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Dronaa Educon Pvt. Ltd

Dronaa Educon Pvt. Ltd


Globalization is picking up the pace across the world, and our country is no exception to it. It has touched the roots of the educational arena as well. Youngsters of India want to leverage their educational standards, that’s why they are opting for studying abroad. Acting as an interface, DRONAA EDUCON Pvt. Ltd. helps the students to study in foreign countries.

In a conversation with Business Connect Magazine, Nishu Mahendra, the Founder and MD of Dronaa Educon Pvt. Ltd., has shared some indispensable insights.

Please walk us through the profile of the group and its services.

Drona Educon Pvt. Ltd. is a six-year-old company, which deals with the ‘study abroad sector’ of education. We have three different divisions of education. Firstly, we deal with more than 1000 courses of 200 different universities and colleges of more than 25 countries like the UK, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada, Germany, and Europe.

We secondly deal with MBBS study programs in more than 10 countries such as the UK, Ireland, Europe, Kazakhstan, Russia, and many more. Our third segment is training where we train students for IELTS, PTE, GRE, SAT, OET, etc. in the classroom and online through webinar/Skype. Recently, we have ventured into immigration fragment also as we were inundated with queries and we couldn’t resist further.

 Offering such a large selection of international courses, what inspiration drew you to a path of this nature?

There is a huge market of study abroad and many big players too, however, there is still a wide gap where people are not guided as per the expectations and they end up choosing the wrong course or the wrong path to a promising career and eventually end up wasting all their resources and don’t get the desired result. There, I decided to help all those who aspire to study abroad and wanted to prove that right kind guidance and support is all that can nurture good careers. After learning the nitty-gritty of the trade, I established this bran brand Dronaa, and since then there has been no looking back.

 With providing training of global standards, do you believe your challenges were any different from the rest?

If you are asking about the training courses that we run or the consultancy that we have, in both the cases the challenges faced were no different in any way. However, our approach to deal with them has been different. We have a motto that our company is just not to establish itself as a company but to establish the careers of the candidates also, who approach us with that trust in us. This gives us strength and confidence to do better and better. I monitor all the aspects of the business and whenever required I guide, mentor, and counsel the candidates and their family to help them choose and decide the best.


“Our sincerity and genuine approach to work is our main strategy.”~Nishu Mahendra

 You have been in the market for a while now, what kind of strategies did you deploy to overcome your challenges?

Well, as I told you, business keeps posing the challenges, and the approach adopted makes all the difference. My strategies are the positive frame of mind, giving space to every human being, be it staff or the candidate and letting things take its own shape. As far as promotion and marketing, we all know that this is the age of digital communication and we focus on that. Our sincerity and genuine approach to work is our main strategy.

What all facilities are made available for the ones enrolling with you?

We have a wide range of facilities. Firstly, we provide numerous sessions of free counseling even before the student enrolls. Once he enrolls, we help him in arranging all the papers to apply to the desired university, help him to get the admission on time, the visa process and paperwork. We also help in arranging accommodation, ticketing, and flying. The most highlighting point of our services is that we provide an on-arrival facility in every country and not only this we also provide a local point of contact just as a guardian till the students stay there and complete their courses.

Is academics the only area that is polished or there are other activities conducted as well?

Of course, the primary focus is on academic development. However, we are a student-centric company and work for holistic development. Thus, we conduct pre-departure briefing sessions, communication skills, cultural differences, and Mother Tongue Influences are taught and discussed with all those students who need them the most. We also conduct similar sessions for all those who return India after the completion of the course to discuss the work prospects and to help them in the exploration of other avenues.

How do you ensure the faith of your students in you?

We are happy that our students have been more than satisfied with us. We have worked hard towards it. Our mantra of winning students’ hearts and minds is to be concerned with their aspirations, goals, issues, and careers. We align ourselves with their goals and aspirations that motivate us and infuse faith in them.


“Competition has always brought out the best and we welcome all sorts of competition.”~Nishu Mahendra

 Do you feel online training has acclaimed its worth in the market?

Yes, to a certain extent. We have a good student base which is online and they are happy. Removing the need for classroom coaching is what I believe impossible. We have daily online batches for IELTS and PTE, and the number of students is ever increasing. All the working professionals, people from distant areas and even housewives who are co-applicant with their husbands prefer online training. There is a wide potential, which is still untapped and can be accessed.

The education sector of any nature is a competitive market, do you believe competition is necessary and how much?

Well, competition is a sign of a developing market and that is good for business. The competitive market makes the sector more creative and innovative and that leads to a business win-win business model; the service provider and the service receiver both are benefitted. Extreme competition is a sign that the economy is cracking and there are not enough working areas. Whatever, but I believe that competition has always brought out the best and we welcome all sort of competition.

What other milestones have you achieved as yet?

I am happy to answer this question. When hard work is recognized, it always gives a proud feeling. We are proud to be awarded as the Best Overseas consultant in North India- 2017. We are Qisan Approved Agency. We are Uniagent- Gold Certified Agency. We are ICEF Trained-ITAC 1168. We have QEAC Trained Staff. We are a British Council – Approved Examination Booking Centre. We are a recognized Agency by IDP & Pearson. I hope this is enough, though, the more the merrier, we are trying to reach newer and newer heights. I am also a member of the Georgia Asia Chamber of Commerce.

What are your plans for the future? 

We want to cover the entire length and breadth of the nation. Under our Pan-India plans, we are working to increase our branches. Currently, we have our head office in Noida at sec.-18 and branches at Amritsar, Lucknow, Bareilly, and Roorkee. We are a registered company in Australia. We have wide plans of expansion and soon we shall be opening more branches.

What is that you are providing different from others in this sector?

I would tell everyone to be true to yourself and devote your time in constructive pursuits as the end result is desired the most. I myself have the exposure of traveling in 20+ countries where I personally visit the universities; this experience also helps my team to share the real experience with students.

We evaluate the demand which meets with the specialization of a particular sector to give advice to students  If you are looking forward to studying abroad, make a visit to us we shall give you free counseling and guide you to move in the direction of achieving the target of your life. Immigration aspirants must choose wisely as per their profile. Lastly, I would say work hard but party harder, as that keeps you going. And ‘Passion’ is the world that should not be missed from your lifestyle.

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