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Kabilai Farm Private Limited

Kabilai Farm Private Limited

Creating A Revolution In The Milk And Dairy Industry

By Sandhya Agrawal

Since 1998, India has become the world’s leading producer and consumer of milk products with the supply of milk and dairy products increasing steadily. Dairy farming is a vital part of the Indian economy and a key contributor of jobs and incomes. Also, almost every dairy product produced in India is domestically consumed, most of which is sold as fluid milk. This indicates that there are immense value-addition and overall growth potential in the Indian dairy industry. In 2019, the Indian demand for milk products was INR 10,540 trillion. The dairy industry in India serves as a medium for socio-economic growth, in addition to providing lucrative business opportunities.

Started in July 2018 from Keelkatallai (Chennai) with 10+ customers, Kabilai Farm is supplying fresh cow milk and related dairy products to 200+ customers and 10+ dealers in the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

After exploring a wide range of Indian cattle like Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi, Kankrej, and many more, Kabilai Farm was started in Chennai. Started with 30 litres of milk and ten customers, they are now supplying nearly 400 litres to customers, shops and dealers. The customers of Kabilai have felt significant health transformations after they started consuming the A2 milk while experiencing a pinch of traditional touch in the milk too.

The faithful customers of the Business are a testament to the quality of service provided by them. Usually, milk has a 6-hour shelf life, which creates a challenge for them, but the quality and timely delivery speaks for itself.

About Kabilai Farm
The mission of Kabilai is to deliver high-quality dairy and agriculture products while benefitting the farmers. With this business venture, Gopinath wants to create entrepreneurs in nearby villages, which will eventually lead to the creation of young and energetic farmers in the future.

Since the beginning, Kabilai Farm has been handling the cattle and the farming part, but they didn’t have marketing ideas, milk storage, transportation, customer handling support and related aspects. But now, they have learnt to deal with the business operations and are implementing the same. Gradually, the Business expanded itself and is serving not just individual customers but also offers dealerships and franchise.

Kabilai Farm believes, “Businesses need to deliver what customer expects, not what the business prefers”. With this thought, they invest their time hugely on research driven by digital platforms which in turn helps in understanding the needs of the customers. Besides, they recently conducted market research on the demands of cattle in the city.

Being into the business of such a sensitive and delicate item, the handling of milk is very well taken care of. Here, Kabilai Farm is committed for the delivery of milk at the earliest in the morning time, and they never entertain delay except for some unavoidable circumstances, where they priorly inform the customers regarding the delay.

About the Founders
Kabilai means “Holy Cow” in Tamil. It is the brainchild of Gopinath Baskaran and Ramprasath Baskaran. They are a first-generation businessman and next-generation farmers who are born and brought up in a small farming family. Both brothers, after finishing their studies were into the high-paying jobs in MNCs, and while working, the duo discussed ideas to start their venture in the agriculture sector, and that is how Kabilai Farm was established.

The childhood dream of Gopinath Baskaran (Managing Director) of becoming a businessman led to the inception of this business venture. Gopinath recalls that he used to observe and learn business tactics while visiting supermarkets and hotels in his childhood. Since its inception, the prime motto of Kabilai Farm was to deliver excellent quality milk to the masses.

“If you dream of doing something, get into it, and don’t think twice. Often ideas are kept as thoughts and are never transformed into reality. So, don’t make this mistake, execute what you have dreamt of and the rest will fall in its place”.

  • Gopinath Baskaran (Managing Director)

Productivity at Its Best
Though Kabilai Farm is an agriculture and dairy products’ business, we cannot confuse it with others in a similar domain because they stand out in all terms. In this, the Business is venturing into the agriculture sector, whereas people are running away from it. Next, they are supplying organic milk and dairy products without any preservatives. Additionally, Kabilai’s are lighting-up the homes of farmers by collecting the milk directly from farmers and delivering it to the customers. Lastly, they are creating a lively atmosphere for youngsters and are encouraging them to venture into agriculture.

Ensuring the team’s productivity regarding milk delivery outlet is crucial and Kabilai farm is taking specific steps to ensure it. This includes planning the next day delivery while retaining all the members of the business to ensure equal participation.

Also, the team with their joint efforts provides hassle-free and on-time deliveries. Since, Kabilai has been delivering milk for the infants as well, they believe its their responsibility to provide the dairy products with the utmost care and best packaging. The core team of Kabilai Farm includes Nagarjan, Vimal, Muthu, Bharath, Naveen, Ashok Kumar, Saravanan and Priya Senthi.

Despite losing customers and delivery partners during the lockdown, Kabilai did not lose hope and realized that they are into the dissemination of essential services which can’t be stopped. So, to cope with the challenges induced by the pandemic, the Business hired a delivery partner by paying 2x amount and was able to successfully deliver the products to the consumers sitting in the corners of the city. Lockdown induced the migration of people to their respective homes, so the sale was a bit low, but as soon as the unlock process began, customers started coming back that, in turn, helped Kabilai to regain its lost customers.

Popularity and Future Prospects
Kabilai started with milk delivery and now expanding its horizons into dairy products such as curd, butter & ghee. Interestingly, all of this is prepared through 100 per cent traditional methods that ensure top quality products. For the expansion of these services, the Business has accumulated tons of positive feedbacks from the customers’ end.

Kabilai plans to implement the “Farm to Home” concept successfully, and its ultimate goal is to contribute to the economy of the small and medium farmers. Further, the Business has planned to club other agriculture products like vegetables and fruits. Initially, the necessary range of the new products will be made for delivery, later, as per the situation and customer response, the range will be diversified.


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