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Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The Provider of Awe-Inspiring Web, Mobile, Enterprise Solutions and IT Outsourcing Services

Carving a niche in the Enterprise Software Solutions domain, Creative Social Intranet, product by Creative has got incredible communication and collaboration features to render. It has occupied a pivotal space in the entrepreneurial world, that’s the reason, we, at Business Connect, is featuring it in the edition- Brand of the year 2019.”

Proliferating the businesses online and creating their exemplary brands, Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2007. Mr. Sony Surana is the facet behind the company; he is the Chief Executive Officer and the Managing Director. The company is located in the Financial Capital of India that is Mumbai in Maharashtra.

Creative Social Intranet a next-generation intranet software that improves employee engagement, corporate communication, e-learning, workflow, and collaboration.


The phenomenal and exemplary internal communication features have helped companies to achieve operational efficiencies and expansions whilst being innovative and reliable, set the Company apart. Creative Social Intranet is being used by top Indian conglomerates and has served varied clientele from 16 countries around the globe.

Creative’s experience in the IT industry has lent them the perspective to fully interpret problems, design solutions, and deploy them efficiently, economically, and effectively. By offering Creative Social Intranet– an enterprise communication portal- the Company helps to add value to businesses and reduce costs.

Creative has set turnkey online business solutions for many companies looking to set up a brand online. Right from online business strategy, domain, branding, design, portal, mobile app development to online promotion, Creative did not just stop by playing an advisory role, it also walked along with them while executing these strategies to ensure business success. Earlier startups were looking for IT developers, but now they are looking for IT partners.


Creative has been providing web, mobile, intranet and enterprise custom solutions to all medium and large scale companies from India and worldwide. Creative has served intranet applications to large companies in the Health industry, Pharmaceuticals, Aviation, Real Estate and construction industry, Leading banks, and Finance industries such as Trent Ltd, HCC Ltd, Cadila Healthcare Ltd., BCCB Bank, HDFC securities Ltd, etc.

Right now, the ace organization has been offering IT services to leading conglomerates in India. The positive feedback from the clients on leading software rated website Capterra that is powered by Gartner says it all. Sony Surana states,“ Everything thing with respect to service or software features is clearly mentioned in black and white for each of their clients.”

It ensures great transparency in the overall process. They study client’s company culture, systems, requirements, and hurdles with existing legacy applications and then suggest bespoke customized solutions, which are backed by an unmatched pace of deployment.  So, there is no opportunity to break the faith.


Frederick Douglass said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”

Unraveling the complexities involved in the excursion, the company has emerged as a phenomenal brand.

Creative too had to undergo the complexity of things to sustain in the IT industry where every day a new competitor emerges, the brawl to the growth just seemed endless. The team of the Company has been continuously sponging and learning new technologies. The CEO says, Good experience nurtures from bad decisions. It’s all part of the journey called ‘Excellence’.”

Creative internal HR had been using some popular ERM software for its internal communication and resource management. They tried to use a few software solutions, but none could fulfill the complete need of the hour. This is when Creative saw the vacuum and introduced ‘Creative Social Intranet – a next-generation employee engagement portal and content management system for the enterprises to enable smooth flow of process and communication.

To synchronize with the latest market trends Creative is continuously upgrading its knowledge with respect to the latest technologies and its software features. Creative regularly participates in leading HR summits and conferences to improve the know-how and changing market trends. The software solutions provided to Creative clients are designed to be functional in a given business environment suiting every client’s customs needs.


“It’s no longer just what you do, it’s about how you do it.” ~Sony Surana

Creative Social Intranet is all about improving employee engagement and improving internal communication and collaboration. There has been a 55% increase in efficiency and productivity and a 90% increase in employee satisfaction with enterprises using Creative Social Intranet for their internal communication.


Creative has been donating every year for the development of orphan kids, feeding of birds and growing trees. In fact, Creative has its own green space in the office to motivate ‘Go green culture.’ It is very relaxing to work in a surrounding close to nature. Creative has served with low or almost zero cost web development services to a few leading NGOs in Mumbai.

The connoisseur maintains a great balance between his personal and professional life. That’s why he is engaged in a multitude of activities.

“All the money in the world can’t buy you back good health. So spending time with family, friends and maintaining good fitness through sports and exercise are the most important aspects to further shoulder Creative’s growing responsibilities.”~ Sony Surana


The Company is accredited by great recognition and several awards.

  • Capterra-Powered by Gartner, the most popular Intranet software review website recognizes Creative Social intranet -one of the top promising Intranet Solution providers in India.
  • CIO Review Magazine – India’s most popular ECM software review magazine recognizes Creative Social intranet – one of the top 10 promising ECM Solution providers in 2018.
  • Creative Social Intranet is one of the top-notch 100 Communications and Collaboration Software products reviewed by Review Finance Online 2017 Awards.
  • Served Creative Social Intranet Software in 2018 to leading companies having employees more than 20000.
  • Introduced Meeting Room booking system, Helpdesk trouble ticketing, Employee on-boarding, Enterprise chat software, Visitor Management system, Document management system, LMS, Microlearning software, Enterprise recruitment portal in 2019. A lot of features are coming soon.

The magnate says, “India alone is home to more than 5,000 start-ups, and this number is slated to more than double by 2020. There is no doubt the tech love affair will continue to heat up as new innovations continue to spring up with new technology and advancements. Creative definitely aims at building trust and collaboration into relationships with companies worldwide.”

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