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Cure, Balance and Care with Ayurveda

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EARTHVEDA-Redefining the Ayurvedic Sciences with its exclusiveness

The hectic pace of modern lifestyle has made the man feel burdened with inexplicable stress and anxiety. Today, on one hand, technology has brought an extensive amount of ease and comfort to our lives, on the other hand, it has also nurtured restlessness and aggressiveness within us with no substantial cause behind it.

Amidst this chaotic sphere, healthy living seems like a pie in the sky. To the exponentially growing health issues like hypertension, diabetes, kidney diseases etc, Allopathic Medication has been proved drastically inefficient. In turn, numerous studies are providing substantial facts that opting allopathic treatments in a long-run can cause immense damage to the body. Acknowledging these aspects, people are now turning their faces towards traditional medical systems. And in this respect, Ayurveda is creating a great buzz across the globe.

Ayurveda ensures to weld the modern-day lifestyle with the ancient wisdom of living a healthy life. It cardinally focuses on infusing human lives with health-oriented benefits of natural substances and herbs while restoring the overall balance of a human body. Today, the demand for ayurvedic products is growing in leaps and bounds, owing to their minuscule side effects and outstanding health benefits. Due to this, numerous enterprises are queuing up to taste the advantages of the brisk evolution of ayurvedic proprietaries. But, only a few are truly adhering to the core values and ethics that are propounded by this ancient medical science.

Ayurveda Research and Life Sciences LLP  is one such eminent name that is expanding its horizons in the Ayurvedic  Community with its exclusive Ayurvedic medicines & Ayurvedic health supplements. It performs its business operations under the brand name – Earthveda . Extensively focused on transforming the way people perceive Ayurvedic healthcare, this MNC is proving its fortes via a gamut of effective products. Earthveda is one of the few companies in Ayurveda to have its extensive presence in the USA alongside showing extreme existence in more than 100 retail outlets on the East Coast alone. There is an intuitive, user-friendly eCommerce website of Earthveda that addresses customers & their requirements at the forefront with a gamut of exclusive products like Immunite Tablet, DM Care Tablet, Ayulith Tablet, Icecool Tablet, Herbal Teas, and much more.

The Managing Partner, Jinang Shah is continuing with the legacy of his father – Dr Harshad Shah, who is the Chairman of this phenomenal enterprise that earlier exported high-quality premium ayurvedic raw material in the relevant industry.

Mr Jinang has been the man behind the absolute transition of this company into Ayurvedic properitary Medicines & Herbal supplements company. “With establishment of this revolutionary enterprise, he envisioned to formulate such products that will bring positive changes in people’s life and alongside syncing with his commitment towards sustainable development & working towards the goal to make the world a better place for us and our future generations.”

MODERN APPROACHES AND TRADITIONAL METHODOLOGIES UNDER THE SAME UMBRELLAThe exceptional mission of Earthveda is all about the usage of modern technology in the formulation of ayurvedic medicines & herbal supplements by performing extensive research across the industry. Mr Jinang reveals that he aspires to make acceptance of Ayurveda as simple as the Allopathic medicines across the world. Additionally, the prime motive of the organization is to promote the ‘healing power’ of Ayurveda be the guiding light to a healthier future.

Dr Harshad Shah is the Chairman at Ayurveda Research and Life Sciences LLP. He is a BAMS and one of those few doctors who have been certificated by the  ‘Royal College of General Practitioners’ in London. He is an Ayurvedacharya with 35 years of enriched experience of healing people with the help of Ayurvedic science. Under his guidance only, all the formulations of the Company have been a roaring success.

Mr Jinang Shah is a Double-Graduate. He is M.Tech in Biotechnology and MBA in International Business Management. While travelling across the world, he witnessed the mushrooming growth of Ayurveda in different countries.  According to him, it was the prime motivating factor that made him enter the respective industry while adjoining his father’s vision to offer better health to people. The dynamo’s thought leadership and crystal clear approach allowed the Company to expand its reach across more than 15 countries. For the future, he has envisioned to ensure Earthveda’s presence to over 50 countries by the end of 2025.

Mr Jinang elucidates that Research and Development is the crux that allows them to ensure an edge over the peer organizations. “I performed rigorous R&D and Manufacturing process for the formation of finished Ayurvedic medicines & herbal supplements as my keen interest was to significantly contribute to the development of Ayurvedic medicines while promoting such products to every corner of the world.” continues Jinang.

‘Immunite Tablets’ are some of the top-seller products that naturally boost immunity & can be taken by any group of people without any side effects. Moreover, DM Care Tablet that regulates blood sugar without any side effects is one of the top-performing products in their product portfolio that has earned worldwide recognition.

Furthermore, he explains that his team considers the Vedas or ancient scriptures for the formulation of the medicines and later on, perform extensive research to find a unique concoction at the end. He has acknowledged the gap in the industry, where the ayurvedic medicines are not been rendered to the targeted masses with enough research papers backing the claim for the treatment. Contrary to this, Team Earthveda ensures intense clinical studies and researches on the raw material as well as the finished goods that inclines the medical practitioners to refer their medications to the respective patient.

Apart from that, Earthveda customizes its formulations as per the geography, demography, lifestyle and food habits of the populace that enhances the product’s efficiency & potency. This aspect has allowed it to get a competitive edge effectively. This type of country specific formulation of ayurvedic medicine is not done by anyone else.

Owing to immense R&D, team Earthveda has developed a medicine that will be helpful to millions of people fighting the tough battle against Cancer. It will help people recover and stop the reoccurrence of cancer post-chemo.  Addressing the exclusiveness of this medicine, Mr Jinang states, “This medicine is developed by using 99% standardized Curcumin (Turmeric) in oil form which is fat-soluble & forming micelles with other ingredients like Giloy, Kalonji & Amla. So, we combine modern scientific techniques with the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda.”

As technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, it is almost impossible to overlook it to excel in any industrial domain. Resonating with this notion, Earthveda has established a fully-fledged functional laboratory in the manufacturing plant. Be it TLC or Gas Chromatography or HPLC, every automaton testifies for its harmony with the technology.  It’s state-of-the-art R&D Laboratory is far more advanced in terms of technological advancements than many allopathic laboratories. The thoughtful insights with the tech-driven approaches have allowed them to achieve several accolades in their favour.

Talking about the achievements and accolades attained by Earthveda, Jinang states that their exclusiveness has granted them with a multitude of awards. So far, the Gujarat Government has recognized its behemoth contribution in this industry and rewarded it with ‘Finest Research-based Ayurvedic Company Award’ in the respective state. Moreover, the Government of Iraq has recognized the benefits of their diabetes medicines and offered them with a recognition award.

Recently, Earthveda has been felicitated by ‘North American Ayurvedic Association’ for its extraordinary support offered to the ayurvedic doctors in North America. The list of the awards and accolades is quite lengthy, but Jinang believes there is a long way to go and redefine the Ayurvedic landscape with the innovative offerings to let the world enjoy the innumerable benefits of this ancient science.


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