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EGEE Pallet Private Limited (EGPPL)

Pallets made easily available by EGEE

India is flooded with innovative people who keep looking for solutions of complex and critical quandaries. In recent times, we have been fortunate enough to witness people making use of their creative and fruitful ideas. Their concepts keep evolving with the need of changing times. Many budding minds have proved their worth by giving shape to their vision. Their quest for providing out of the box resolutions has made India a new hub of startups. Now and then, we see people working on revolutionary thoughts. EGEE Pallet Private Limited (EGPPL) is an emerging player that has become synonymous with an affordable place where one can have Pallets.

It is a company established to manufacture, import & export, sale/lease of pallets, crates and boxes made from wood which are used for material handling mainly for shipment and/or storage in warehouse. This Hyderabad based company fabricates and supply returnable and exchangeable pool pallets of various sizes as per the client’s requirements under the brand name of EGEE pallet. EGPPL is founded with an intention of providing the full range of wooden pallets for packers and end users like Pharmaceutical, Breweries, Logistic companies for easy material movement and storage using pallets suited to their specific needs.

Strictly adhere to global standards

The EGEE Pallet is employed and implemented in all industrial and commercial sectors. It is designed and manufactured to be employed in fully automated production processes such as during loading and removal in high rack warehouses and conveyor systems. The EGEE pallet meets all European and International logistics requirements for export pallets.

The manufacturing of pallets by the company conforms to stringent quality guidelines in its own manufacturing unit. This guarantees a uniform pallet standard. The fundamental idea of a uniform norm is to have a complete inter-changeability of the same products during production, handling and transportation. The process of the company ensures that every phase of fabrication of pallets is properly performed, inspected and documented as per the industry standards or client specifications. Fabrication is carried out by highly skilled and experienced technicians.

In the wake of globalization, the importance of logistics is increasing. This can be attributed to the fact that more and more national and multi-national companies are sourcing, manufacturing and distributing their products and services on a global scale. Thus, the recognition of performance of logistics industry would become prime importance of economic development for India in long term. The Indian logistic industry has been gaining traction, with e-commerce penetration, economy revival, proposed GST implementation and government initiatives like “Make in India”, National Integrated Logistic Policy, 100% FDI in warehouses and food storage facilities, etc.

Crucial to logistics industry

Furthermore, with respect to India’s GDP growth, the logistics industry is expected to grow at 1-1.5x as logistics business is directly co-related with economic activity. Considering the aforementioned aspect, the Indian logistic industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 15-20% during FY16-FY20. Pallets are one of the crucial components of Logistics industry and hence the growth of logistics industry will reflect in pallets making and leasing industry also. Pallets play a vital role in Logistic industry which prompted the founder NVL Narasimha Rao to venture into this business of Pallets Manufacturing.

In order to keep costs low, to concentrate on their core business and to reduce the inventory and landfill, leasing of pallets is the necessity for companies involved in the movement of their goods from one location to another. Wood is an environmentally friendly material. It is fully repairable, recyclable and completely bio-degradable.

There is a heavy demand for the wooden pallets and a huge gap between demand and supply in the market. Meeting that demand from the clients is a challenge for the existing players in the field. EGEE Pallet is trying to fill that gap. There are currently few companies operating in Pallets leasing industry across India. Mostly they procure pallets from different manufacturers from market and lease them to their clients. They operate more or less like supplying companies.

Owns manufacturing plant

“We would like to avoid all middle men in the process of manufacturing and leasing a pallet. We procure wood and manufacture in our own manufacturing plant. We have our in-house technical team to timely respond to the clients for the AMC issues”, says N.V.L Narasimha Rao, CEO& founder of EGEE Pallet.

As of now, it caters to the needs of the clients in Material Handling / Supply Chain Management (SCM) by giving them the option of either purchasing the pallets directly from it or renting the pallets as and when required. It has client base from all the industrial and commercial sectors that include Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Automobiles, Iron & Steel, Construction industries, Packaging, Breweries, FMCG and Food sectors etc.

The Pallets offer good structural rigidity and maintain product reliability. The life of the pallets can be extended by strict control and maintenance standards. Raw material used in fabricating the pallets is sourced from a qualified vendor and are manufactured by qualified and experienced technicians. All the fabricated pallets undergo stringent quality process. EGPPL quality process ensures that the fabricated pallet meets all the export requirements like heat treatment in line with IPPC/ISPM-15. EGPPL staff is readily available to the customers for any service/maintenance at short notice of 48-72 Hrs.

The Company being a startup is pretty optimistic about investments as there is a huge potential for the company to grow. It is looking for suitable investors to join the company and extend their expertise. It is aiming to provide excellent logistic solutions to any organization involved in movement/storage of materials by ensuring least product damage, greater efficiency, improved safety and significant cost savings. It wants to cater to the needs of the clients in Material Handling / Supply Chain Management (SCM) by making one million pallets available for use by the end of 2023.


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