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Cosmos International Human Resource LLP

Cosmos International Human Resource LLP

Creating a Distinctive Stance in the Human Resource Landscape by Providing Excellent Overseas Manpower Recruitment Solutions.

The utmost priority of companies today has boiled to acquiring and sourcing top talent. Better hiring decisions have fallen into place since technology has been smoothly incorporated into the recruitment orchestration, throwing the talent mismatch out of the window.

In this technologically driven age, when most industries are moving rapidly towards artificial intelligence, the hiring path has also transformed completely. To take care of the recruiting needs of the company, many start-ups and business houses today have started using innovative learning and analytical ways.

One such business house is Cosmos International Human Resource LLP, which started in 1984. It has grown exponentially in the last four decades and has become a reputed and renowned name in the HR domain. The brainchild of Haroon Memon, Chairman of the Group, offers excellent service for the recruitment of white & blue-collar staff to their esteemed clients abroad.

Having its corporate office in Mumbai and branches/associates in all major cities of the country, including Lucknow, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Vizag, and Baroda, the company has been actively involved in providing manpower to clients in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia, for a long time and has now decided to venture into other nations.

An Edge Over the Peers

Cosmos International Human Resource LLP is an overseas recruitment consultant with 40+ years of extensive experience. They have recruited over 2,00,000 Indian workers over the years. Their goodwill is their key advantage and they have made their Goodwill through years of hard work and dedication. This experience can never be copied.

Cosmos International Human Resource LLP have excellent experience in recruiting workers to Turkey in Europe as well. They offer all different kinds of labour, from low-skilled manual laborer to highly competent engineers, doctors and accountants among other professions. They boast that the employees they have hired have assisted businesses in developing their renowned landmarks and iconic buildings and even upgraded and maintained their service sectors.

They have several well-known clientele in the Middle East. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified compliant organization, Cosmos International Human Resource LLP strictly follows the set rules provided by Emirates International Accreditation Centre.

“We think there is no substitute for human relationships, and visiting our clients in the GCC Countries on a regular basis helps to preserve and strengthen our relationship with them. Our Chairman, Mr Haroon Memon or our Managing Director, Mr Fahad Memon regularly do this”, one of the key executives at Cosmos International Human Resource LLP shared.

The Tale of Inception

The group chairman, Mr. Haroon T Memon, formed Cosmos International Group in 1980. He formed Cosmos International Group, which offers the service of hiring Indians for the GCC Countries, after realising the enormous potential of the business of recruiting Indians abroad, particularly to Middle Eastern countries.

When the Indian Emigration Act 1983 was passed, they were granted the license by the Indian government’s Ministry of Labour in 1984. Mr Haroon T Memon was the one-person army at the beginning, but gradually through time, they formed the team based on the values of Honesty and Service. The company’s current manager and a few employees have been there for a while.

The Latest Technological Evolutions

The entire process is online at Cosmos, and if required, the team can handle the entire operation from home also. Only the physical submission of passports at various embassies, which is mandated by the Respected Diplomatic Missions, is done offline by them. Clientele & Corporate Ethos Cosmos International Human Resource LLP provides services to clients in all industries, be it Oil & Gas, Construction, Manpower, Transport, Healthcare, hospitality, Facilities Management, etc.

They offer labour for every kind of job. Azmeel Group, Al Thomad Group, Al Wazzan Group, Al Ghanam Group, Eastern Coast Group, L & T, Al Karrar Group, etc. are just a few of them well-known clients. Once an organization works with Them and experiences their services, they do not look anywhere else as they are highly satisfied by the Honest Work and Efforts.

Significance of R&D

With the ever-changing Political Scenario and the shifts in Oil Prices, they regularly follow the trends and compare them with the past to try and predict the future course of business, whether they expect a Boom in the market or a possible depression, and formulate the current policies accordingly.

Cosmos’s Secret Formula behind Employee Motivation Cosmos International interacts with the team in a professional, open, and honest way. The company offers recreational time during work hours, a daily lunch, in addition to occasional snacks and parties in the office, in addition to frequent performance-based raises. They treat them as if they were their own, and they strictly prohibit any form of racism or discrimination.

Achievements and Milestones along the Way Cosmos International Human Resource LLP has been in the market for more than 42 years now. That itself is a significant achievement. Moreover, the company has been honoured with various accolades from key players in the domain. They have received numerous awards/certificates from various airlines like Saudi Airlines, Gulf Air, Kenya Airways, PIA, Ethiopian Airlines, etc.

They have also received the award for Iconic Brand of the Year 2020 and The Super Indian Brand 2022. Cosmos’s Future Outlook Cosmos International has always worked to diversify and grow the business. After making a name for themselves in the Middle East, they now have plans to take their operations to Europe and South East Asia.

Dynamic Leadership

Fahad Haroon Memon is spearheading Cosmos International in the key position of Managing Director. He is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and holds over nine years of expertise. Haroon Memon is the man behind the idea. He is currently designated as the Group Chairman at Cosmos International Group. He is a dynamic leader with great experience.

Fahad Haroon Memon’s Words of Advice for Young Entrepreneurs There is no substitute for hard work, and there are no office hours for champions. Always believe in God and continue to put in your maximum effort, and eventually, your faith and determination will pave the way.

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