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Divami Design Labs Pvt Ltd

Divami Design Labs Pvt Ltd

Divami: Developing Human-Centered Design Solutions

Written by: Kriti Anand

Company Overview
There are a number of UX UI design firms out there today that offer design solutions, but few can boast of “humanising” the user experience. Divami Design Labs brings a fresh perspective to software design, but more than that, it emphasizes intensive user research so that their solutions are tailored, exceptional, and unique.

Divami Design Labs is one of the few design firms that focus on the intricacies of design and the influence of that design on the users. Having been in the industry since 2008, the company delivers services like User Analysis, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, and Usability Analysis to its diverse clientele. It also designs and develops pixel-perfect screens for mobile, web, smart TV, and wearable applications.

Divami is spearheaded by Naveen Puttagunta, the CEO and co-founder, since its humble beginning in 2008. The leadership team comprises of Ms. Prathima Inolu, the Executive Director & Chief Designer, and Mr. Sumit Kundu, the Managing Partner, and other key officials that handle various functionalities.

Divami has a customer centric approach to design and development. Moreover, the UX UI Design firm truly treats every client’s project as their  own. “Once a client comes on board, their problem becomes our problem,” says Naveen.

Divami strives to be its clients’ design as well as strategic partner to provide inputs, and makes each decision with careful consideration. They give due importance to user feedback, devote themselves to user research, and with their substantial development capability, ensure that the client gets access to the best at the end.

Divami’s clientele includes corporations of all sizes from several marquee organizations to startups and SMEs, some of which are prominent names like TATA Capital, Airtel, Cyient, HCL, Yuyiii, Onemoney, Semantify, Wurkr, and so on. It provides design & development services for Web, Desktop, and Mobile Apps, SaaS and Cloud Platforms, and Enterprise software.

Despite facing several challenges on the way, like the market, especially in India, not being ready at the time of their inception, with customers not understanding UX or design, but only software development, Divami has paved its way to success. Looking back at the journey that started when UX was thought of as simply colors on the screen, they are successful in establishing the fact that design should come much before writing a single line of code, They have in the same vein dealt efficiently with the challenge presented by the pandemic.

Being accustomed to remote working as most of their clients are based out of the US, their business model survived the change feasibly. However, when the team had to shift to work from home, they changed their project management and delivery strategies to ensure everything ran smoothly. With proper marketing, referrals, and a robust outbound strategy, Divami has ensured the overall business delivers optimal outcomes for its team and its clients.

Creating A Legacy
Divami Design Labs started as a software firm at a time when UX UI was not a popular concept. The core team then realized the gap in the industry and Divami shifted its focus towards design & development. Today, the firm is recognized as one of the top three UX UI Design firms in India.

Each of the decisions that the design firm takes, from user study  to a competitor and market analysis, requires research, upskilling, and planning. With a varied clientele, Divami observes the changes across many industries and thus, has gone through a radical shift in thought processes, best practices, and the use of technology.

The company’s designs have been featured as the best by the Confederation of Indian Industry. Moreover, many reputed publications have identified Divami as the top UX UI Design firm in India. the world’s leading rating and review provider of leading IT, marketing, and business services companies have featured the UX Firm in their top 10 global UX Agency.

Parting Words
“For an entrepreneur, the journey is never easy. There is always something better or bigger happening out there. So, rather than running the rat race, constantly try to improve upon what is already existing. I believe it’s not always about the business or the money, but more about the relations we build with the clients, the teams, and others.”  Naveen Puttagunta, CEO and co-founder


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