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Intellio Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Intellio Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Re-Structuring the Healthcare Solutions

By Sandhya Agrawal

Healthcare delivery has historically been regulated by institutions such as hospitals and healthcare systems that are hierarchical. However, a wide range of new organisational forms have arisen in both public and private sector as the demands of delivering care under scarce resources have risen over the past decade and gradually moving towards the ultimate aim of achieving Universal Health Coverage. This ranges from managed care institutions, regulatory bodies, healthcare solutions and management firms for private healthcare delivery and other healthcare organizations, diagnosis-specific service arrangements with specialist providers, such as home health care and rehabilitation firms. With technological advancements, healthcare delivery process is becoming more efficient by using advanced technology at different steps.

With hospital beds and in-house resources stretched more than ever during this crucial time, healthcare solution providers are helping patients and organisations to manage the care better. Not only does this free-up space for efficient treatment, but it prevents costly and life-threatening readmissions by diagnosing problems before they arise.

Furthermore, healthcare providers must continually balance the responsibilities of compassionate patient care with the demands of essential administrative activities in good and bad times. Here, Business Connect Magazine introduces you to Intellio Healthcare, the emerging healthcare solutions provider in India.

Intellio Healthcare is a healthcare solutions firm focused on providing the support that facilitates healthcare organisations in providing the best quality health at the most affordable cost. At Intellio, they bring together a team that harbours a passion for health access and innovation. The experience and outreach of their teams is the core success driver of their underlying philosophy of providing the best services at the most affordable costs. They have identified and developed relationships with their partners that they leverage for their clients to serve their needs in a timely and consistent manner.

Management Team at Intellio
Intellio Healthcare’s seasoned and assertive team is led by management with a combination of strategic and organisational healthcare skills. Management brings tremendous expertise from across the fields of healthcare, which has helped to share comprehensive and long-established collaborations. The team consists of seasoned industry experts who have assisted companies in the creation and enhancement of operating margins in business strategies. The members of the team have worked throughout regions such as India, Africa, the USA, Canada, and Europe. They consider the needs of different communities and direct the best practices worldwide.

Dr Vineet Arora (Director) is an experienced healthcare practitioner in the healthcare industry, with a significant history of working. He has pursued his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade based on International Business.

Meanwhile, Mr Mukesh Panchal (Head of Sales & Marketing) is an experienced professional with 10+ years’ experience in the healthcare and technology domain, and Dr Ritika Jindal who is specialized in Healthcare Management heads Operations and Strategy Department.

The team of young professionals, their creativity and innovative thinking at Intellio Healthcare have become the foundation that has driven development at the organisational level. In developing good relationships around the planet, they have invested their time and energies. The greatest strength is the faith and trust that the business partners of Intellio Healthcare have in them. The motive is also to link, competitively selling, with individuals around the world, and they are even affiliated with renowned brands such as Vissco, Microgene, Accuser, and Steelcraft. At Intellio Healthcare, strategic support, on-demand services, and global sourcing are the foundations of growth.

Besides, they believe in fostering a fun and versatile work culture at Intellio Healthcare that allows workers to act like a family and watch each other’s back. The Organisation is committed to the professional and personal growth of its employees. They often allow the role model to play, generating the action by showing the same thing. Several members of the Company’s leadership team even expand their mentorship outside the workplace to assist team members in all facets of their lives, helping workers be efficient. Throughout the business, this mindset of helping and supporting each other is passed from colleagues to clients and partners.

Dr Vineet Arora says that “Start with what you think, only then do you know what else you can do. Start with the aim of building relationships, and whatever can come, never compromise on your beliefs and ethics. That’s what defines you and forms the future. He further adds that “It is understood at Intellio Healthcare that success is not just about reaching achievements, but also impacting lives along the way. So whatever initiative you set out to create, the advice will be to find a target to give back for everything you get. It offers an everlasting fulfilment that is indeed the greatest accomplishment of creation”.

This Company’s customer base presence ranges from pan India to around the globe in countries such as Cambodia, Brunei, Canada, Middle East, South Pacific Islands, and Eastern and Central Africa.

The Key Focus Areas of Intellio Healthcare
The Company revolves around the delivery of healthcare. So, the ideology of Intellio is focused on excellent service and the highest level of quality. By developing and maintaining an efficient quality control system, Intellio consistently works hard to achieve customer loyalty and believes in long-term partnerships and shared development as a goal.

The Company is interested in bio-medical devices, hospital consumables and other materials, and this is of great benefit to the healthcare sector in which Intellio Healthcare is affiliated. They are working to become global partners so that in this time of crisis, they have sufficient supplies of medical requirements.

Intellio Healthcare has a quality management team to ensure quality levels, and they are often partnered with famous brands that have quality certificates. They only work with brands that have quality-assured goods.

By providing quality goods and services within specified time limits, the Company has invested its time and efforts in building strong relationships across the globe. Intellio Healthcare has remained inspired by the confidence and loyalty of business partners, and it helps them retain quality, and that is what this Organisation is known for. Besides, the team at Intellio believes in introducing creativity without sacrificing on quality with evolving requirements.

Intellio Healthcare is proud to encourage universal health coverage by working to improve underdeveloped and developing countries’ healthcare systems by providing their health services to countries such as Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam, Eastern and Central Africa, Canada, Middle East, and South Pacific Island by promoting goods manufactured in India and leveraging professional Indian labour. Also, they have spent their time and energy around the world in establishing good relationships.

Corporate Social Responsibilities of the Company
Intellio Healthcare is doing its part for Corporate Social Responsibility by supporting hospitals and nursing homes by supplying them with free medical supplies and PPE kits and also helping by empowering new COVID facilities at the lowest possible cost. They also support NGOs that provide food and shelter to the poor, especially during the day.

Having provided Intellio Healthcare services across multiple geographical locations in underdeveloped and developing countries, the Company’s goal is to collaborate with healthcare organisations in developed countries and extend integrated sector services that will eventually support the Organization’s commitment to universal health coverage.

At last, this Organisation would link with the established healthcare industry by leveraging the team’s exposure and understanding by carrying out advancements and technical improvements in healthcare delivery shortly.


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