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Company Overview

DNY Hospitality Pvt Ltd is India’s leading hospitality consulting firm, assisting entrepreneurs in starting and scaling their food and beverage businesses. They build food businesses from the ground up and assist in scaling up QSR Chains, Cloud Kitchens, Cafes, Diners, and existing restaurants in closing loopholes to maximize profitability.

“F&B Business Scalability and Automation are the only ways to lead in the hospitality industry with a “sustainable” approach.”

DNY Hospitality is a one-stop shop for Food and Beverage businesses, offering end-to-end strategy and process consulting. Market research, concept development, brand positioning, menu engineering, recipe development, food consistency SOPs, operational SOPs, kitchen planning, team training, and supply chain and marketing consulting are among the services provided by DNY, which equip entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the hospitality industry on their own.

DNY’s mission is to bridge the market knowledge gap by guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the process of starting a successful restaurant with minimal investment but rewarding returns. They have successfully executed over 350+ F&B projects from scratch using an innovative approach, deep industry knowledge, and a commitment to delivering results.

The DNY Mission

“To become a global leader in hospitality with bringing in innovation in the food industry with kitchen automation, process automation and menu automation that can lead to no-skilled manpower dependent business”. “To help “unorganized businesses” thrive with a 100% process-driven approach in their business, whether it’s creating/ revamping an unorganized business with minimum capital investment, achieving brand level expansion or increasing profitability by creating a sustainable business model.”

They collaborate closely with clients to establish attainable goals that result in positive outcomes. Their over fifteen years of experience in the hospitality industry in countries such as India, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States, as well as the creation of a distinct brand identity, have been the keys to their success. The brand is aiming for 70% automation in the food industry.

The Journey As A Woman Entrepreneur

Nikita Dalwani, Co-Founder and Creative Director of DNY Hospitality, is an entrepreneur who has fulfilled many a woman’s dream of becoming a successful business owner. According to her, a strong female leader is the most critical need in the hospitality industry, which is currently dominated by men. A woman broadens the company’s perspectives, resulting in more genuine, sharper, and empathetic decisions with unrivaled success. Her own journey, which started without a hospitality degree, has seen many ups and downs.

“Everything I learnt was the hard way. Every failure that came my way, I analyzed it with the deepest intention to the root cause and started building processes around it. In the end, I realized that owning a business myself, and helping someone own his successful business are two different things.” Her positive life approach taught her that before even setting up businesses, the foremost thing is to work on the deepest mindsets of individuals and take them through the entrepreneur vision journey. As she puts it, “Everything becomes easy when the mindset is right.”

Nikita believes that the business world should be more supportive of women entrepreneurs. She wishes to see a time when women are not afraid to express their views on important business decisions. Women, in her opinion, have the necessary abilities to better analyze mindsets and make critical decisions. A powerful business experience can be brought in by confidence and a self-love-first attitude in a woman’s life.

Her leadership style is “Myself-Prove-First” and then “Guide the team”. Leaders must first live the life of the smallest of operational successes and failures. “By living that life ourselves, it becomes a cake-walk to lead a team walking the similar road,” she states.

DNY: The Impact

DNY measures the company’s impact by the “lifetime” age of the businesses it created and improved. Their impact scale is determined by the number of years the business has survived, evolved over time, and grown in the market under their direction. DNY Hospitality is the pioneer in the hospitality consulting industry in India, and it stands out among its competitors.

DNY believes that external competition does not exist for them because the rate at which DNY innovates is so rapid over time, while the competitors keep fighting fires. When DNY talks about innovation, technology is the most important factor. Kitchen robotics, menu robotics, and business automation cannot be innovated without the use of technology. DNY will also soon launch India’s first hyperspace consulting model for self-made businesses, which will make extensive use of technology.

Entrepreneurs are realizing that technology for food businesses is the solution to getting out of the micromanagement loophole. Restaurants can save time and money by automating certain processes, reducing their reliance on manual labor and staff, and freeing up time to focus on other areas of the business.

“We help our clients implement automation solutions for a variety of tasks, including recipe standardization , creating food assembly charts, as well as SOPs and process automation. These solutions not only increase efficiency and accuracy, but also provide valuable data and insights that can be used to inform business decisions and improve performance. By leveraging automation, our clients are able to stay ahead of the competition by freeing up resources, reducing costs, and improving the overall customer experience.

In a fast-paced and competitive industry, this gives them a significant advantage and helps them achieve their desired outcomes.” The DNY team is united by a shared passion for food. The leadership believes that focus comes from a pure love of the industry. The workforce is a young, dynamic group that strives for “thrill” in all aspects of their work. Nikita’s training to the team is never about anything technical, it is always around “the right mindset” and “the right hunger”.


The pioneers that started the Cloud Kitchen concept in India in 2012, DNY envisions itself as a global leader in the Food Space. For the emerging women entrepreneurs, Nikita’s advice is: “Never procrastinate your thought process, and bring it to action without seeking validation from others.” DNY recommends a broader spectrum of “sustainability” and “consistency” for the growing businesses in the industry.

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