events every quarter. The young and energetic team often enjoys Table tennis sessions, coffee from Café Coffee Day and an unlimited supply of snacks, and breakfast items like cereals, bread, butter, jam, etc.

Growth And Prospective Initiatives For Future

Cliffex Software highly favors incubating emerging technologies. For the year 2019-20, they are focused on working in projects in the field of Web motion graphics, Machine learning, IoT, Native-Hybrid app development, and GraphQL. Also, Cliffex Software is looking forward to launching projects in a variety of verticals like hospitality, healthcare, and local discovery and further tends to progress with projects in the field of augmented reality, gaming, and machine learning


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