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EduconIndia, The Indian Mantra for the USMLE Aspirants

“I can affirmatively say “Perseverance is the key”, “Patience is a virtue”. Presence of these lines will either guide us build or lack of them might watch us fall.”

Srinidhi Naidu

Surprisingly, miles away from living this reality of having her own company, Srinidhi Naidu, CEO, EduconIndia, started her career setting her foot into interior designing.

“My dad owned a beautiful Interior designing and construction firm. He wanted us to work together lifting the good spirits of the company and so did I. I studied a relevant course and fit my shoes into the interior designing company. I felt happy but not content, I fit in but never felt proud” recollects Srinidhi.

This little void made her realize that she wanted to do something on her own, something big but good. After a couple of talks, both revolting and self-analyzing ones, she joined a company as an Educational Consultant only to explore what is set beyond her comfort horizon.

As a part of the daily responsibilities, she moved from one university to another comprehending different perspectives and queries of each student. Soon the realization set in of the missing bridge between the real world educational opportunities and the ever-growing queries of the students. Most of the companies had targets of placing students into those universities they were associated with. She felt that it was a wrong practice, had a word about the same, but there were no steps taken to improve or abolish.

Srinidhi further adds “I wanted to take it on me, the honest job of building trust and their careers, and there it was the idea of starting EDUCONINDIA. Since the day of this thought, I never looked back”

Offering overseas educational consultancy services to students, EduconIndia is a recognized overseas student consultancy organization and a preferred destination for Student Training and Consultancy Programs targeting Global Professional Entrance Exams including GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS & TOEFL.

Right from the beginning of the application process, until the settlement is right around the corner, they ensure handholding. They enhance and transform dreams into reality by framing the curriculum to be their potential success secret. Apart from quick-reflexed updated study material, the time they apply for the counseling of what PG course/domain rightly fits the student, to apply for the entrances, to training the students with internationally acclaimed faculty, to getting the admissions paperwork done, to applying for licenses, to guide through the job search, helps on sailing through the journey. The services with EduconIndia are manifold; the student is given a spectrum of wise benefits including broad study materials, self- assessing examinations, consultancy service, and future residential services.


The answer is simple for Srinidhi, it was her personality and moral instincts, her job was to be a simple educational consultant and to fill in her targets by the end of the day. But she got pretty serious with her role and wanted things to get real before she took an incentive over any other reason. She wanted to offer students what they fit into and that’s just not the target list.

Spreading awareness among Indian students about the opportunities beyond the boundaries, opportunities to grow, to build and to rise are ample. And she wanted them to know them all before placing them in a university.

“Students dream, dream of a successful career, of a beautiful life and a happy future. Most of them have the ability to make this a reality, but what they lack is guidance and quality training. I wanted to build for them a platform, which serves as their driving force” affirms Srinidhi.


There are challenges in every path you take. But when you choose your path, you pick those challenges and you fight to demolish them and not just win over them.

The most basic problems were the core two aspects- Being a woman and being the sole manager of the company. The former made her listen to comments like ‘do not travel in the night’; ‘can you do it alone?’; its tough, do you really want to take it up?’ and many others. And the latter put her through a roller coaster of emotions, it’s not easy to single-handedly build and manage, there was a lot of negative marketing made too.

But fortunately for Srinidhi, she braved them all and succeeded in building what she started and envisioned. With true passion and a selfless desire, you just know how to walk ahead. She challenged herself, she did it each day, at every step, only to get better.

Srinidhi states “I constantly mended ways and molded habits to only build EduconIndia better with every passing day. When you watch the globe, you find growth and advancement at every nook and corner. It’s a crossword you need to keep answering and implementing to watch yourself and everything around you grow stronger and wiser.”


The workflow is pre-planned and executed, to add, it is well managed. Speaking of another important team which has added value to EduconIndia is VHonk. At the right hour, they happened to meet this young and brilliant team of digital marketers, VHonk Digital Media and Marketing. It was right from the moment of explaining them the prominence these sessions had, they were up on their toes, strategizing the core, enquired all the details to market the event and succeeded in making the big news reach the correct audience.

Srinidhi goes all praises to the founder of VHonk, Mr. Binesh Gaddam for executing all the plans. From what she has experienced and understood, she strongly believes that they are the masters in Search, Social Media and Content Marketing.


EduconIndia stands unmatched among the numerous overseas consultancies. They have succeeded in setting standards of excellent coaching and magnificent guidance. In short, they can describe it to be a broadly growing professional organization that offers Overseas Educational consultancy services to its students who are passionate about studying abroad.

EduconIndia has a peculiar reputation for its Student Training and Consultancy Program methods targeting Global Professional Entrance Examinations including GMAT, USMLE, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL. From getting hands on the initial application process to the student’s settlement, EduconIndia provides the best ever reliable features.

It has a unique curriculum including exclusively hosting Kaplan, they bring down faculty from the US in benefit of the students, customize the study material and the learning process best fit to serve a sure exam-qualifying shot. They offer live lectures facility, a truly beneficial add-on, the question banks- a must and should to the aspirants which also serves as a must have quick look-to book. Also, self- assessing examinations, consultancy services, and residential facility services are provided to the students.

“We understand dreams better and hence walk with our students to fulfill them” adds Srinidhi.


Technology is a wide spectrum of never-ending awe. Speaking of which, hosting Kaplan Medical’s globally acclaimed USMLE Step 1 classroom lectures for the very first time in India, endorsing Kaplan’s global brand recognition was not an easy decision. It had Srinidhi feeling both proud and anxious to have made an agreement with Kaplan and to bring down their elite faculty all the way to India to train the students.

The anxious feeling had set in because Srinidhi had to market it in a very short span and spread the news wide and across so that maximum aspirants benefit from it. Although EduconIndia has its own reach and following across South India’s Medical student fraternity, this was something new, big and unheard of for the rest. Also her young and brilliant team of digital marketers, VHonk Digital Media and Marketing, kept the pace moving for her, in terms of reaching out digitally to every possible aspiring student.

She firmly endorses the fact that there are traits one has to imbibe, to develop the attitude to attain success that solely doesn’t come from the preparatory books. This reflection of thoughts is the key implementation at EduconIndia. The environment of learning is filled with positivity, support and bliss, which helps the students bloom in confidence and coaching. They build confidence, fuel their passion and keep their determination undeterred through experienced faculty, lifting up their spirits and being always beside the students to help them cope.


The educational sector in India, always has abundant student talent who are extremely passionate and highly ambitious and Srinidhi believes, this aspect has the potential to turn pages through to the new Indian student era. There are companies and consultancies that creep into the educational sector to only make benefits, but not add much to the students. You cannot have targets to match or numbers to count in the form of admissions or any other, over students interests.

When a student approaches with queries, it’s an amalgamation of their dream, passion, and maybe their family’s too. It is important to restrict education to growth and quality of life, it could support anyone within the mere future.

Honesty, quality and consistency are the three keywords I’ve followed and will continue to do so. Also, the learning environment is free and thought-providing. Students have the freedom to put forth their point and ask for more, anything they feel could lift their grades apart from all the methods we provide; I will consider all the options to make it happen


“Education is a right for all the rightful reasons, now this has to do with mindsets or a group of individuals. There is a change happening. There are sessions, campaigns and propaganda all around” adds Srinidhi. 

Beyond all this, people are realizing education is not mere comfort or a medal to hang; it’s a way of life-altering lifestyles. With education comes a change in the mindset of the reader, a family; an upgrade in the financial stability and a shift in lifestyle. With time, the concept of education is rightly reaching minds. The very few parts stuck to the wrong conception are changing and the hope is that there won’t be any in the future.


Research and Development will have its horizons spreading wider always, there’s always scope and this applies universally to all the verticals.

In a short phase, Srinidhi is striving hard to make EduconIndia a brand for all the right reasons, turning it into a foundation, a platform and the best overseas consulting. The firm will continue to identify the super ambitious and continue to shape their lives.

Many more miles to go, many more milestones to hit!


Competition is a very healthy term. But one has to understand what to compete with. Competing with you is always the best to start with. There’s always an up-climb in the graph this way. A healthy competition that spreads around the desire to grow to get better is the right kind of competition. It keeps you active, vigilant, on your toes and makes you want to do better with your grades holding a broader positive perspective. One should always feel the need to outgrow only to mark betterment.

EduconIndia stands as a pioneer in terms of quality service provider for Medical Students and Doctors for Residency Training over years now. This enriching trait has been invincible; no other consultancy can claim to be.

They are a full power package involving educational options, exam preparations, visa process assistance from the initial stage till they come out as successful Board Certified doctors from the United States. They especially work for doctors which no other consultancy does, not to limit to providing consultancy options, but providing the chain-of-necessities. EduconIndia apart from having tie-ups with the universities has directly associated with many government departments including the US Department of Education, with respect to getting clearance for the medical licenses. In addition to this, they also provide future residency options.

Speaking of the curriculum, they draft it according to the ever-changing platform requirements to rightfully guide and train the students and provide In-Person Live Lectures by the elite Kaplan medical’s faculty to India to higher the standards of delivering the coaching experience.


With time, the advancement has been rapid with the government playing a critical role, especially in the educational sector. However being in this field, I personally have viewed a gap between the clinical seats/positions being provided and the students applying to bag them. Upon the ratio being extremely compact already, there is another aspect ‘reservation’ that influences the remaining seats. Having mentioned this point, I am at least happy that a number of students fly abroad, pursue optimal training and practice down here in India. So I’d hope for uplift in the balancing ratio between the clinical positions available and the students aspiring.


Srinidhi states “The plan was to take my dream seriously and hence, the responsibility followed. It never felt exhausting beyond a point. My friends, family, have always been supportive. I had space and advice from the right people all along. More than finding it tedious, I feel good about my dream turning into a reality.”

A positive mind, a healthy body, unforgotten ambition, and undeterred self-esteem. All the above build you a pleasant environment to focus on confidence and courage. She believes that a woman is capable of being anything she dreams to be. Women are filling pages of the world with spectacular accomplishments, the scenario is changing, slowly but definitely and with every change, there will be an uprising.


“In a way, yes. We have instances where we won campaigns, conducted presentations regarding the post-graduation opportunities and scope in India. According to their preferences, their underlying interest, we plan and guide their path towards the best.” Srinidhi adds. 

Students with good credits, remarkable merit but those with deprived financial conditions are helped by EduconIndia by offering them a free admission and training session. Driving students to their aspiring fields, they have paved way to dreams and carved good careers for them. In return, the opinions they give are extremely honest on training which only helps in enhancing the strategy and planning.

“When in trouble believe in yourself and don’t give up. You will eventually sail through it and watch yourself achieve and succeed.”

Srinidhi Naidu


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