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Over the years, a series of novel diseases have come forth and to battle against them, innovative molecules and formulations have arrived the market. However, women have unique health issues. Several ailments that can spread into both the sexes often have unusual effects on a woman’s health; pharma can address this.

D’light Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a revolutionary name in the pharma space, having a series of gender-neutral formulations and tailored medicines for improving women health. Incepted in, June 2020, D’Light is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, showcasing a steady growth and a potential to be at the forefront of its arena.

D’Light is a modern pharmaceutical firm, incepted with a focus to provide nutraceutical products/supplements. The efficacy of the products lies on its holistic benefits – fulfilling the daily needs of a body while driving a major shift towards prevention aspect. To be specific, D’Light’s products cater to genital problems like PCOS, Menstrual irregularity and infertility. Their products are armed with the ability to boost the body’s immunity to avert major bacterial and viral infections. Not just this, D’Light has a collection of derma products and the blend of both has showcased a huge potential for them in the market.

D’Light was introduced in the market by Mr. Rajesh Bhumidhar Pal, in the financial state of our Country – Mumbai. Over, the last decade, the pharma industry has witnessed a radical shift with respect to products and methodologies. D’Light is focused, to contribute in this shift, from treatment to prevention and, to gain 1% market share in D’Light represented market.

Mr.Rajesh Bhumidhar Pal has a vast experience of 15-16 years in pharmaceutical brand management. He started his career at Blue Cross as Management Trainee. He has climbed the ladder of hierarchy of product management team in various pharmaceutical firms like Maneesh(Svizera), IPCA, Indchemie naming a few. He has a great amount of exposure in various health segments like Cardio-diabeto, Ortho, Paedia, Gyanec, Dermatology. He has a great entrepreneurship skills. He is a people oriented person and believes in having empathy for his follow team members.

The pharma industry is already a volatile space due to the significant number of players. So, how is D’Light a gamechanger in this competitive space? Modern healthcare is considerably influenced, by pharmaceutical formulations and when it comes to women’s healthcare, the influence and concern go up by a notch. This is the opportunity that lays D’Light’s foundation. Besides a prevalent collection of health augmenting formulations, it has a number of medicines focused on improving women’s health, especially new mothers. Their popular formulations include C Z MUST (Immunity Boosters), DVB12 (Chronic tiredness and muscular weakness),  PAN HD (Heartburn, difficulty in swallowing).

Along with this, their formulations for women’s health include B Myo (Menstrual Irregularity, Infertility), D CORCAL (Pregnancy and Lactation, Post Menopausal, Chronic Illness, Osteoporosis), D-DOX (Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy), I4 Max (Iron deficiency Anaemia in new mothers) and D-Argi (Promotes intrauterine growth of the fetus). Their series of tailored formulations are based on holistic research of molecule, the combination of molecules and acceptability by doctors throughout the market. Another USP of D’Light is their presence in the digital space. They are showing a lucrative growth across the state and are aiming to grow across the country, venturing on the digital market.

The pharmaceutical industry is overrun by leading players, having a series of qualified products. To create its own niche expertise, D’Light has adhered to every National and International Standard, and regulations. Their commitment to quality was recently honoured, with a “Certificate of Quality in Business”, by International Trade council. Their quality is appreciated and approached by many healthcare experts from Nutraceuticals, Gynecology, Clinical Dermatology.

On the other hand, their quality is highly approached by a wide number of customers, chemists and stockists.

Furthermore, their products are widely approached, by several NGOs and Self Help Groups in need of health-augmenting supplements for geriatrics and paediatrics.


“Our organization lives and breathes for the people and by the people” asserts Rajesh.

Whether it’s a fully ledged enterprise, SME or MSME, a collaboration of proficient resources gives the Company a significant growth. D’Light follows a very harmonious work culture, powered by opportunities and humility. This ensures a nurturing environment, where every individual gets to grow on ideas, skillsets and much more.

The same level of ingenuity, is found in the upper echelons as well. D’Light has a short yet ardent workforce; practising humility and building transparent communication channels on all levels, help in bringing out the best from everyone.

They work with a mantra that says,

“It’s not about you, it’s about the people you serve and what they need”.

This ingrained thought builds the determination in every member to work on the Mission, Vision & Goal and grow the Company to scalable heights. D’Light also has an Employment welfare committee for the betterment of its internal customers as well.

D’Light is introduced in the touchest period Mankind is facing in a Century. However, identical to several indomitable firms, D’Light has shown the sheer will and strength to overcome the challenges of COVID-19. They have an uninterrupted communication channel between their field office and head office. The field office follows the strategies designed by the product management team and gives relative feedbacks to the marketing team on weekly basis. This freewheeling approach is helping to stay abreast of transitions grow in the market.

Looking at the coming years, D’Light is aiming to increase its engagement with, various digital marketing platforms. The Company, is also foreseeing to expand its HQ, which will enhance the visibility of products among chemists, stockists, etc.



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