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EFC Limited

EFC Limited, For State of The Art and Affordable Commercial Infrastructure

The traditional work environment today has been disrupted by the concept of co-working spaces with a massive growth incorporating in it in the last few years. And the demand for this concept is only amplifying and people are expected to hit this concept full-fledged in the coming few years.

India acting as one of the major startup market and adopters for this co-working concept, the corporates are tapping into its potential as well. A number of big names from this industry have to lead the trend and the reason for this adoption goes far ahead of just cost saving. Bigger corporates today have comprehended the fact that working with young, pumped up minds outside an obvious professional set up would only boost their imagination, satisfaction and bring out creativity and innovation at its best.

The industry today offers co-working options with amenities that fancy one and all, from modern workplaces, snack bars, game zones, conference rooms to faster Wi-Fi, better, more comfortable seating, etc. in the following years, the co-working spaces are only going to get better, catering to the needs of individuals from each professional background and age.

The industry will witness fancy transformations and need specific alteration as well, there would be spaces that would solely be dedicated to night owls, health-conscious heads with gyms, workaholics for 24X7 facilities, and more.

The growth has just set in for this vertical and the future with all these facilities seems even brighter. And incorporated with the idea of creating an affordable infrastructure, EFC Limited, the brainchild of Umeash Sahhaaii, CEO and Founder offers a flexible and affordable solution for both startups and behemoths. His idea is to eliminate the middlemen (like brokers and landlords) and enable one-track mind for both involved parties. He offers serviced offices, co-working spaces, virtual office, meeting/conference rooms, and training rooms.


The ‘Get started now’ concept is a game-changer in the entrepreneurial market. It enables maximum productivity and in the end, isn’t that what’s ‘trending’, so to speak? For a business to find a complete setup workplace with amenities in one day would’ve been impossible without products like co-sharing spaces.

EFC values customer service over everything else, they believe in the ‘personal touch’ and aims to be available for their customers at all times. The spaces and services are provided with 24×7 all-round assistance at affordable rates and are never entitled to any agreement or contract. The customer is never left dissatisfied with the services by ensuring to engage at least one EFC support staff on each floor.

In a conversation with Business Connect Magazine, Umeash Sahhaaii opening about the co-working space culture, the future, need and more,

Business Connect: What kind of clients do you serve?

Umeash: We serve anyone and everyone in need of a workspace.  We have a huge range of clients and we are mostly targeting small and big enterprises, startups and individuals

Business Connect: How do you ensure the unbreakable faith of clients in your company?

Umeash: By providing the best service out there, we make sure we stand out from our competitors in the eyes of our customer base. We want to make sure our quality never suffers while we try and move ahead.

Business Connect: How much do you rely upon Research and Development for growth?

Umeash:A lot! Since this is the market-based company, a lot of our data depends on our clients, existing clients and the clients that we would acquire. For this reason, we make our R&D, a major portion of our business development.

Business Connect: How difficult is it to remain relevant in this competitive world?

Umeash: It is a bit difficult as there are new spaces coming up by the day. We have to make sure our standards are not compromised. Our position in the market is very important to preserve because we can only build on the brand if the brand is relevant. Having said that, we have made our mark in the cities that we serve and hence we believe the only way now, is up.

Business Connect: Tell us something about your staff. How do you ensure their efficiency and positivity towards work in challenging times?

Umeash: We hold a lot of discussions, be it the client downfalls, or conversions based on all the shortcomings and improvements. It helps the team learn about the ongoing issues, brace themselves and prepare themselves for the future.

Business Connect: What kind of activities do you conduct to keep your employees energized?

Umeash: We hold CSR activities, team building activities, celebrations, birthdays and new joinings parties to build personal relationships within the employees. We have observed that this also keep the employees in a very positive mindset and has also helped with the productivity levels in EFC Limited.

Business Connect: How have you infused technology smoothly into your business?

Umeash: The infusion of technology has happened on a ladder of levels, we have used software for all the facility related report generation, which not just has made the process user friendly but also at the same time has supported our clients in raising concerns or suggestions, if there are any. And when the drive of technology is so amplified, we have ensured reaching to people in socially active ways and tried collaborating and encouraging it business wise through Google Ads, SME SEO and services wise through projectors, LAN internet, HVAC, TVS for presentations, high-speed internet service, personalized employee card etc. which also eventually has helped in building security.

Business Connect: Are you planning to establish the company as a global brand?

Umeash:Yes, we are, with the success story that we have in India, we are planning to establish EFC Limited as a global brand. Since it is a booming industry and because of the immensely ‘Get started now’ concept, we are sure of its success abroad as well.

Business Connect:What are the milestones of the company?

Umeash:We have long crossed the mark of 10,000 seats with us and we are still growing. We also have acquired a hospital which makes us a new explorer in the healthcare department. We are on the completion phase of a new project in Hyderabad .and many more upcoming projects in different cities like Kolkatta, Banglore etc.

Business Connect:What are your thoughts on women participation in the entrepreneurial world?

Umeash:I believe that women are the new driving force in the market, they bring around fresh energy to this tough environment and brings a healthy thing. Personally, I feel that women are more people-centric and can get more out of the resources than men.

Business Connect:What are your efforts to ensure the female workforce at par with male counterparts?

Umeash: We maintain a diligent female workforce with us that only further gives us all the more reasons to ensure that women are always a part of our organization. We keep their comfort at priority with amenities like maternity leaves that are easily granted or if there is any other assistance required, we are at disposal, this motivates them to be with us longer.

Business Connect:What are your short term and long term future plans for the company?

Umeash:Short term plans are to complete ongoing projects. Long term plans are to launch a studio and production house that will help make and produce web series, interviews, music covers, and talk show.

The industry for co-working spaces has accomplished new heights in the past couple of years with touching the base successfully at industry and development driven cities. The metro cities already are breaking records with a maximum number of places to co-work in India, the scenario for other cities is also budding in time with upscale responsive spaces. Being the flag bearers of the co-working spaces, e-commerce and technology companies have invested in the idea heavily, but the growth can be further fueled with unconventional sectors like manufacturing, insurance, banking, etc.


In the present scenario, bigger corporates fancy themselves in the portrayal of a new age work culture that likes to attract young talent with modern amenities at disposal. And if the flexible working scenario is an option available it sounds like an attractive way to start.

Co-working spaces in India have seen in excess of more than 300 players hustling for the piece of cake to be ahead in this vertical and become justifiable in a brief timeframe. With increasingly more shared office spaces entering the division, solidification is fast approaching. In the approaching time, a couple of widespread business sections will ascend and manufacture a relationship with the small scale businesses for better economies of scale.

A maximum share of spaces have tech organizations, however, they themselves depend on manual procedures. Co-working will only progress towards becoming well informed themselves in the coming times. Booking a seat or a gathering room, producing a receipt, paying for administrations or upkeep charge, following participation – every operational angle will see a drift of technology. The predictions are set on the executive services being consistent, avoiding human errors or any manner of bias. Deft working environments will likewise offer administrations past what is right now the standard. They will have speculator gatherings for new businesses, give money related direction, and so on.


Productivity is going to be another vertical that will escalate and will see major shifts with a number of facilities like yoga classes and crèches incorporating for a more stress-free working environment. Added to the same are initiatives for collaborations to boost the network and help everyone generate a unified working culture.

Co-working places long plan to arrange to meet and greet, workshops, seminars, events, etc. and through a diverse range of these programs, they intend to promote collaborations by indoor games, therapies, tournaments, comedy shows, and more.

The stream setting swarm of corporates in the same likes are looking to lease collaborating spaces that offer the adaptability of being utilized in various areas. Youngsters today are seeking professional participation that can be utilized on the run. Keeping up with this pattern, a great deal of collaborating brands are intending to open up in more up to date areas and so forth.

The plan, solace and by and large look and feel of collaborating spaces is additionally liable to improve. The desired Google and the Facebook vibe will be the new ordinary. Present day insides, in vogue furniture, standing work areas, and widescreen televisions will be joined to snatch a bigger offer of the co-working clan. Recreational rooms will likewise be designed in details in the coming years.


The ideal working space in our heads could possibly be working on the shoreline or over a mountain. While that may not be viable for everybody, to say the least, co-working spaces will with time fuse more components of nature to make a delightful environment to work in. They will progress in the direction of helping the workforce unwind to improve their level of efficiency. And another main component would be a trusted space with solutions to a cleaner breathing space as well, where the carbon impression would be naturally less. Sunlight based controlled vitality, copper ACs, and so forth will be utilized to make the space increasingly effective and abridge harm to nature.

A quick developing vertical of co-working spaces was a totally new concept only a couple of years ago. The business has seen booming development being worked upon year-on-year. These patterns will make collaborating all the more interesting as we see it moving towards unconventional working environments.

And providing a platform to India’s business fraternity, EFC Limited has been offering efficiency and productivity with tailor-made customized solutions to suit all corporate needs. They are growing at a fast pace and adding more verticals in their existing portfolio with a clear customer-centric approach. Growing into one of country’s leading real estate management firms they promote progressive growth through a strong corporate culture and retain the best resources with strong team values.

Their vision to create an affordable commercial infrastructure that is an enabling environment for entrepreneurship to flourish is springing on full bloom and their success has always been grounded in their lookout of creating landmarks. They remain committed to developing the best facilities for their clients and users and look forward to doing even better.


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