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A rising star in IT industry, offering unparalleled software & web solutions

The IT solutions & service industry, despite being a diverse and fast-paced space, has only a few qualified players; Danip Technologies has been an IT solution provider for years. Having laid the foundation of Danip Technologies, the visionary directors of the brand, Inder Prakash and Paritosh Arya, coined the idea to initiate the successful endeavour of 6 years to help businesses in their journey of digital transformation to make them more adaptive, agile, and competitive.

Danip Technologies focuses on designing customised solutions to help the digital transformation of retail and enterprise businesses. Their cutting-edge solutions are based on the latest technologies like blockchain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and AR/VR.

In its six years of operation, the Delhi-based company has created mobile and custom applications for the Defence, insurance, banking, real estate, and healthcare. It is famous for providing top-notch IT solutions, creating innovative mobile applications, and creating software and SaaS products that are powered by AI.


•Danip’s primary USP is its ability to offer robust skills and experience on the most reliable Java and Microsoft technology stack under one roof. The two technology platforms together forms the basis of the majority of enterprise software.
• The technology expert here focuses on flexible and robust micro-service-based architecture to deliver solutions that are interoperable, scalable, and agile and fits the unique requirement of every business.
• Danip Technologies is renowned for its the magnificent team and the tremendous technical expertise in the legacy and the latest technologies to bring world-class IT products to the table.
• They are one of the few IT service providers still offering support for web applications created using antiquated languages and frameworks like Classic ASP and ASP.NET. They are trusted by businesses whose legacy technologies power their business applications to sustain and expand their platform.
• With more than 20 years of industry experience, the leading team includes former Microsoft and IBM employees. The team creates and delivers exceptional IT products for any industry domain while guiding the clients in a way no one else can.
• The Danip team remains a member of the elite IT product development and business group due to their capacity and expertise with both the most recent and older platforms.
• To deliver the quality product and services, they not only do pair programming sessions and peer reviews but also employ dedicated manual and automated testers to ensure the quality of the software products.


The founders of the company had earlier worked together on a few tech start-up ideas and developed IoT-based  products. Their complementing skills and vision alignment enabled them to take the foundation of an IT firm with a vision to become an IT development company. Danip Technologies came into existence in 2016 by taking maintenance projects and adding new features for existing client applications.

The company helped organisations manage their enterprise applications and business websites built on legacy platforms like Classic ASP and ASP.Net, thanks to its strong skills in the Microsoft technology stack. Their unmatched quality and 24X7 support to assist the customers helped them beg bigger projects and get repeat business from existing customers.

The company currently builds cloud-based SaaS applications in modern javascript-based frameworks like AngularJS, Angular, React, and mobile applications using React Native. It does backend API using nodejs, .Net Core, and Java. The company continues to support existing customers who still run on legacy  applications.

Net Core/NodeJS on the backend, in addition to supporting customers with legacy applications and frameworks. Later, they joined hands with another industry veteran who brought in more than 20 years of experience working with the banking domain and rich experience with the Java platform.

It currently works with businesses in the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Israel, and Iraq as a technology partner. The company designs and develops innovative software products, web applications, and mobile applications for various industry verticals with a team of 25 tech professionals and a digital marketing team led by the industry leaders. The company also supports businesses in their digital transformation.


Skilled and reliable team is the most important asset for any technology company. The company uses the tried  and tested method of curating, training, and deploying IT resources. They hire developers who are still in their early stages of development, train them in relevant technologies, and then assign them to a particular project.

Before taking on projects on their own, every new developer works under the supervision of an experienced developer. To foster a sense of camaraderie, team members are encouraged to engage in activities outside of work


The key clientele of Danip includes funded start-ups, IT organisations, and mid-level tech enterprises located across the globe who need to outsource product development and IT solutions. But sometimes, the team works enthusiastically with individual entrepreneurs who want to work on proof of concept.

They assist them right from the start and get involved in designing scalable technology solutions and product ideation. Since development cost is a crucial factor for an individual or a young business, the team always tend to work out a solution that helps them launch a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at the start and scale slowly as and when the situation permits.


Danip Technologies is developing cutting-edge IT products around B2B e-commerce for the fashion industry, IoT-based intelligent Smart City solution, and VR-based skill development & training tools. The company routinely studies the use cases of the latest products, innovative tech solutions, and unique implementation methodologies of advanced markets to understand the advantages of the newest technologies.


Inder Prakash takes care of corporate strategy, strategic alliances, and company management. As an experienced design consultant, he also ensures that the IT product and solutions designed at Danip Technologies are customer-centric and offer a high user experience.

PARITOSH ARYA, Chief Technical Officer
He is leading product and platform development team. With his 18 years of experience in the tech industry in different roles, at Danip Technologies, he ensures that product development meets the best standard in the industry.

AJAY SHARMA, Chief IT Consultant
Ajay Sharma is responsible for taking care of the fintech products and platform development. He is an ex-IBM veteran who brings the best development strategies for enterprise applications.


A collaborative learning environment is crucial for maintaining employee motivation. Self-learning is encouraged to increase a person’s comfort level and confidence in the team. Their strategy of developing talent has been valued a lot. In actuality, several of their best staff members began as interns.

The company promotes social activities at the workplace to boost team spirit and togetherness. Besides work, regular fun activities are organised at the workplace, and every festival and date of significance is celebrated.


Danip Technologies is evolving its strategy to become retail businesses’ most preferred technology partner to enable digital transformation. The company intends to develop innovative IT products that are customizable, interoperable, and scalable. The IT products and solutions would be tailored and work for the local environment.
Business owners would be able to utilise and integrate the software product based on the local environment.


Perseverance and an indomitable spirit are prerequisites for entrepreneurship. There will be a lot of unexpected outcomes, failures, and learning. Be willing to modify your process and approach until you find the magic mantra.

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