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If you are a wanderer or bohemian at heart, then traveling to unknown places must lure you. All vagabonds and travelers out there if you need a break from the daily monotonous regime, and are searching for a place in Delhi where you can stay for a while and roam around the city, then DATSTOP is the best social space.

Located in Capital, New Delhi, 9km from Qutub Minar, Datstop Hostel provides sterling accommodation facilities with a restaurant, free private parking, shared lounge and garden. Basically, it is an urban social space for professionals, millennials, and backpackers with a special section dedicated to female voyagers.  Datstop creates a haul of experience for travelers so that they can cherish through their events and parties at their hostels.

DHRUVIN SHAH of 24 years, a young entrepreneur, is the Founder and CEO of DATSTOP HOSPITALITY PVT LTD. Being an explorer and traveler, Dhruvin’s love for traveling incited to incept DATSTOP. All of it was started from his first solo trip to Egypt when he was 18. On the same notion, he says, “I discovered that travelling gave me a different perspective towards life. Since then I have travelled to 18 countries and there I’ve experienced different hostels all around the world. Hence, my love for traveling inspired this venture.”

Serving the backpackers with exceptional hospitality services, DATSTOP proves to be one of the attractive and cozy spaces in Delhi. It aims to provide all the backpackers a safe, accessible location, comfortable beds and spotless bathrooms. A rooftop garden restaurant magnifies your experience and adds worth to your visit. Additionally, the best gaming experience you may cherish with your friends.

The interesting thing is that the team at the hostel has seen Delhi so closely that its experience helps out new people in the city for the exploration.

Great competencies, skills appropriate to the business, and Dhruvin’s willingness to work under extreme pressure are some positive characteristics. Thinking out of the box to provide solutions, willingness to sacrifice, interpersonal skills, optimism, and leadership qualities are some astounding personality traits that give an edge over the peers.

The lore leant from the challenging situations by Dhruvin Shah, “There will be times which will be demotivating, frustrating because of certain challenges in your company but always be practical – don’t let emotions surpass you, take hard decisions – don’t delay them. Ask for help from peers, colleagues- they will help you – you just to have asked.”

To attract the trust of clients over the venture is not to envision and think too much about the profits or monetary gains but the satisfaction and experience the clients will get here, which not only builds trust but also creates good relations with the clients.

At DATSTOP, the experience is not the only aspect that makes a company run better but also the safety and efficiency of the operations handled by the team. Here, the hostel ensures the best technology so that the operations run smoothly and efficiently. Also the 24*7 surveillance which most of the other company provides, but also keeping a track on that surveillance is what needed and will be guaranteed here at DATSTOP.


A wonderful and exquisite space is created for women backpackers who travel alone, and thereby, prefer to stay with fellow female travelers. An attached terrace for ladies where they can roam in leisure time. Females out there can find this rejuvenating space so calm and serene that here they can read a book or practice Yoga.


Our young and potential entrepreneur says, “The quality of the person makes him a successful entrepreneur. Preservice in tough times, having a strong desire to be your own boss, having an ability and confidence to run the whole business, high level of energy which enables one to work for long hours, and  judgements in life which you make and the strong will which not only an entrepreneur but every person should have.”

The hostel is expanding and creating wonders with its services. The speed of the growth is an achievement – By December 2019 they will have 3 hostels. And by December 2020 they plan to open 10 Hostels all over India. The future never comes with a guarantee; the efforts are in a line to make DATSTOP, an international brand.


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