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Kea InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

Kea InfoTech Pvt. Ltd.

Providing Premium Integrated IoT Solutions for Businesses(Smart Home / Electric Vehicles /IIoT/smart metering systems // AI&ML)

Internet of Things (IoT) operates hand-in-hand with real-time AI as connected devices change paradigms from central clouds to decentralized, pervasive knowledge. The IoT market is expected to develop steadily as billions of devices, services and systems are connected, powered mainly by increasingly pervasive and cheaper sensors that convert physical data to digital material. IoT usage focuses on supplying services that often have a substantial financial effect and shorter payback periods. In terms of market size, IoT expenditure is projected to rise by 15.4% year-on-year to hit US$ 1.1 trillion by the year 2025.

Purple Techno Solution’s sister Company Kea InfoTech is an emerging IoT hardware and software Business that develops intelligent solutions to assist people in protecting and preventing possible problems arising in the day- to-day activities of their businesses. In products and services, the Company has competence in creating excellent, smart applications and devices.

Company At A Glance
Kea’s clients approach the business with particular issues requiring a plan for problem-solving. At Kea, it takes considerable time to understand the business, market and competition priorities of the customers in order to develop a creative solution. Through Kea’s solutions, customers have proven to be more efficient and profitable. Some of Kea’s goods were so efficient that customers were able to raise finances. Several of the services offered by Kea InfoTech are IoT Product Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, EdTech, PCB Services and DIY Education Kits.

Mr. Khadar Baba is the Founder and MD, and Mr. Bhanu Prakash Bandi is Founder and CEO. In 2012, the MDs opened “Purple Techno Solutions” Corporate Training Center in Hyderabad and in 2013 the institute was extended to Vijayawada and Anantapur, which resulted in further expansion and the institute commenced university education in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The duo also obtained some real-time products in 2015 for Embedded System products and Mobile App Development, extending it to IoT products in 2017.

Due to the COVID crisis, training Company faced disturbances, but Khadar and Bhanu did not lose hope and saw the potential for developing affordable sanitizer dispensers. At first, the goods witnessed slow growth, but there was a demand for the commodity as time passed. Given the need, DIY Products and other COVID-related products were further created. Also, the Company launched its GPS tracking system mainly for cars, bikes, trucks, and others.

Mr. Khadar and Mr. Bhanu feel that when beginning a business, the budget, schedule and product selection should be valuable. Companies must reflect on the type of products they can produce and see whether the product is available or not and make it exceptionally functional in the market. They said, “It is important that a company’s growth is dependent on a product and to create a leading brand in less time, it is crucial that the profit margin is initially reduced.”

Innovation Paves The Way For Success
The Company aims to help businesses grow, renovate and get acquainted with the new paradigm of disruption. In addition, the “IoT Hub India” team at Kea will become a global one-stop destination for all next-generation IoT solutions. The purpose of this vision is to provide services through common errors.

At Kea, a new paradigm in the product development process has been quite sharply pursued. The fact that Kea offers end-to-end product development and production under a single roof, which generally operates under two different entities, gives the Company a distinction and leads the way over its competitors.

The Company’s client includes Yathi Private Limited Solutions, MINEMAGMA PVT. LTD.  Srujana Technologies, Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (Deemed to be University), Vignan’s Nirula Institute of Technology and Science for Women, YXIOM AI, etc.

At Kea, they operate within their boundaries, as they don’t believe in making customers false promises. The workforce is also not burdened with work; the personal growth of the workforce is taken into account. Kea has made employee growth a priority in order to ensure improved results of the team. The Company also use the best technologies to train their staff to ensure that they have in-time pay and performance reviews.

Defeating The Coronavirus Blues
Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Organization has recognized an opportunity and is designing the associated goods. Smart sanitizer dispensers, UV sanitation dispensers, the UV sanitization robot for office use, the shoe sanitizer, human sanitation tunnel, employee’s tracking app, etc. were manufactured by Kea.

The Company has developed its vehicle monitoring system, COVID Special products, Kid tracker, employee Management Systems and online training as the most recent growth of the Company’s services.

To preserve the morale of the employees during COVID-19 crisis, Kea has taken multiple steps. The interventions included sharing the Company’s complete vision, frequent & prompt input, setting specific objectives and participation of employees in the problem-solving process.

COVID has created numerous organizational and financial challenges for Indian companies. Around 71.31% of businesses treated deteriorating cash flows. But this was a chance to meet and evolve with the audience for Kea InfoTech. In reality, the Company has sold over 1,000 health items. Over 500 students were educated in mainstream technology such as IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and many more.

Meanwhile, Kea InfoTech’s performance is measured not only by the work of the MDs but also by the employees’ work. The Founders accept that both the aspirations of the individual and the team must be accomplished.

The Organization’s work-culture defines how smoothly the work is carried out. The Founders at Kea InfoTech believe in a philosophy of ‘strong management and creativity.’

Also, as a young Business, in 2020, Kea InfoTech supplied Hyderabad’s needy people with masks and sanitation.

Further, in conjunctions with leading tech enterprises such as Microsoft, Samsung and the AMAZON Web Services, Kea InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. looks forward to creating a unique AI-based product.

A glimpse into life of Mr. Khadar baba shaik
He is the founder /MD and a leading a steady growth of the company Purple Techno Solutions for the past 10 years and now started a new Company Kea Info tech  . Mr . Khadar is an Electronic graduate with good experience in the fields of Electronics designing and manufacturing. 7 years ago he started his journey with a vision of making the world smart, by enriching people with creativity to develop innovative products. He has good experience in IoT and Data Science.

A glimpse into life of Mr. Bhanu Prakash Bandi
He is the founder /CEO of Kea Info Tech . Mr . Bhanu is an Electronic graduate with good experience in the fields of MATLAB algorithm implementation. 8 years ago he started his journey with as a trainer and now he is in to AI and ML. He has published a couple of papers on Image processing and AI. He is good at people management and new technology adoption.

Now the company planning to enter into EV charging stations and Energy tracking devices (Smart Meters ) Two members from small town, trying to full fill their Dreams in the filed of Smart innovations.


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