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Duisport Packing Logistics India Pvt. Ltd.

The optimum packaging for every shipment – the optimum service for every customer: This is Duisport Packing Logistics.

Let’s dive into the success story of Duisport Packing Logistics India Pvt. Ltd. Subsidiary of Duisburger Hafen AG which owns the world’s largest Inland port i.e. Duisport located at Duisburg City, Germany. DPL India is well-acclaimed for providing tailormade packaging solutions along with end-to-end logistics services.

Its operations heavily entail a level of complexity that demands the utmost quality, precision, and reliability. We found the essence of their operations that revolves around ensuring the safety of the client’s goods to maintain their value by reaching their destinations intact and well on time.

DPL pack your goods and transport them around the world – quickly, efficiently, and transparently. These range from small individual parts to complete industrial plants and entire factories. Thanks to state-of-the-art IT support, we along with all service providers and, last but not least, you as the customer, have a complete overview of all process steps at all times.

In addition, you can entrust DPL with many other tasks – such as container storage or your entire plant logistics – so that you can concentrate on your core business.

This is because DPL is your full-service provider for packing logistics, and DPL is one of the market leaders in the field of special packaging. DPL is ready to serve with its packaging expertise at more than 3 national and international locations.

DPL competence centers are ideally equipped and optimally connected for rapid transport. However, they are also happy to support you directly at your location. We are in talks with the Managing Director of DPL India the legal Entity of Duisport, Alok Pandey, to take a look into the nuances of their business operations and how they are creating the ripples.

Company profile

Duisport Packing Logistics operates as an end-to-end comprehensive supply chain logistics and packaging services provider. With their 50 years of logistics experience, they are available to advise and support you on all packaging and logistics matters.

Bulk goods or unique items, individual goods or numerous individual parts, standardized or tailor-made – DPL has the right packaging solution for your freight. And if they don’t exist yet, they create them without further ado. With their professional know-how, they ensure safe, value-preserving, and economical packaging. A small series of tailor-made wooden boxes, a single, individually made crate, or heavy goods packaging for 100 tons and more – they use packaging materials that they produce themselves.

The type, thickness, and quality of wood can be individually tailored. Innovative constructions in combination with metal or plastics are also standard at DPL. According to the requirements of your transported goods. Whether for sea, land, or air transport – the result is always cost-optimized, sustainable packaging in which your goods arrive at their destination safely and with value. What it may be? DPL offers innovative packaging solutions.

This doesn’t just include export crates: you can also find special designs, composite packaging, reusable packaging corrugated packaging, and much more in their product range. They pack for you according to HPE standards or according to your packaging specifications. One thing is certain: whether land, air, sea, or rail transport – you will find the right packaging in the DPL portfolio. And if this doesn’t exist yet, they will quickly develop the appropriate solution.

With long transport routes and different storage conditions, your transported goods endure a lot. To ensure that it still arrives at its destination without any problems, They offer several protective measures. Depending on the nature of the goods, the planned delivery method, and the storage period, DPL recommends the right corrosion protection. Whether desiccant or VCI, Vacuum Packing, DPL guarantees the best quality and absolute care in execution.

In this way, your goods always arrive at their destination in the high quality in which they left your production. They equip the packaging with innovative data loggers. Every vibration and all fluctuations in temperature and humidity are reliably recorded.

Your goods should not adapt to the packaging. They adapt the packaging to your goods! Highly individual – and always to secure and maintain the value of your goods.

Once safely packaged, your goods still need to be transported to their destination. They would also be happy to take care of this for you – reliably and professionally. Transport by sea, train, truck, or plane – or all in combination? Is the destination on the other side of the city or the other side of the world? They will find the best way for you. They have already delivered entire factories overseas, placed heavy parts on foundations in Africa, and chartered Antonovs.

They rely on the experience of their colleagues and the full strength of their logistics network. Their clients not only have the certainty that they have chosen the right partner but also receive individual support. For DPL, it goes without saying: full transparency about the order status – at any time, worldwide.

Insights on the industry shifts

As per Alok, the Indian packaging industry has undergone a major shift in recent years. At first, the packaging was often overlooked by manufacturers and was considered merely an afterthought without substantial budgets or industry focus. The primary emphasis has always been on product manufacturing only. However, companies like ours have been instrumental in reshaping this perception, highlighting the crucial role packaging plays in ensuring product safety and maintaining international packaging standards and integrity during transit.

“Take, for instance, the analogy of Apple manufacturing iPhones. Even a minor scratch on a new iPhone can deter customers from purchasing it. This underscores the importance of packaging in preserving product quality and Alok Kumar Pandey Managing Director customer satisfaction. While multinational corporations have recognized this importance already many National companies have also started looking into this simple yet very important aspect and are willing to spend on the safety of their manufactured products.

Also due to global challenges and due to Make in India Initiative led by our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, India is being positioned strongly in the manufacturing sector and all leading economies are looking toward India for their demands. This means more manufacturing, and more packaging requirement for export/domestic logistics.

The challenge is Despite bringing extensive experience and value additions from parent company with international standards, multinational firms often encounter issues with local competitors replicating same solutions at lower costs. This cost disparity, coupled with stringent regulatory requirements and adherence to environmental and social governance guidelines, poses operational challenges for larger companies like ours, said Alok.

What differentiates them from others?

As MNC with a global presence spanning Europe, the US, the Far East, and India, Duisport Packing Logistics India brings unparalleled knowledge and expertise from diverse perspectives worldwide. This global insight is a distinct advantage that local players often lack.

While local players may excel at producing basic wooden or corrugated boxes, their understanding is limited to the physical dimensions of the box. In contrast, the company delves deeper into the intricacies of packaging, considering factors like the box’s intended use, transportation requirements, statutory regulations, and destination-specific standards.

Navigating international trade requires meticulous attention to detail, especially concerning phytosanitary guidelines for wood exports and multiple other prevailing packing standards and regulations. The company is well-versed in navigating these complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring that shipments comply with the legal and certification requirements of each destination country. This comprehensive approach not only mitigates risks but also streamlines the export process for customers, facilitating smoother operations and reducing potential bottlenecks.

Moreover, status as a large corporate entity affords additional benefits, such as access to comprehensive insurance coverage. By adhering to their rigorous packaging standards, customers automatically safeguard their cargo, enabling them to claim insurance in case of unforeseen incidents during transit. This assurance is crucial for customers, as insurance companies prioritize claims from reputable packers who follow certain regulatory guidelines like them, ensuring a higher level of security and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Beyond packaging, the company offers end-to-end supply chain solutions, consolidating various services into a single, seamless experience for customers. This holistic approach eliminates the need for customers to engage with multiple vendors, simplifying logistics, customs clearance, and overall supply chain management. DPL promise to be a one-stop-shop solution reflects its dedication to providing convenience, reliability, and efficiency to their customers, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

The leadership mantra

As explained by Alok, the senior management believes that leadership revolves around fundamental principles aimed at empowering employees and cultivating a positive work atmosphere. At its core, this approach prioritizes employee well-being, both personally and professionally, recognizing the profound impact it has on performance and overall job satisfaction.

Central to this leadership philosophy is the belief in hiring individuals with the right mindset and outlook, fostering a cohesive team aligned with the company’s vision and values. Emphasizing positivity, resilience, and focus, the company aims to create an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to excel.

A key aspect of this leadership style is the promotion of a healthy work-life balance. The company implements clear policies regarding leave utilization, encouraging employees to take time off and recharge. Unlike traditional practices of leave carryovers or financial compensation for unused leave, the company’s approach emphasizes the importance of personal time for overall well-being and sustained performance.

The luminary’s trajectory

Alok Pandey was born and brought up in Chandigarh. His academic journey began at Shastri Model School- Mohali, where he pursued his intermediate studies in Math and economics before completing his graduation in the same subjects from DAV College, Chandigarh. Subsequently, he pursued his MBA via correspondence from the National Institute of Management in Maharashtra.

Alok’s professional career commenced in 2002 at Excel India Private Limited (now DHL), where he initially served as a junior-level executive for operations. Following this, he transitioned to Freight Systems, taking on roles such as senior executive in sales and marketing, assistant manager, deputy manager, and eventually branch manager over eight years.

Recognizing his potential, the management decided to relocate Alok to Delhi NCR in 2009, where he assumed the role of Area manager for sales and marketing – Gurgaon Region. With a very brief stint at HTL Logistics as the Punjab head, he Diversified the Industry from Logistics to Packaging and worked in a reputed company for almost 5 years, as a senior manager of sales and marketing progressing to general manager for the northern and central regions of India.

Afterward, Alok took on the role of national manager of sales and marketing in one of the emerging Indian Company in packaging which was instrumental in all aspects of packaging before venturing into the re-establishment of Duisport in India in April 2021. While the company had been incorporated earlier, its operations in India gained momentum in 2021, leading to the establishment of teams across two locations in Pune- Maharashtra, and Manesar- Haryana.

The future outlook

So far, for the upcoming years, Alok Pandey envisions a multifaceted approach towards the growth and development of DPL India. At first, he aims to achieve a significant milestone by propelling the company’s revenue to a hundred crore mark within the next six to seven years. This ambitious target reflects his strategic focus on driving top-line growth.

Moreover, Alok emphasizes the importance of ethical business practices, given to DPL India as a heritage from the Mother company in Germany. He prioritizes the ethical and moral growth of the organization, ensuring that every aspect of the company’s operations aligns with strong ethical values. Furthermore, Alok is dedicated to fostering growth not only within the company but also among its ecosystem of partners, vendors, and suppliers. He believes in a collective growth approach where all stakeholders grow alongside the company.

Also, working with a vision where Alok wants that DPL India should be instrumental in convincing clients to let their employees do what they do best means their work, DPL is there to take care of everything after manufacturing related to packaging and logistics.

Additionally, Alok is committed to creating a conducive work environment with robust HR policies that promote work-life balance for employees. Recognizing the significance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life, he seeks to provide the necessary support and comforts to ensure the well-being and productivity of his team members.

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