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4 Entrepreneurs Who Built Businesses Off Their Love of Travel

4 Entrepreneurs Who Built Businesses Off Their Love of Travel

An entrepreneur who has to deal with several issues each day. For entrepreneurs, it is pipe dreams to travel the world while running an organization. However, a lot of entrepreneurs have built an empire by traveling the world. Traveling gives us an idea to explore anything we want. Also, you cannot become creative until you start traveling. I would say it is the best way to extend the limit. A lot of successful entrepreneurs prefer to travel because it improves their concentration level and you can do any work effortlessly.

Today I am going to introduce four entrepreneurs who built travel companies from a college, a woman who created a company because she was facing issues. I’m sure reading their journey will inspire you and help you to change your own perspective.

Scott Keyes – founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights

What company does?

Scott’s Cheap Flights informs subscribers about the cheap flight. Subscribers get a notification through an email newsletter. The company has claimed that people have saved more than $1,000,00 during the date. The company has given free and paid subscription options.

How did he start the company?

As we all know that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” He got a graduation degree and was doing a job in journalism. But at the time Scott wasn’t making enough money. he had a dream to travel. To make it happen, Scott stared collecting information form everywhere to find a cheap flight solution. His hard work paid off in 2013 and he found the best deal ever of his life.

He got a nonstop round-trip flight from New York City to Milan for just 130 dollars. Scott gave surprised to his colleagues by telling the best deal. His colleagues started asking him if they could let them know the next deal he got, so he stared an email list to inform his colleagues and friends. Scott was just doing for fun at the time, by summer 2015, he had a large number of the email list. So, he would send the information out via MailChimp. Initially, he had fixed the price of 2 dollars per month.

Grace Lee – The founder and CEO of WishPoints

What company does?

WishPoints is an app that offers users to capture the wish their travel wishes, share where they want to visit and what they want to do on a trip with friends and matchup with travelers who have the same interest. To win users, travel and hotel bid. It gets a discount for a significant number of travelers.

what made her start the company?

Lee’s had a career in the healthcare industry where she was working with predictive analytics. On the other hand, she was traveling to 85 countries across the world. she used to tack on more days and trips to each business trip to get the free flights. However, she had the biggest problems, coordinating a plan with friends: finding out where can I do the activity and where I can visit. During the trip, she figured out a big issue in the industry.

While doing day jobs, she visited a start-up weekend competition in 2012 and pitched her plan. for a few years, she used to work on the hustle off. In 2016 she started the company called WishPoints. Since then, the WishPoints got more than three million users. Lee is still working so hard to raise profits as much as possible. Lets’ take an example of how the company work, if 100 users would like to go to Thailand., to win their collective business, she has bid from the airline, hotel, and travel companies. That means bids also help the consumer to save money.

Tom Marchant – CO-Founder of Black Tomato

What is this company?

Black Tomato is basically a travel planning company that emphasis unique experiences. Here you can give you a suggestion about which place you should go to, all you have to do is give some information like when you want to go, and what is the reason for travel.

How he got his start?

In the early 2000s, Marchant and his friends seasoned travelers met up in Queensland (Australia). All of them wanted to start a business together with a new exciting idea of curating travel totally differently. His friends set to work to build a great website with a consistent message and contact across the world. However, they caught up a pair of lucky breaks upfront.

His friends mentioned that Tom Marchant wanted help copying for the website, he would send a “cold mail” to others at Conde Nsast, he got a response requesting a lot of information on Black Tomato. Two weeks later, Tom got someone from the company for coffee. And around two months later, Conde Nsast published a feature about Black Tomato. At the time, it was called the “future of travel.”

Sam Shank – Co-Founder and CEO Of HotelTonight

What is this company?

HotelTonight is changing the hotel-booking game for the mobile era. The company emphasizes a last-minute discount for the hotel. Although, lately the company has launched a service that allows users to book up to 100 days in the day before. You can save up to 20 percent in compare others.

How he stared business?

He attached a pre-orientation trip to cost Rica. It was the first time he visited on a trip including culture immersion and adventure and Sam was instantly hooked. During the travel time, he was so amazed so he asked that from someone how can I do it more. after getting a degree from business school, he started to travel. Before launching the idea of HotelTonight, he launched another travel company. Sam said that “when we decided to focus on profitability, the most important thing was aligning the team no other priority mattered,”

In the end, I would like to tell a quote to those people who have dreamt to become an entrepreneur. “Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.” Experience comes from travel. So do not try to avoid you are getting the opportunity.

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