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Dr. Fathima Mohammed: Unleashing the Power of Female Leadership in Medical Aesthetics at Body Science

Dr. Fathima Mohammed: Unleashing the Power of Female Leadership in Medical Aesthetics at Body Science

Medical aesthetics is booming in India. It is expected that the Indian cosmetics market will generate US$6.45 billion in revenue by 2024. Despite ongoing efforts to promote gender equality, female leadership in the aesthetic medicine sector is still notably underrepresented. The majority of the speciality’s patients are female, although most practising doctors are still men.

A shining example of dynamic female leadership is Dr. Fathima Mohammed, Founder and Cosmetologist of Body Science, exemplifying the incredible impact women are making in the aesthetic medicine landscape after fighting against stereotypes.

A world-renowned cosmetologist, a skin-care expert, an inspiring woman leader, and a member of numerous national and international societies for aesthetic medicine, Dr. Fathima Mohammed is a woman of many virtues. With over three decades of experience, the magnificent woman attended medical schools in Europe, South Korea, and Singapore, deepening her understanding of cosmetic dermatology through exposure to diverse cultures.

Dr. Fathima Mohammed: Early Life and Professional Voyage

Dr. Fathima Mohammed, an inspiring woman leader, is passionate about fostering growth and accomplishment after completing her MBBS from the prestigious Bangalore Medical College in 1994. Her passion for aesthetic medicine resulted in her starting a practice in cosmetology after completing a course in aesthetic medicine in Italy and an MD in aesthetic medicine in Singapore.

She further did a postgraduate diploma in cosmetic medicine from Annamalai University and in dermatology from Cardiff University (UK). She embarked on her journey working as a consultant cosmetologist at the Dr. Pooyas HealthCare Centre for over ten years.

Currently leading the Body Science Aesthetic Clinic as a chief cosmetologist, Dr. Fathima Mohammed keeps her knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine updated by attending conferences related to dermatology and cosmetology. Her passion for aesthetic medicine, which involves creating beauty through science, motivated her to start Body Science, a centre dedicated to providing safe, scientifically proven, and cost-effective solutions to skin and hair concerns.

Besides, she is a member of the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine. As a faculty of Allergan Medicine Institute (AMI) – USA, she trains doctors in advanced aesthetic procedures like fillers and botox. She also teaches skin care at Prasad Bidapa Institute and Style Icon, where she advises her students on safe and easy skin care tips, thereby improving their skin health and boosting their confidence.

 Body Science: Customized Care for Your Unique Needs

Incorporated in 1998, Body Science has established itself as a trailblazer in skin and hair care offerings, specializing in excellent treatments tailored to people’s unique needs. Equipped with the newest innovations and technologies, the Body Science team treats underlying causes, whether hormonal, genetic, stressful, unhealthy lifestyle, or even early indications of a serious disease, by looking beneath the surface, be it acne, pigmentation, or premature ageing.

There is an expert team, comprising psychologists, plastic surgeons, dentists, and nutrition counsellors to provide an integrated approach, which includes understanding the patient’s goals and concerns and meeting them with the best possible outcomes.

Jewels in the Crown

Dr. Fathima Mohammed has made a tremendous journey, starting as a hospital observer, working under a skilled physician, becoming the head cosmetologist of a facility, and opening her own clinic and practice. Her unwavering commitment to excellence has earned her multiple accolades and recognitions, including –

  • Top 10 Renowned Cosmetologists in India 2022 title from Women Entrepreneur magazine
  • Most Trusted Renowned Cosmetologist India 2022 title from Trade and Media.
  • Best Renowned Cosmetologist 2022, World Signature Awards
  • Featured in the Top 3 Aesthetic Clinics in Bangalore by the Times of India survey 2022
  • Recognised as the Leading Skin Clinic in Bangalore by Time of India Survey 2023

Pearls of Wisdom for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Dr. Fathima’s inspirational journey serves as a beacon of hope for women who aspire to work in similar fields. Advising aspiring women entrepreneurs, the leading lady shares, “Choose a career that you are passionate about.

One that makes you happy, and if you work with perseverance, discipline, and integrity, you’ll succeed. There will be obstacles and setbacks along the way, but you can grow from them and use them as stepping stones to success.

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