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CLOUDSTRATS has brought a Breakthrough Revolution in IT with its Exceptional Services

Information Technology is a substratum, and its presence has occupied a leading stature in almost every domain. De facto, it’s hard to imagine a world without it. Cloudstrats, a giant company, is bringing a breakthrough revolution in the IT sector with its dynamic services. Under the aegis of Piyus Kanti, the Chief Executive Officer of Cloudstrats, the company propels commendably in the entrepreneurial space.

Headquartered in New York, Cloudstrats is a global solution and managed Services Company. The Company is helping customers to innovate their Digital Transformation journey with Automation, Analytics and AI. Cloud enablement, driving Digital Transformation, optimizing Cybersecurity and implementing DevSecOps practices for the customers are their core business focuses.

Solutions, Advisory and Managed Services are three cornerstones of their services, thereby covering the entire spectrum of technology transformation in these offerings. Solutions cover tactical and strategic Automation and Analytics powered by machine learning and AI.

Advisory in Technology Strategy, Information Security, Business Continuity and Process optimization is their forte with a central focus on Datacenters, Virtualization, Cloud and Cybersecurity. Managed Services provide Design, Build, Migration, Management, Modernization, Automation, Security and Optimization services to all areas of technology.


The formidable and skilled team handled technology management roles prior to Cloudstrats and had extensive experience of working with large ecosystems. During that time, they interacted with large players and found a common gap of partners focused on Cloud and its enabled services. To bridge this gap in the marketplace and leverage some of the experience in real-time to a wider footprint, the idea of Cloudstrats was born.

Envisioning the impact that the cloud would bring and how it would change the structure of ‘how tech’ was consumed, stimulated them to dream that they could setup India’s first born cloud company, which would build solutions, consults and provides managed services to global customers.

The CEO, on their exceptional growth, says, “We feel Cloudstrats should have begun a few years earlier as we never expected to grow at the speed with which we grew. Apart from the key reasons for growth intrinsically like expertise, quality, delivery and conviction, external factors, which pushed us even farther, were attributed to the surge in the Indian entrepreneurial mindset, the rise of startups around us. This strengthened our resolve to be bootstrapped and profitable while everyone around us grew much faster with funding and growth, not profitability.”  

The canopy of clientele of Cloudstrats includes IT & ITES, BFSI, Government, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, BPO/KPO, Analytics, etc. Their top seven customers are listed below.

  • AppDirect, a Forbes Cloud 100 company
  • Convegenius, a Michael & Susan Dell Foundation-funded start-up
  • Essar Group, one of India’s largest multinational conglomerates
  • Fractal, a leading global Analytics, and AI company
  • Guess, a global clothing brand and retailer
  • Mahindra Group, an Indian multi-billion-dollar conglomerate
  • Universal Music, the world’s leading music company


Most of the industries have been witnessing tremendous growth since 2010. Market statistics reveal that almost 95 percent of large and small scale enterprises have deployed newer kinds of technology services as part of their overall business strategy. Despite the encouraging numbers, businesses continue to struggle with control and security issues drooling over the technology ecosystem.

Customers have already picked the relatively low hanging fruits, and now they are looking for additional strategic gains through structured solutions and services. Issues of confidentiality, integrity and availability of business applications and infrastructure plague the customers frequently.

This has provided an opportunity for Cloudstrats to differentiate themselves by bringing in innovative solutions leveraging Automation, Analytics, Management, and Optimization techniques. Deep understanding of how IT needs to be an enabler for the customer’s business, the experience of consulting with Fortune 50 companies and zeal to be ‘a world-class’ sets Cloudstrats apart from the competition.

Piyus Kanti states, “We believe in finding new ways to do more by doing less, which have led us to several innovative niche solutions that have gone a long way in helping customers to get the best digital transformation experience possible.”

 A sense of delight and enormous pride they experience over their ability to not sell at lower prices but to bring the overall TCO down every year by reducing manual dependency and bring in simple solutions for complex processes. Cloudstrats values its customer’s business growth and practices innovative Balanced Scorecards and Net Promoter Scores to fuel the customer’s quest for best of breed technology adoptions.

Dream Believe Achieve- THE MANTRA

Cloudstrats believes in the Owner’s Mindset and has most of its employees employed as shareholders who all share a common value – Dream, Believe and Achieve. Self-motivation is valued at the firm and due to the average age of the company that is 22, millennials in the generation, their new way to see values and culture has helped them to achieve their goals.  Piyus Kanti states, “Life @ Cloudstrats is friendly with a lot of freedom, push to learn to be better and believe in making dreams come true. Most of them are sports and gaming fans and do engage in the activities at all levels to keep our game faces on at all times.”

They love exploring new ideas and talents and have an open door policy where performance is valued more than anything; talent supersedes the hierarchy. They have two beautiful dogs Claire & Angel, who also crave attention from everyone here and make sure they take our mind away from work. The value of responsibility and unconditional love for each other can be learnt by them.


“The biggest achievement we feel is that we have been able to live up to our customers’ expectations”~ Piyus Kanti

By this Piyus meant repeat business, growth from a small bootstrapped firm with less than $ 2000 in its bank accounts to a well-reputed and leading managed services company. Their ability to groom some of the brightest talents with them was inspirational. Some of the laurels the company reaped in awards are:

  • MSE 2 Rating – CRISIL (3 years in a row)
  • Best CEO & CIO – CMO Asia
  • Best Partner – HPE & Redington
  • Top Cloud Specialist – SME Channels
  • Leading India SMEs – Dun & Bradstreet
  • Top Virtualization Startup – CIO Review
  • Emerging Cloud Startup – Information Week
  • Top Managed Services Company – Silicon Review
  • Top 50 Partners – SME Channels
  • Top 100 Partners – SME Channels

They plan on entering the new markets and adding more products to their repertoire of services. They are invested in the US and soon be putting more sales and support establishments in Europe and the MENA regions.

The growth of Artificial Intelligence due to the widespread adoption of Cloud and Analytics has made this market more exciting and gratifying. They are building new capabilities in these new paradigms and also new products that marry the best of all these fantastic growth drivers and deliver more business results for their customers. These tools now in the true sense of the word make Technology the major enabler and driver for business growth for our customers.

The world is becoming smaller and more in reach now. Cloudstrats has been putting the right investments to get more traction and business abroad. They are acquiring more customers in North America, Europe and MENA regions, which led to more growth and mitigate customer concentration risk.

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