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ClinicSpots is now NABH Accredited India’s leading healthcare tech company is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare services

ClinicSpots is now NABH Accredited India’s leading healthcare tech company is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare services

ClinicSpots is a leading healthcare tech company established to revolutionize the healthcare service segment through emerging technology solutions digitally. The key offerings of ClinicSpots include a healthcare Q and Ans platform, a medical value travel vertical, and amplifying India’s pool of medical acumen, talent, and skills globally through our digitally innovative platform.

ClinicSpots has raised an undisclosed seed round led by Hyderabad Angels and JITO Angel Network plans to utilize these funds to enhance own technological capabilities those of  healthcare systems of hospitals in Africa, South East Asia and other source countries

Today, it is India’s rapidly growing health Q and A platform which attracts nearly 6,00 000 visitors monthly and responds to an increasing number of queries. Our teams of top and dedicated medical experts are available 24×7 to resolve online queries and assist patients keen to travel to foreign countries for treatment.

ClinicSpots is accredited by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) as a Medical Value Travel Facilitator. NABH standards highlight patient safety and the quality of the delivery of services by hospitals in the changing healthcare environment.

Mr. Pankaj Srivastava, Founder of ClinicSpots, states, ‘I had a clear vision when establishing the verticals of ClinicSpots, viz. Q and Ans platform is on the lines of Quora for medical queries and assistance. Going forward, we also set up our medical tourism platform to cater to foreign travelers arriving in India for medical treatment. And lastly but not least, we have been able to boost the presence of talented and well-qualified surgeons and doctors available across India through our digital platform.’

He adds that he was keen to set up a direct connection between the patients and the doctors and hospitals sans any middlemen, a move which the hospitals welcomed as they wish to emerge as a transparent provider of medical treatment and healthcare services. Going forward, he is confident ClinicSpots will emerge as a responsive platform for resolving patient queries, fortified with a repository of medical knowledge and a well-connected medical and healthcare services network.

Ms. Prerna Srivastava, Co-founder & Director of ClinicSpots, states, ‘I am elated to see how ClinicSpots has shaped up. In 2019, we operated from a small office with just 5 employees; while currently we are operating a team of 65+ young and agile members. Although we are still in the incubation stage, I am confident that we will emerge as a dynamic healthcare company with diverse offerings.

Ms. Vishaka Goyal, Co-founder and Business Head of ClinicSpots, further adds, ‘I am elated to see ClinicSpots emerging as a strong and resilient contender in the medical value travel segment. Today, we are confident and better equipped to face market disruptions and challenges and with the GoI’s Heal in India campaign, we are confident of our performing capabilities and determined to make India the most preferred medical tourist destination globally, along with ClinicSpots as a preferred medical value travel partner.

Ms. Mayuri Bhagat Naik, Co-founder, states, ‘My role in ClinicSpots has been very challenging and interesting, and I am very happy with how we have evolved online considering the dynamics of digital marketing and online space. I am looking forward to making ClinicSpots highly visible and attracting a voluminous flow of online traffic with decent ROIs. With the inclusion of AI-enabled technology, we will be empowered with competency, accuracy, and scalability to handle the rising confluence of online traffic.’

Through an angel investment round, Hyderabad Angels, who has invested in ClinicSpots, is very positive about its performance and states, “ClinicSpots is poised for stupendous growth as one of India’s premier digital entities in the healthcare segment. We expect the ClinicSpots Q and Ans platform to deliver a robust performance through enhanced visibility and online traffic. Moreover, its NLP-AI enabled Q and Ans platform is far superior in comparison to other healthcare portals and very responsive to visitor queries.”

Also, JITO Angel Network, synonymous with early-stage angel funding, has invested in ClinicSpots and is hopeful about its growth projection.

ClinicSpots has received funding and encouraging support from eminent doctors pan India who willingly share their perspectives here – 

Dr.Harikiran Chekuri (MCh – Plastic Surgery) founder of Redefine Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery Center, Hyderabad, and an investor in ClinicSpots states, ‘ClinicSpots is an engaging intuitive platform that not only delivers medical responses but provides an opportunity to connect with doctors globally. ‘

Dr Sandeep Nayak, Director of Surgical Oncology at Fortis HospitalBangluru, founder of MACS Clinic, Bangluru and an earnest investor in ClinicSpots, states, ‘I foresee immense potential in medical value travel in the near future coupled with the innovations in digital platforms, it is now possible to integrate healthcare in a better and effective manner for optimum deliveries.’

Noted surgical oncologist Dr Donald Babu, Program Director – Robotic Surgery at MGM Hospital, Navi Mumbai, and also an investor in ClinicSpots, states, ‘I have been associated with ClinicSpots since its early days and have observed its evolution and transition to what it is today. ClinicSpots has substantially made progress in MVT, and I have confidence in their potential for future growth.’

We are well connected with almost all accredited hospitals in India, including Fortis Hospitals, Max Healthcare, Wockhardt, Manipal Hospitals, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani, Narayana Health, Apollo Hospitals, Lilavati Hospital, Bloom IVF, Medanta Hospital and many more. These hospitals are known for their top-class medical treatments in cardiology, orthopedics, organ transplant, oncology, aesthetic surgeries, gastroenterology, and so on.

ClinicSpots is rapidly emerging as a one-stop search platform for medical tourism. Apart from India, we have added new destinations such as Turkey and will soon add Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, Mexico, and Malaysia.

Overall, medical value travel in India has proved to be a success story, benefiting patients, the healthcare industry, and the country’s economy. Undoubtedly, India has emerged as one of the top destinations for medical tourism in the world, offering high-quality medical treatment at affordable prices. We hope that our tech-enabled, scalable, and intuitive verticals will occupy a strategic position in the global healthcare segment in the near future.

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